KJV ISA35 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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35:1 The wilderness [H4057] and the solitary place [H6723] shall be glad [H7797] for them; and the desert [H6160] shall rejoice [H1523] , and blossom [H6524] as the rose [H2261] .

35:2 It shall blossom [H6524] abundantly [H6524] , and rejoice [H1523] even with joy [H1525] and singing [H7444] : the glory [H3519] of Lebanon [H3844] shall be given [H5414] unto it, the excellency [H1926] of Carmel [H3760] and Sharon [H8289] , they shall see [H7200] the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] , [and] the excellency [H1926] of our God [H430] .

35:3 Strengthen [H2388] ye the weak [H7504] hands [H3027] , and confirm [H553] the feeble [H3782] knees [H1290] .

35:4 Say [H559] to them [that are] of a fearful [H4116] heart [H3820] , Be strong [H2388] , fear [H3372] not: behold, your God [H430] will come [H935] [with] vengeance [H5359] , [even] God [H430] [with] a recompence [H1576] ; he will come [H935] and save [H3467] you.(fearful: Heb. hasty)

35:5 Then the eyes [H5869] of the blind [H5787] shall be opened [H6491] , and the ears [H241] of the deaf [H2795] shall be unstopped [H6605] .

35:6 Then shall the lame [H6455] [man] leap [H1801] as an hart [H354] , and the tongue [H3956] of the dumb [H483] sing [H7442] : for in the wilderness [H4057] shall waters [H4325] break out [H1234] , and streams [H5158] in the desert [H6160] .

35:7 And the parched ground [H8273] shall become a pool [H98] , and the thirsty land [H6774] springs [H4002] of water [H4325] : in the habitation [H5116] of dragons [H8577] , where each lay [H7258] , [shall be] grass [H2682] with reeds [H7070] and rushes [H1573] .(grass: or, a court for reeds, etc)

35:8 And an highway [H4547] shall be there, and a way [H1870] , and it shall be called [H7121] The way [H1870] of holiness [H6944] ; the unclean [H2931] shall not pass over [H5674] it; but it [shall be] for those: the wayfaring men [H1980] , though fools [H191] , shall not err [H8582] [therein].(but: or, for he shall be with them)

35:9 No lion [H738] shall be there, nor [any] ravenous [H6530] beast [H2416] shall go up [H5927] thereon, it shall not be found [H4672] there; but the redeemed [H1350] shall walk [H1980] [there]:

35:10 And the ransomed [H6299] of the LORD [H3068] shall return [H7725] , and come [H935] to Zion [H6726] with songs [H7440] and everlasting [H5769] joy [H8057] upon their heads [H7218] : they shall obtain [H5381] joy [H8057] and gladness [H8342] , and sorrow [H3015] and sighing [H585] shall flee away [H5127] .