KJV PRO27 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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27:1 Boast [H1984] not thyself of to morrow [H4279] ; for thou knowest [H3045] not what a day [H3117] may bring forth [H3205] .(to: Heb. to morrow day)

27:2 Let another man [H2114] praise [H1984] thee, and not thine own mouth [H6310] ; a stranger [H5237] , and not thine own lips [H8193] .

27:3 A stone [H68] [is] heavy [H3514] , and the sand [H2344] weighty [H5192] ; but a fool's [H191] wrath [H3708] [is] heavier [H3515] than them both [H8147] .(heavy: Heb. heaviness)

27:4 Wrath [H2534] [is] cruel [H395] , and anger [H639] [is] outrageous [H7858] ; but who [is] able to stand [H5975] before [H6440] envy [H7068] ?(Wrath: Heb. Wrath is cruelty, and anger an overflowing)(envy: or, jealousy?)

27:5 Open [H1540] rebuke [H8433] [is] better [H2896] than secret [H5641] love [H160] .

27:6 Faithful [H539] [are] the wounds [H6482] of a friend [H157] ; but the kisses [H5390] of an enemy [H8130] [are] deceitful [H6280] .(deceitful: or, earnest, or, frequent)

27:7 The full [H7649] soul [H5315] loatheth [H947] an honeycomb [H5317] ; but to the hungry [H7457] soul [H5315] every bitter thing [H4751] is sweet [H4966] .(loatheth: Heb. treadeth under foot)

27:8 As a bird [H6833] that wandereth [H5074] from her nest [H7064] , so [is] a man [H376] that wandereth [H5074] from his place [H4725] .

27:9 Ointment [H8081] and perfume [H7004] rejoice [H8055] the heart [H3820] : so [doth] the sweetness [H4986] of a man's friend [H7453] by hearty [H5315] counsel [H6098] .(by: Heb. from the counsel of the soul)

27:10 Thine own friend [H7453] , and thy father's [H1] friend [H7453] , forsake [H5800] not; neither go [H935] into thy brother's [H251] house [H1004] in the day [H3117] of thy calamity [H343] : [for] better [H2896] [is] a neighbour [H7934] [that is] near [H7138] than a brother [H251] far off [H7350] .

27:11 My son [H1121] , be wise [H2449] , and make my heart [H3820] glad [H8055] , that I may answer [H7725] [H1697] him that reproacheth [H2778] me.

27:12 A prudent [H6175] [man] foreseeth [H7200] the evil [H7451] , [and] hideth [H5641] himself; [but] the simple [H6612] pass on [H5674] , [and] are punished [H6064] .

27:13 Take [H3947] his garment [H899] that is surety [H6148] for a stranger [H2114] , and take a pledge [H2254] of him for a strange woman [H5237] .

27:14 He that blesseth [H1288] his friend [H7453] with a loud [H1419] voice [H6963] , rising early [H7925] in the morning [H1242] , it shall be counted [H2803] a curse [H7045] to him.

27:15 A continual [H2956] dropping [H1812] in a very rainy [H5464] day [H3117] and a contentious [H4079] [H4066] woman [H802] are alike [H7737] .

27:16 Whosoever hideth [H6845] her hideth [H6845] the wind [H7307] , and the ointment [H8081] of his right hand [H3225] , [which] bewrayeth [H7121] [itself].

27:17 Iron [H1270] sharpeneth [H2300] iron [H1270] ; so a man [H376] sharpeneth [H2300] the countenance [H6440] of his friend [H7453] .

27:18 Whoso keepeth [H5341] the fig tree [H8384] shall eat [H398] the fruit [H6529] thereof: so he that waiteth [H8104] on his master [H113] shall be honoured [H3513] .

27:19 As in water [H4325] face [H6440] [answereth] to face [H6440] , so the heart [H3820] of man [H120] to man [H120] .

27:20 Hell [H7585] and destruction [H11] [H10] are never [H3808] full [H7646] ; so the eyes [H5869] of man [H120] are never satisfied [H7646] .(never: Heb. not)

27:21 [As] the fining pot [H4715] for silver [H3701] , and the furnace [H3564] for gold [H2091] ; so [is] a man [H376] to [H6310] his praise [H4110] .

27:22 Though thou shouldest bray [H3806] a fool [H191] in a mortar [H4388] among [H8432] wheat [H7383] with a pestle [H5940] , [yet] will not his foolishness [H200] depart [H5493] from him.

27:23 Be thou diligent [H3045] to know [H3045] the state [H6440] of thy flocks [H6629] , [and] look [H7896] well [H3820] to thy herds [H5739] .(look: Heb. set thy heart)

27:24 For riches [H2633] [are] not for ever [H5769] : and doth the crown [H5145] [endure] to every [H1755] generation [H1755] ?(riches: Heb. strength)(to: Heb. to generation and generation?)

27:25 The hay [H2682] appeareth [H1540] , and the tender grass [H1877] sheweth [H7200] itself, and herbs [H6212] of the mountains [H2022] are gathered [H622] .

27:26 The lambs [H3532] [are] for thy clothing [H3830] , and the goats [H6260] [are] the price [H4242] of the field [H7704] .

27:27 And [thou shalt have] goats' [H5795] milk [H2461] enough [H1767] for thy food [H3899] , for the food [H3899] of thy household [H1004] , and [for] the maintenance [H2416] for thy maidens [H5291] .(maintenance: Heb. life)