KJV ZEC9 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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9:1 The burden [H4853] of the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] in the land [H776] of Hadrach [H2317] , and Damascus [H1834] [shall be] the rest [H4496] thereof: when the eyes [H5869] of man [H120] , as of all the tribes [H7626] of Israel [H3478] , [shall be] toward the LORD [H3068] .

9:2 And Hamath [H2574] also shall border [H1379] thereby; Tyrus [H6865] , and Zidon [H6721] , though it be very [H3966] wise [H2449] .

9:3 And Tyrus [H6865] did build [H1129] herself a strong hold [H4692] , and heaped up [H6651] silver [H3701] as the dust [H6083] , and fine gold [H2742] as the mire [H2916] of the streets [H2351] .

9:4 Behold, the Lord [H136] will cast her out [H3423] , and he will smite [H5221] her power [H2428] in the sea [H3220] ; and she shall be devoured [H398] with fire [H784] .

9:5 Ashkelon [H831] shall see [H7200] [it], and fear [H3372] ; Gaza [H5804] also [shall see it], and be very [H3966] sorrowful [H2342] , and Ekron [H6138] ; for her expectation [H4007] shall be ashamed [H3001] ; and the king [H4428] shall perish [H6] from Gaza [H5804] , and Ashkelon [H831] shall not be inhabited [H3427] .

9:6 And a bastard [H4464] shall dwell [H3427] in Ashdod [H795] , and I will cut off [H3772] the pride [H1347] of the Philistines [H6430] .

9:7 And I will take away [H5493] his blood [H1818] out of his mouth [H6310] , and his abominations [H8251] from between his teeth [H8127] : but he that remaineth [H7604] , even he, [shall be] for our God [H430] , and he shall be as a governor [H441] in Judah [H3063] , and Ekron [H6138] as a Jebusite [H2983] .(blood: Heb. bloods)

9:8 And I will encamp [H2583] about mine house [H1004] because of the army [H4675] , because of him that passeth by [H5674] , and because of him that returneth [H7725] : and no oppressor [H5065] shall pass through [H5674] them any more: for now have I seen [H7200] with mine eyes [H5869] .

9:9 Rejoice [H1523] greatly [H3966] , O daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] ; shout [H7321] , O daughter [H1323] of Jerusalem [H3389] : behold, thy King [H4428] cometh [H935] unto thee: he [is] just [H6662] , and having salvation [H3467] ; lowly [H6041] , and riding [H7392] upon an ass [H2543] , and upon a colt [H5895] the foal [H1121] of an ass [H860] .(having: or, saving himself)

9:10 And I will cut off [H3772] the chariot [H7393] from Ephraim [H669] , and the horse [H5483] from Jerusalem [H3389] , and the battle [H4421] bow [H7198] shall be cut off [H3772] : and he shall speak [H1696] peace [H7965] unto the heathen [H1471] : and his dominion [H4915] [shall be] from sea [H3220] [even] to sea [H3220] , and from the river [H5104] [even] to the ends [H657] of the earth [H776] .

9:11 As for thee also, by the blood [H1818] of thy covenant [H1285] I have sent forth [H7971] thy prisoners [H615] out of the pit [H953] wherein [is] no water [H4325] .(by: or, whose covenant is by blood)

9:12 Turn [H7725] you to the strong hold [H1225] , ye prisoners [H615] of hope [H8615] : even to day [H3117] do I declare [H5046] [that] I will render [H7725] double [H4932] unto thee;

9:13 When I have bent [H1869] Judah [H3063] for me, filled [H4390] the bow [H7198] with Ephraim [H669] , and raised up [H5782] thy sons [H1121] , O Zion [H6726] , against thy sons [H1121] , O Greece [H3120] , and made [H7760] thee as the sword [H2719] of a mighty man [H1368] .

9:14 And the LORD [H3068] shall be seen [H7200] over them, and his arrow [H2671] shall go forth [H3318] as the lightning [H1300] : and the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] shall blow [H8628] the trumpet [H7782] , and shall go [H1980] with whirlwinds [H5591] of the south [H8486] .

9:15 The LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] shall defend [H1598] them; and they shall devour [H398] , and subdue [H3533] with sling [H7050] stones [H68] ; and they shall drink [H8354] , [and] make a noise [H1993] as through wine [H3196] ; and they shall be filled [H4390] like bowls [H4219] , [and] as the corners [H2106] of the altar [H4196] .(with: or, the stones of the sling)(be: or, fill both the bowls, etc)

9:16 And the LORD [H3068] their God [H430] shall save [H3467] them in that day [H3117] as the flock [H6629] of his people [H5971] : for they [shall be as] the stones [H68] of a crown [H5145] , lifted up as an ensign [H5264] upon his land [H127] .

9:17 For how great [is] his goodness [H2898] , and how great [is] his beauty [H3308] ! corn [H1715] shall make the young men [H970] cheerful [H5107] , and new wine [H8492] the maids [H1330] .(cheerful: or, grow, or, speak)