KJV LUK6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 And [G1161] it came to pass [G1096] on [G1722] the second [G1207] sabbath [G4521] after the first [G1207] , that he [G846] went [G1279] through [G1223] the corn fields [G4702] ; and [G2532] his [G846] disciples [G3101] plucked [G5089] the ears of corn [G4719] , and [G2532] did eat [G2068] , rubbing [G5597] [them] in [their] hands [G5495] .

6:2 And [G1161] certain [G5100] of the Pharisees [G5330] said [G2036] unto them [G846] , Why [G5101] do ye [G4160] that which [G3739] is [G1832] not [G3756] lawful [G1832] to do [G4160] on [G1722] the sabbath days [G4521] ?

6:3 And [G2532] Jesus [G2424] answering [G611] them [G4314] [G846] said [G2036] , Have ye [G314] not [G3761] read [G314] so much as [G3761] this [G5124] , what [G3739] David [G1138] did [G4160] , when [G3698] himself [G846] was an hungred [G3983] , and [G2532] they which [G3588] were [G5607] with [G3326] him [G846] ;

6:4 How [G5613] he went [G1525] into [G1519] the house [G3624] of God [G2316] , and [G2532] did take [G2983] and [G2532] eat [G5315] the shewbread [G740] [G4286] , and [G2532] gave [G1325] also [G2532] to them that were with [G3326] him [G846] ; which [G3739] it is [G1832] not [G3756] lawful [G1832] to eat [G5315] but for [G1508] the priests [G2409] alone [G3441] ?

6:5 And [G2532] he said [G3004] unto them [G846] , That [G3754] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] is [G2076] Lord [G2962] also [G2532] of the sabbath [G4521] .

6:6 And [G1161] it came to pass [G1096] also [G2532] on [G1722] another [G2087] sabbath [G4521] , that he [G846] entered [G1525] into [G1519] the synagogue [G4864] and [G2532] taught [G1321] : and [G2532] there [G1563] was [G2258] a man [G444] whose [G2532] [G846] right [G1188] hand [G5495] was [G2258] withered [G3584] .

6:7 And [G1161] the scribes [G1122] and [G2532] Pharisees [G5330] watched [G3906] him [G846] , whether [G1487] he would heal [G2323] on [G1722] the sabbath day [G4521] ; that [G2443] they might find [G2147] an accusation [G2724] against him [G846] .

6:8 But [G1161] he [G846] knew [G1492] their [G846] thoughts [G1261] , and [G2532] said [G2036] to the man [G444] which [G3588] had [G2192] the withered [G3584] hand [G5495] , Rise up [G1453] , and [G2532] stand forth [G2476] in [G1519] the midst [G3319] . And [G1161] he arose [G450] and stood forth [G2476] .

6:9 Then [G3767] said [G2036] Jesus [G2424] unto [G4314] them [G846] , I will ask [G1905] you [G5209] one thing [G5101] ; Is it lawful [G1832] on the sabbath days [G4521] to do good [G15] , or [G2228] to do evil [G2554] ? to save [G4982] life [G5590] , or [G2228] to destroy [G622] [it]?

6:10 And [G2532] looking round about upon [G4017] them [G846] all [G3956] , he said [G2036] unto the man [G444] , Stretch forth [G1614] thy [G4675] hand [G5495] . And [G1161] he did [G4160] so [G3779] : and [G2532] his [G846] hand [G5495] was restored [G600] whole [G5199] as [G5613] the other [G243] .

6:11 And [G1161] they [G846] were filled [G4130] with madness [G454] ; and [G2532] communed [G1255] one with another [G4314] [G240] what [G5101] [G302] they might do [G4160] to Jesus [G2424] .

6:12 And [G1161] it came to pass [G1096] in [G1722] those [G5025] days [G2250] , that he went out [G1831] into [G1519] a mountain [G3735] to pray [G4336] , and [G2532] continued all night [G1273] [G2258] in [G1722] prayer [G4335] to God [G2316] .

6:13 And [G2532] when [G3753] it was [G1096] day [G2250] , he called [G4377] [unto him] his [G846] disciples [G3101] : and [G2532] of [G575] them [G846] he chose [G1586] twelve [G1427] , whom [G3739] also [G2532] he named [G3687] apostles [G652] ;

6:14 Simon [G4613] , (whom [G3739] he also [G2532] named [G3687] Peter [G4074] ,) and [G2532] Andrew [G406] his [G846] brother [G80] , James [G2385] and [G2532] John [G2491] , Philip [G5376] and [G2532] Bartholomew [G918] ,

6:15 Matthew [G3156] and [G2532] Thomas [G2381] , James [G2385] the [G3588] [son] of Alphaeus [G256] , and [G2532] Simon [G4613] called [G2564] Zelotes [G2208] ,

6:16 And Judas [G2455] [the brother] of James [G2385] , and [G2532] Judas [G2455] Iscariot [G2469] , which [G3739] also [G2532] was [G1096] the traitor [G4273] .

6:17 And [G2532] he came down [G2597] with [G3326] them [G846] , and stood [G2476] in [G1909] the plain [G3977] [G5117] , and [G2532] the company [G3793] of his [G846] disciples [G3101] , and [G2532] a great [G4183] multitude [G4128] of people [G2992] out of [G575] all [G3956] Judaea [G2449] and [G2532] Jerusalem [G2419] , and [G2532] from the sea coast [G3882] of Tyre [G5184] and [G2532] Sidon [G4605] , which [G3739] came [G2064] to hear [G191] him [G846] , and [G2532] to be healed [G2390] of [G575] their [G846] diseases [G3554] ;

6:18 And [G2532] they that were vexed [G3791] with [G5259] unclean [G169] spirits [G4151] : and [G2532] they were healed [G2323] .

6:19 And [G2532] the whole [G3956] multitude [G3793] sought [G2212] to touch [G680] him [G846] : for [G3754] there went [G1831] virtue [G1411] out [G3844] of him [G846] , and [G2532] healed [G2390] [them] all [G3956] .

6:20 And [G2532] he [G846] lifted up [G1869] his [G846] eyes [G3788] on [G1519] his [G846] disciples [G3101] , and said [G3004] , Blessed [G3107] [be ye] poor [G4434] : for [G3754] yours [G5212] is [G2076] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] .

6:21 Blessed [G3107] [are ye] that hunger [G3983] now [G3568] : for [G3754] ye shall be filled [G5526] . Blessed [G3107] [are ye] that weep [G2799] now [G3568] : for [G3754] ye shall laugh [G1070] .

6:22 Blessed [G3107] are ye [G2075] , when [G3752] men [G444] shall hate [G3404] you [G5209] , and [G2532] when [G3752] they shall separate [G873] you [G5209] [from their company], and [G2532] shall reproach [G3679] [you], and [G2532] cast out [G1544] your [G5216] name [G3686] as [G5613] evil [G4190] , for the Son [G5207] of man's [G444] sake [G1752] .

6:23 Rejoice ye [G5463] in [G1722] that [G1565] day [G2250] , and [G2532] leap for joy [G4640] : for [G1063] , behold [G2400] , your [G5216] reward [G3408] [is] great [G4183] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] : for [G1063] in [G2596] the like manner [G5024] did [G4160] their [G846] fathers [G3962] unto the prophets [G4396] .

6:24 But [G4133] woe [G3759] unto you [G5213] that are rich [G4145] ! for [G3754] ye have received [G568] your [G5216] consolation [G3874] .

6:25 Woe [G3759] unto you [G5213] that are full [G1705] ! for [G3754] ye shall hunger [G3983] . Woe [G3759] unto you [G5213] that laugh [G1070] now [G3568] ! for [G3754] ye shall mourn [G3996] and [G2532] weep [G2799] .

6:26 Woe [G3759] unto you [G5213] , when [G3752] all [G3956] men [G444] shall speak [G2036] well [G2573] of you [G5209] ! for [G1063] so [G5024] [G2596] did [G4160] their [G846] fathers [G3962] to the false prophets [G5578] .

6:27 But [G235] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] which [G3588] hear [G191] , Love [G25] your [G5216] enemies [G2190] , do [G4160] good [G2573] to them which [G3588] hate [G3404] you [G5209] ,

6:28 Bless [G2127] them that curse [G2672] you [G5213] , and [G2532] pray [G4336] for [G5228] them which despitefully use [G1908] you [G5209] .

6:29 And unto him that smiteth [G5180] thee [G4571] on [G1909] the [one] cheek [G4600] offer [G3930] also [G2532] the other [G243] ; and [G2532] him [G575] that taketh away [G142] thy [G4675] cloke [G2440] forbid [G2967] not [G3361] [to take thy] coat [G5509] also [G2532] .

6:30 [G1161] Give [G1325] to every man [G3956] that asketh [G154] of thee [G4571] ; and [G2532] of [G575] him that taketh away [G142] thy goods [G4674] ask [G523] [them] not [G3361] again [G523] .

6:31 And [G2532] as [G2531] ye would [G2309] that [G2443] men [G444] should do [G4160] to you [G5213] , do [G4160] ye [G5210] also [G2532] to them [G846] likewise [G3668] .

6:32 For [G2532] if [G1487] ye love [G25] them which love [G25] you [G5209] , what [G4169] thank [G5485] have [G2076] ye [G5213] ? for [G1063] sinners [G268] also [G2532] love [G25] those that love [G25] them [G846] .

6:33 And [G2532] if [G1437] ye do good [G15] to them which do good [G15] to you [G5209] , what [G4169] thank [G5485] have [G2076] ye [G5213] ? for [G1063] sinners [G268] also do [G4160] even [G2532] the same [G846] .

6:34 And [G2532] if [G1437] ye lend [G1155] [to them] of [G3844] whom [G3739] ye hope [G1679] [G1679] to receive [G618] , what [G4169] thank [G5485] have [G2076] ye [G5213] ? for [G1063] sinners [G268] also [G2532] lend [G1155] to sinners [G268] , to [G2443] receive [G618] as much [G2470] again [G618] .

6:35 But [G4133] love ye [G25] your [G5216] enemies [G2190] , and [G2532] do good [G15] , and [G2532] lend [G1155] , hoping [G560] for nothing [G3367] again [G560] ; and [G2532] your [G5216] reward [G3408] shall be [G2071] great [G4183] , and [G2532] ye shall be [G2071] the children [G5207] of the Highest [G5310] : for [G3754] he [G846] is [G2076] kind [G5543] unto [G1909] the unthankful [G884] and [G2532] [to] the evil [G4190] .

6:36 Be ye [G1096] therefore [G3767] merciful [G3629] , as [G2531] your [G5216] Father [G3962] also [G2532] is [G2076] merciful [G3629] .

6:37 [G2532] Judge [G2919] not [G3361] , and [G2532] ye shall [G2919] not [G3364] be judged [G2919] : condemn [G2613] not [G3361] , and [G2532] ye shall [G2613] not [G3364] be condemned [G2613] : forgive [G630] , and [G2532] ye shall be forgiven [G630] :

6:38 Give [G1325] , and [G2532] it shall be given [G1325] unto you [G5213] ; good [G2570] measure [G3358] , pressed down [G4085] , and [G2532] shaken together [G4531] , and [G2532] running over [G5240] , shall men give [G1325] into [G1519] your [G5216] bosom [G2859] . For [G1063] with the same [G846] measure [G3358] that [G3739] ye mete withal [G3354] it shall be measured [G488] to you [G5213] again [G488] .

6:39 And [G1161] he spake [G2036] a parable [G3850] unto them [G846] , [G3385] Can [G1410] the blind [G5185] lead [G3594] the blind [G5185] ? shall they [G297] not [G3780] both [G297] fall [G4098] into [G1519] the ditch [G999] ?

6:40 The disciple [G3101] is [G2076] not [G3756] above [G5228] his [G846] master [G1320] : but [G1161] every one [G3956] that is perfect [G2675] shall be [G2071] as [G5613] his [G846] master [G1320] .(that: or, shall be perfected as his master)

6:41 And [G1161] why [G5101] beholdest thou [G991] the mote [G2595] that is in [G1722] thy [G4675] brother's [G80] eye [G3788] , but [G1161] perceivest [G2657] not [G3756] the beam [G1385] that is in [G1722] thine own [G2398] eye [G3788] ?

6:42 Either [G2228] how [G4459] canst thou [G1410] say [G3004] to thy [G4675] brother [G80] , Brother [G80] , let me [G863] pull out [G1544] the mote [G2595] that is in [G1722] thine [G4675] eye [G3788] , when thou [G991] thyself [G846] beholdest [G991] not [G3756] the beam [G1385] that is in [G1722] thine [G4675] own eye [G3788] ? Thou hypocrite [G5273] , cast out [G1544] first [G4412] the beam [G1385] out of [G1537] thine own [G4675] eye [G3788] , and [G2532] then [G5119] shalt thou see clearly [G1227] to pull out [G1544] the mote [G2595] that is in [G1722] thy [G4675] brother's [G80] eye [G3788] .

6:43 For [G1063] a good [G2570] tree [G1186] bringeth [G2076] [G4160] not [G3756] forth [G4160] corrupt [G4550] fruit [G2590] ; neither [G3761] doth [G4160] a corrupt [G4550] tree [G1186] bring forth [G4160] good [G2570] fruit [G2590] .

6:44 For [G1063] every [G1538] tree [G1186] is known [G1097] by [G1537] his own [G2398] fruit [G2590] . For [G1063] of [G1537] thorns [G173] men do not [G3756] gather [G4816] figs [G4810] , nor [G3761] of [G1537] a bramble bush [G942] gather they [G5166] grapes [G4718] .(grapes: Gr. a grape)

6:45 A good [G18] man [G444] out of [G1537] the good [G18] treasure [G2344] of his [G846] heart [G2588] bringeth forth [G4393] that which is good [G18] ; and [G2532] an evil [G4190] man [G444] out of [G1537] the evil [G4190] treasure [G2344] of his [G846] heart [G2588] bringeth forth [G4393] that which is evil [G4190] : for [G1063] of [G1537] the abundance [G4051] of the heart [G2588] his [G846] mouth [G4750] speaketh [G2980] .

6:46 And [G1161] why [G5101] call ye [G2564] me [G3165] , Lord [G2962] , Lord [G2962] , and [G2532] do [G4160] not [G3756] the things which [G3739] I say [G3004] ?

6:47 Whosoever [G3956] cometh [G2064] to [G4314] me [G3165] , and [G2532] heareth [G191] my [G3450] sayings [G3056] , and [G2532] doeth [G4160] them [G846] , I will shew [G5263] you [G5213] to whom [G5101] he is [G2076] like [G3664] :

6:48 He is [G2076] like [G3664] a man [G444] which [G3739] built [G3618] an house [G3614] , and [G2532] digged [G4626] deep [G900] , and [G2532] laid [G5087] the foundation [G2310] on [G1909] a rock [G4073] : and [G1161] when the flood [G4132] arose [G1096] , the stream [G4215] beat vehemently [G4366] upon that [G1565] house [G3614] , and [G2532] could [G2480] not [G3756] shake [G4531] it [G846] : for [G1063] it was founded [G2311] upon [G1909] a rock [G4073] .

6:49 But [G1161] he that heareth [G191] , and [G2532] doeth [G4160] not [G3361] , is [G2076] like [G3664] a man [G444] that without [G5565] a foundation [G2310] built [G3618] an house [G3614] upon [G1909] the earth [G1093] ; against [G4366] which [G3739] the stream [G4215] did beat vehemently [G4366] , and [G2532] immediately [G2112] it fell [G4098] ; and [G2532] the ruin [G4485] of that [G1565] house [G3614] was [G1096] great [G3173] .