KJV ISA33 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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33:1 Woe [H1945] to thee that spoilest [H7703] , and thou [wast] not spoiled [H7703] ; and dealest treacherously [H898] , and they dealt not treacherously [H898] with thee! when thou shalt cease [H8552] to spoil [H7703] , thou shalt be spoiled [H7703] ; [and] when thou shalt make an end [H5239] to deal treacherously [H898] , they shall deal treacherously [H898] with thee.

33:2 O LORD [H3068] , be gracious [H2603] unto us; we have waited [H6960] for thee: be thou their arm [H2220] every morning [H1242] , our salvation [H3444] also in the time [H6256] of trouble [H6869] .

33:3 At the noise [H6963] of the tumult [H1995] the people [H5971] fled [H5074] ; at the lifting up [H7427] of thyself the nations [H1471] were scattered [H5310] .

33:4 And your spoil [H7998] shall be gathered [H622] [like] the gathering [H625] of the caterpiller [H2625] : as the running to and fro [H4944] of locusts [H1357] shall he run [H8264] upon them.

33:5 The LORD [H3068] is exalted [H7682] ; for he dwelleth [H7931] on high [H4791] : he hath filled [H4390] Zion [H6726] with judgment [H4941] and righteousness [H6666] .

33:6 And wisdom [H2451] and knowledge [H1847] shall be the stability [H530] of thy times [H6256] , [and] strength [H2633] of salvation [H3444] : the fear [H3374] of the LORD [H3068] [is] his treasure [H214] .(salvation: Heb. salvations)

33:7 Behold, their valiant ones [H691] shall cry [H6817] without [H2351] : the ambassadors [H4397] of peace [H7965] shall weep [H1058] bitterly [H4751] .(valiant: or, messengers)

33:8 The highways [H4546] lie waste [H8074] , the wayfaring man [H5674] [H734] ceaseth [H7673] : he hath broken [H6565] the covenant [H1285] , he hath despised [H3988] the cities [H5892] , he regardeth [H2803] no man [H582] .

33:9 The earth [H776] mourneth [H56] [and] languisheth [H535] : Lebanon [H3844] is ashamed [H2659] [and] hewn down [H7060] : Sharon [H8289] is like a wilderness [H6160] ; and Bashan [H1316] and Carmel [H3760] shake off [H5287] [their fruits].(hewn: or, withered away)

33:10 Now will I rise [H6965] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] ; now will I be exalted [H7426] ; now will I lift up [H5375] myself.

33:11 Ye shall conceive [H2029] chaff [H2842] , ye shall bring forth [H3205] stubble [H7179] : your breath [H7307] , [as] fire [H784] , shall devour [H398] you.

33:12 And the people [H5971] shall be [as] the burnings [H4955] of lime [H7875] : [as] thorns [H6975] cut up [H3683] shall they be burned [H3341] in the fire [H784] .

33:13 Hear [H8085] , ye [that are] far off [H7350] , what I have done [H6213] ; and, ye [that are] near [H7138] , acknowledge [H3045] my might [H1369] .

33:14 The sinners [H2400] in Zion [H6726] are afraid [H6342] ; fearfulness [H7461] hath surprised [H270] the hypocrites [H2611] . Who among us shall dwell [H1481] with the devouring [H398] fire [H784] ? who among us shall dwell [H1481] with everlasting [H5769] burnings [H4168] ?

33:15 He that walketh [H1980] righteously [H6666] , and speaketh [H1696] uprightly [H4339] ; he that despiseth [H3988] the gain [H1215] of oppressions [H4642] , that shaketh [H5287] his hands [H3709] from holding [H8551] of bribes [H7810] , that stoppeth [H331] his ears [H241] from hearing [H8085] of blood [H1818] , and shutteth [H6105] his eyes [H5869] from seeing [H7200] evil [H7451] ;(righteously: Heb. in righteousnesses)(uprightly: Heb. uprightnesses)(oppressions: or, deceits)(blood: Heb. bloods)

33:16 He shall dwell [H7931] on high [H4791] : his place of defence [H4869] [shall be] the munitions [H4679] of rocks [H5553] : bread [H3899] shall be given [H5414] him; his waters [H4325] [shall be] sure [H539] .(high: Heb. heights, or, high places)

33:17 Thine eyes [H5869] shall see [H2372] the king [H4428] in his beauty [H3308] : they shall behold [H7200] the land [H776] that is very far off [H4801] .(that: Heb. of far distances)

33:18 Thine heart [H3820] shall meditate [H1897] terror [H367] . Where [is] the scribe [H5608] ? where [is] the receiver [H8254] ? where [is] he that counted [H5608] the towers [H4026] ?(receiver: Heb. weigher?)

33:19 Thou shalt not see [H7200] a fierce [H3267] people [H5971] , a people [H5971] of a deeper [H6012] speech [H8193] than thou canst perceive [H8085] ; of a stammering [H3932] tongue [H3956] , [that thou canst] not understand [H998] .(stammering: or, ridiculous)

33:20 Look [H2372] upon Zion [H6726] , the city [H7151] of our solemnities [H4150] : thine eyes [H5869] shall see [H7200] Jerusalem [H3389] a quiet [H7600] habitation [H5116] , a tabernacle [H168] [that] shall not be taken down [H6813] ; not one of the stakes [H3489] thereof shall ever [H5331] be removed [H5265] , neither shall any of the cords [H2256] thereof be broken [H5423] .

33:21 But there the glorious [H117] LORD [H3068] [will be] unto us a place [H4725] of broad [H7342] [H3027] rivers [H5104] [and] streams [H2975] ; wherein shall go [H3212] no [H1077] galley [H590] with oars [H7885] , neither shall gallant [H117] ship [H6716] pass [H5674] thereby.(of: Heb. broad of spaces, or, hands)

33:22 For the LORD [H3068] [is] our judge [H8199] , the LORD [H3068] [is] our lawgiver [H2710] , the LORD [H3068] [is] our king [H4428] ; he will save [H3467] us.(lawgiver: Heb. statutemaker)

33:23 Thy tacklings [H2256] are loosed [H5203] ; they could not well [H3653] strengthen [H2388] their mast [H8650] , they could not spread [H6566] the sail [H5251] : then is the prey [H5706] of a great [H4766] spoil [H7998] divided [H2505] ; the lame [H6455] take [H962] the prey [H957] .(Thy: or, They have forsaken thy tacklings)

33:24 And the inhabitant [H7934] shall not say [H559] , I am sick [H2470] : the people [H5971] that dwell [H3427] therein [shall be] forgiven [H5375] [their] iniquity [H5771] .