KJV ZEC10 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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10:1 Ask [H7592] ye of the LORD [H3068] rain [H4306] in the time [H6256] of the latter rain [H4456] ; [so] the LORD [H3068] shall make [H6213] bright clouds [H2385] , and give [H5414] them showers [H1653] of rain [H4306] , to every one [H376] grass [H6212] in the field [H7704] .(bright: or, lightnings)

10:2 For the idols [H8655] have spoken [H1696] vanity [H205] , and the diviners [H7080] have seen [H2372] a lie [H8267] , and have told [H1696] false [H7723] dreams [H2472] ; they comfort [H5162] in vain [H1892] : therefore they went [H5265] their way as a flock [H6629] , they were troubled [H6031] , because [there was] no shepherd [H7462] .(idols: Heb. teraphims)(were: or, answered that, etc)

10:3 Mine anger [H639] was kindled [H2734] against the shepherds [H7462] , and I punished [H6485] the goats [H6260] : for the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] hath visited [H6485] his flock [H5739] the house [H1004] of Judah [H3063] , and hath made [H7760] them as his goodly [H1935] horse [H5483] in the battle [H4421] .(punished: Heb. visited upon)

10:4 Out of him came forth [H3318] the corner [H6438] , out of him the nail [H3489] , out of him the battle [H4421] bow [H7198] , out of him every oppressor [H5065] together [H3162] .

10:5 And they shall be as mighty [H1368] [men], which tread down [H947] [their enemies] in the mire [H2916] of the streets [H2351] in the battle [H4421] : and they shall fight [H3898] , because the LORD [H3068] [is] with them, and the riders [H7392] on horses [H5483] shall be confounded [H3001] .(the riders: or, they shall make the riders on horses ashamed)

10:6 And I will strengthen [H1396] the house [H1004] of Judah [H3063] , and I will save [H3467] the house [H1004] of Joseph [H3130] , and I will bring them again to place [H3427] them; for I have mercy [H7355] upon them: and they shall be as though [H834] I had not cast them off [H2186] : for I [am] the LORD [H3068] their God [H430] , and will hear [H6030] them.

10:7 And [they of] Ephraim [H669] shall be like a mighty [H1368] [man], and their heart [H3820] shall rejoice [H8055] as through wine [H3196] : yea, their children [H1121] shall see [H7200] [it], and be glad [H8055] ; their heart [H3820] shall rejoice [H1523] in the LORD [H3068] .

10:8 I will hiss [H8319] for them, and gather [H6908] them; for I have redeemed [H6299] them: and they shall increase [H7235] as they have increased [H7235] .

10:9 And I will sow [H2232] them among the people [H5971] : and they shall remember [H2142] me in far countries [H4801] ; and they shall live [H2421] with their children [H1121] , and turn again [H7725] .

10:10 I will bring them again [H7725] also out of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] , and gather [H6908] them out of Assyria [H804] ; and I will bring [H935] them into the land [H776] of Gilead [H1568] and Lebanon [H3844] ; and [place] shall not be found [H4672] for them.

10:11 And he shall pass through [H5674] the sea [H3220] with affliction [H6869] , and shall smite [H5221] the waves [H1530] in the sea [H3220] , and all the deeps [H4688] of the river [H2975] shall dry up [H3001] : and the pride [H1347] of Assyria [H804] shall be brought down [H3381] , and the sceptre [H7626] of Egypt [H4714] shall depart away [H5493] .

10:12 And I will strengthen [H1396] them in the LORD [H3068] ; and they shall walk up and down [H1980] in his name [H8034] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .