KJV ISA34 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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34:1 Come near [H7126] , ye nations [H1471] , to hear [H8085] ; and hearken [H7181] , ye people [H3816] : let the earth [H776] hear [H8085] , and all that is therein [H4393] ; the world [H8398] , and all things that come forth [H6631] of it.(all that: Heb. the fulness thereof)

34:2 For the indignation [H7110] of the LORD [H3068] [is] upon all nations [H1471] , and [his] fury [H2534] upon all their armies [H6635] : he hath utterly destroyed [H2763] them, he hath delivered [H5414] them to the slaughter [H2874] .

34:3 Their slain [H2491] also shall be cast out [H7993] , and their stink [H889] shall come up [H5927] out of their carcases [H6297] , and the mountains [H2022] shall be melted [H4549] with their blood [H1818] .

34:4 And all the host [H6635] of heaven [H8064] shall be dissolved [H4743] , and the heavens [H8064] shall be rolled together [H1556] as a scroll [H5612] : and all their host [H6635] shall fall down [H5034] , as the leaf [H5929] falleth off [H5034] from the vine [H1612] , and as a falling [H5034] [fig] from the fig tree [H8384] .

34:5 For my sword [H2719] shall be bathed [H7301] in heaven [H8064] : behold, it shall come down [H3381] upon Idumea [H123] , and upon the people [H5971] of my curse [H2764] , to judgment [H4941] .

34:6 The sword [H2719] of the LORD [H3068] is filled [H4390] with blood [H1818] , it is made fat [H1878] with fatness [H2459] , [and] with the blood [H1818] of lambs [H3733] and goats [H6260] , with the fat [H2459] of the kidneys [H3629] of rams [H352] : for the LORD [H3068] hath a sacrifice [H2077] in Bozrah [H1224] , and a great [H1419] slaughter [H2874] in the land [H776] of Idumea [H123] .

34:7 And the unicorns [H7214] shall come down [H3381] with them, and the bullocks [H6499] with the bulls [H47] ; and their land [H776] shall be soaked [H7301] with blood [H1818] , and their dust [H6083] made fat [H1878] with fatness [H2459] .(unicorns: or, rhinocerots)(soaked: or, drunken)

34:8 For [it is] the day [H3117] of the LORD'S [H3068] vengeance [H5359] , [and] the year [H8141] of recompences [H7966] for the controversy [H7379] of Zion [H6726] .

34:9 And the streams [H5158] thereof shall be turned [H2015] into pitch [H2203] , and the dust [H6083] thereof into brimstone [H1614] , and the land [H776] thereof shall become burning [H1197] pitch [H2203] .

34:10 It shall not be quenched [H3518] night [H3915] nor day [H3119] ; the smoke [H6227] thereof shall go up [H5927] for ever [H5769] : from generation [H1755] to generation [H1755] it shall lie waste [H2717] ; none shall pass through [H5674] it for ever [H5331] and ever [H5331] .

34:11 But the cormorant [H6893] and the bittern [H7090] shall possess [H3423] it; the owl [H3244] also and the raven [H6158] shall dwell [H7931] in it: and he shall stretch out [H5186] upon it the line [H6957] of confusion [H8414] , and the stones [H68] of emptiness [H922] .(cormorant: or, pelican)

34:12 They shall call [H7121] the nobles [H2715] thereof to the kingdom [H4410] , but none [shall be] there, and all her princes [H8269] shall be nothing [H657] .

34:13 And thorns [H5518] shall come up [H5927] in her palaces [H759] , nettles [H7057] and brambles [H2336] in the fortresses [H4013] thereof: and it shall be an habitation [H5116] of dragons [H8577] , [and] a court [H2681] for owls [H1323] [H3284] .(owls: or, ostriches: Heb. daughters of the owl)

34:14 The wild beasts of the desert [H6728] shall also meet [H6298] with the wild beasts of the island [H338] , and the satyr [H8163] shall cry [H7121] to his fellow [H7453] ; the screech owl [H3917] also shall rest [H7280] there, and find [H4672] for herself a place of rest [H4494] .(The wilddesert: Heb. Ziim)(the wildisland: Heb. Ijim)(screech: or, night monster)

34:15 There shall the great owl [H7091] make her nest [H7077] , and lay [H4422] , and hatch [H1234] , and gather [H1716] under her shadow [H6738] : there shall the vultures [H1772] also be gathered [H6908] , every one [H802] with her mate [H7468] .

34:16 Seek ye out [H1875] of the book [H5612] of the LORD [H3068] , and read [H7121] : no one [H259] of these [H2007] shall fail [H5737] , none [H802] shall want [H6485] her mate [H7468] : for my mouth [H6310] it hath commanded [H6680] , and his spirit [H7307] it hath gathered [H6908] them.

34:17 And he hath cast [H5307] the lot [H1486] for them, and his hand [H3027] hath divided [H2505] it unto them by line [H6957] : they shall possess [H3423] it for [H5704] ever [H5769] , from generation [H1755] to generation [H1755] shall they dwell [H7931] therein.