KJV PRO26 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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26:1 As snow [H7950] in summer [H7019] , and as rain [H4306] in harvest [H7105] , so honour [H3519] is not seemly [H5000] for a fool [H3684] .

26:2 As the bird [H6833] by wandering [H5110] , as the swallow [H1866] by flying [H5774] , so the curse [H7045] causeless [H2600] shall not come [H935] .

26:3 A whip [H7752] for the horse [H5483] , a bridle [H4964] for the ass [H2543] , and a rod [H7626] for the fool's [H3684] back [H1460] .

26:4 Answer [H6030] not a fool [H3684] according to his folly [H200] , lest thou also be like [H7737] unto him.

26:5 Answer [H6030] a fool [H3684] according to his folly [H200] , lest he be wise [H2450] in his own conceit [H5869] .(conceit: Heb. eyes)

26:6 He that sendeth [H7971] a message [H1697] by the hand [H3027] of a fool [H3684] cutteth off [H7096] the feet [H7272] , [and] drinketh [H8354] damage [H2555] .(damage: or, violence)

26:7 The legs [H7785] of the lame [H6455] are not equal [H1809] : so [is] a parable [H4912] in the mouth [H6310] of fools [H3684] .(are: Heb. are lifted up)

26:8 As he that bindeth [H6872] [H6887] a stone [H68] in a sling [H4773] , so [is] he that giveth [H5414] honour [H3519] to a fool [H3684] .(bindeth: or, putteth a precious stone in an heap of stones)

26:9 [As] a thorn [H2336] goeth up [H5927] into the hand [H3027] of a drunkard [H7910] , so [is] a parable [H4912] in the mouth [H6310] of fools [H3684] .

26:10 The great [H7227] [God] that formed [H2342] all [things] both rewardeth [H7936] the fool [H3684] , and rewardeth [H7936] transgressors [H5674] .(The great: or, A great man grieveth all, and he hireth the fool, he hireth also transgressors)

26:11 As a dog [H3611] returneth [H7725] to his vomit [H6892] , [so] a fool [H3684] returneth [H8138] to his folly [H200] .(returneth to his folly: Heb. iterateth his folly)

26:12 Seest [H7200] thou a man [H376] wise [H2450] in his own conceit [H5869] ? [there is] more hope [H8615] of a fool [H3684] than of him.

26:13 The slothful [H6102] [man] saith [H559] , [There is] a lion [H7826] in the way [H1870] ; a lion [H738] [is] in the streets [H7339] .

26:14 [As] the door [H1817] turneth [H5437] upon his hinges [H6735] , so [doth] the slothful [H6102] upon his bed [H4296] .

26:15 The slothful [H6102] hideth [H2934] his hand [H3027] in [his] bosom [H6747] ; it grieveth [H3811] him to bring it again [H7725] to his mouth [H6310] .(it grieveth: or, he is weary)

26:16 The sluggard [H6102] [is] wiser [H2450] in his own conceit [H5869] than seven men [H7651] that can render [H7725] a reason [H2940] .

26:17 He that passeth by [H5674] , [and] meddleth [H5674] with strife [H7379] [belonging] not to him, [is like] one that taketh [H2388] a dog [H3611] by the ears [H241] .(meddleth: or, is enraged)

26:18 As a mad [H3856] [man] who casteth [H3384] firebrands [H2131] , arrows [H2671] , and death [H4194] ,(firebrands: Heb. flames, or, sparks)

26:19 So [is] the man [H376] [that] deceiveth [H7411] his neighbour [H7453] , and saith [H559] , Am not I in sport [H7832] ?

26:20 Where no [H657] wood [H6086] is, [there] the fire [H784] goeth out [H3518] : so where [there is] no talebearer [H5372] , the strife [H4066] ceaseth [H8367] .(Where no: Heb. Without wood)(talebearer: or, whisperer)(ceaseth: Heb. is silent)

26:21 [As] coals [H6352] [are] to burning coals [H1513] , and wood [H6086] to fire [H784] ; so [is] a contentious [H4079] [H4066] man [H376] to kindle [H2787] strife [H7379] .

26:22 The words [H1697] of a talebearer [H5372] [are] as wounds [H3859] , and they go down [H3381] into the innermost parts [H2315] of the belly [H990] .(innermost: Heb. chambers)

26:23 Burning [H1814] lips [H8193] and a wicked [H7451] heart [H3820] [are like] a potsherd [H2789] covered [H6823] with silver [H3701] dross [H5509] .

26:24 He that hateth [H8130] dissembleth [H5234] with his lips [H8193] , and layeth up [H7896] deceit [H4820] within [H7130] him;(dissembleth: or, is known)

26:25 When he speaketh [H6963] fair [H2603] , believe [H539] him not: for [there are] seven [H7651] abominations [H8441] in his heart [H3820] .(speaketh: Heb. maketh his voice gracious)

26:26 [Whose] hatred [H8135] is covered [H3680] by deceit [H4860] , his wickedness [H7451] shall be shewed [H1540] before the [whole] congregation [H6951] .(by: or, in secret)

26:27 Whoso diggeth [H3738] a pit [H7845] shall fall [H5307] therein: and he that rolleth [H1556] a stone [H68] , it will return [H7725] upon him.

26:28 A lying [H8267] tongue [H3956] hateth [H8130] [those that are] afflicted [H1790] by it; and a flattering [H2509] mouth [H6310] worketh [H6213] ruin [H4072] .