KJV LUK5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 And [G1161] it came to pass [G1096] , that, as [G1722] the people [G3793] pressed upon [G1945] him [G846] to hear [G191] the word [G3056] of God [G2316] , [G2532] he [G846] stood [G2258] [G2476] by [G3844] the lake [G3041] of Gennesaret [G1082] ,

5:2 And [G2532] saw [G1492] two [G1417] ships [G4143] standing [G2476] by [G3844] the lake [G3041] : but [G1161] the fishermen [G231] were gone [G576] out of [G575] them [G846] , and were washing [G637] [their] nets [G1350] .

5:3 And [G1161] he entered [G1684] into [G1519] one [G1520] of the ships [G4143] , which [G3739] was [G2258] Simon's [G4613] , and prayed [G2065] him [G846] that he would thrust out [G1877] a little [G3641] from [G575] the land [G1093] . And [G2532] he sat down [G2523] , and taught [G1321] the people [G3793] out of [G1537] the ship [G4143] .

5:4 Now [G1161] when [G5613] he had left [G3973] speaking [G2980] , he said [G2036] unto [G4314] Simon [G4613] , Launch out [G1877] into [G1519] the deep [G899] , and [G2532] let down [G5465] your [G5216] nets [G1350] for [G1519] a draught [G61] .

5:5 And [G2532] Simon [G4613] answering [G611] said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Master [G1988] , we have toiled [G2872] all [G3650] [G1223] the night [G3571] , and have taken [G2983] nothing [G3762] : nevertheless [G1161] at [G1909] thy [G4675] word [G4487] I will let down [G5465] the net [G1350] .

5:6 And [G2532] when they had [G4160] this [G5124] done [G4160] , they inclosed [G4788] a great [G4183] multitude [G4128] of fishes [G2486] : and [G1161] their [G846] net [G1350] brake [G1284] .

5:7 And [G2532] they beckoned [G2656] unto [their] partners [G3353] , which [G3588] were in [G1722] the other [G2087] ship [G4143] , that they should come [G2064] and help [G4815] them [G846] . And [G2532] they came [G2064] , and [G2532] filled [G4130] both [G297] the ships [G4143] , so [G5620] that they [G846] began to sink [G1036] .

5:8 When [G1161] Simon [G4613] Peter [G4074] saw [G1492] [it], he fell down at [G4363] Jesus' [G2424] knees [G1119] , saying [G3004] , Depart [G1831] from [G575] me [G1700] ; for [G3754] I am [G1510] a sinful [G268] man [G435] , O Lord [G2962] .

5:9 For [G1063] he [G846] was astonished [G4023] [G2285] , and [G2532] all [G3956] that were [G4862] with him [G846] , at [G1909] the draught [G61] of the fishes [G2486] which [G3739] they had taken [G4815] :

5:10 And [G1161] so [G3668] [was] also [G2532] James [G2385] , and [G2532] John [G2491] , the sons [G5207] of Zebedee [G2199] , which [G3739] were [G2258] partners [G2844] with Simon [G4613] . And [G2532] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] unto [G4314] Simon [G4613] , Fear [G5399] not [G3361] ; from [G575] henceforth [G3568] thou shalt [G2071] catch [G2221] men [G444] .

5:11 And [G2532] when they had brought [G2609] their ships [G4143] to [G1909] land [G1093] , they forsook [G863] all [G537] , and followed [G190] him [G846] .

5:12 And [G2532] it came to pass [G1096] , when he [G846] was [G1511] [G1722] in [G1722] a certain [G3391] city [G4172] , [G2532] behold [G2400] a man [G435] full [G4134] of leprosy [G3014] : who [G2532] seeing [G1492] Jesus [G2424] fell [G4098] on [G1909] [his] face [G4383] , and besought [G1189] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Lord [G2962] , if [G1437] thou wilt [G2309] , thou canst [G1410] make [G2511] me [G3165] clean [G2511] .

5:13 And [G2532] he put forth [G1614] [his] hand [G5495] , and touched [G680] him [G846] , saying [G2036] , I will [G2309] : be thou clean [G2511] . And [G2532] immediately [G2112] the leprosy [G3014] departed [G565] from [G575] him [G846] .

5:14 And [G2532] he [G846] charged [G3853] him [G846] to tell [G2036] no man [G3367] : but [G235] go [G565] , and shew [G1166] thyself [G4572] to the priest [G2409] , and [G2532] offer [G4374] for [G4012] thy [G4675] cleansing [G2512] , according as [G2531] Moses [G3475] commanded [G4367] , for [G1519] a testimony [G3142] unto them [G846] .

5:15 But [G1161] so much the more [G3123] went there [G1330] a fame [G3056] abroad [G1330] of [G4012] him [G846] : and [G2532] great [G4183] multitudes [G3793] came together [G4905] to hear [G191] , and [G2532] to be healed [G2323] by [G5259] him [G846] of [G575] their [G846] infirmities [G769] .

5:16 And [G1161] he withdrew [G2258] [G5298] himself [G846] into [G1722] the wilderness [G2048] , and [G2532] prayed [G4336] .

5:17 And [G2532] it came to pass [G1096] on [G1722] a certain [G3391] day [G2250] , as [G2532] he [G846] was [G2258] teaching [G1321] , that [G2532] there were [G2258] Pharisees [G5330] and [G2532] doctors of the law [G3547] sitting by [G2521] , which [G3739] were [G2258] come [G2064] out of [G1537] every [G3956] town [G2968] of Galilee [G1056] , and [G2532] Judaea [G2449] , and [G2532] Jerusalem [G2419] : and [G2532] the power [G1411] of the Lord [G2962] was [G2258] [present] to [G1519] heal [G2390] them [G846] .

5:18 And [G2532] , behold [G2400] , men [G435] brought [G5342] in [G1909] a bed [G2825] a man [G444] which [G3739] was [G2258] taken with a palsy [G3886] : and [G2532] they sought [G2212] [means] to bring [G1533] him [G846] in [G1533] , and [G2532] to lay [G5087] [him] before [G1799] him [G846] .

5:19 And [G2532] when they could [G2147] not [G3361] find [G2147] by [G1223] what [G4169] [way] they might bring [G1533] him [G846] in [G1533] because [G1223] of the multitude [G3793] , they went [G305] upon [G1909] the housetop [G1430] , and let [G2524] him [G846] down [G2524] through [G1223] the tiling [G2766] with [G4862] [his] couch [G2826] into [G1519] the midst [G3319] before [G1715] Jesus [G2424] .

5:20 And [G2532] when he saw [G1492] their [G846] faith [G4102] , he said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Man [G444] , thy [G4675] sins [G266] are forgiven [G863] thee [G4671] .

5:21 And [G2532] the scribes [G1122] and [G2532] the Pharisees [G5330] began [G756] to reason [G1260] , saying [G3004] , Who [G5101] is [G2076] this [G3778] which [G3739] speaketh [G2980] blasphemies [G988] ? Who [G5101] can [G1410] forgive [G863] sins [G266] , but [G1508] God [G2316] alone [G3441] ?

5:22 But [G1161] when Jesus [G2424] perceived [G1921] their [G846] thoughts [G1261] , he answering [G611] said [G2036] unto [G4314] them [G846] , What [G5101] reason ye [G1260] in [G1722] your [G5216] hearts [G2588] ?

5:23 Whether [G5101] is [G2076] easier [G2123] , to say [G2036] , Thy [G4675] sins [G266] be forgiven [G863] thee [G4671] ; or [G2228] to say [G2036] , Rise up [G1453] and [G2532] walk [G4043] ?

5:24 But [G1161] that [G2443] ye may know [G1492] that [G3754] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] hath [G2192] power [G1849] upon [G1909] earth [G1093] to forgive [G863] sins [G266] , (he said [G2036] unto the sick of the palsy [G3886] ,) I say [G3004] unto thee [G4671] , Arise [G1453] , and [G2532] take up [G142] thy [G4675] couch [G2826] , and go [G4198] into [G1519] thine [G4675] house [G3624] .

5:25 And [G2532] immediately [G3916] he rose up [G450] before [G1799] them [G846] , and took up [G142] that whereon [G1909] [G3739] he lay [G2621] , and departed [G565] to [G1519] his own [G846] house [G3624] , glorifying [G1392] God [G2316] .

5:26 And [G2532] they were [G2983] all [G537] amazed [G1611] , and [G2532] they glorified [G1392] God [G2316] , and [G2532] were filled [G4130] with fear [G5401] , saying [G3004] , [G3754] We have seen [G1492] strange things [G3861] to day [G4594] .

5:27 And [G2532] after [G3326] these things [G5023] he went forth [G1831] , and [G2532] saw [G2300] a publican [G5057] , named [G3686] Levi [G3018] , sitting [G2521] at [G1909] the receipt of custom [G5058] : and [G2532] he said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Follow [G190] me [G3427] .

5:28 And [G2532] he left [G2641] all [G537] , rose up [G450] , and followed [G190] him [G846] .

5:29 And [G2532] Levi [G3018] made [G4160] him [G846] a great [G3173] feast [G1403] in [G1722] his own [G846] house [G3614] : and [G2532] there was [G2258] a great [G4183] company [G3793] of publicans [G5057] and [G2532] of others [G243] that [G3739] sat down [G2258] [G2621] with [G3326] them [G846] .

5:30 But [G2532] their [G846] scribes [G1122] and [G2532] Pharisees [G5330] murmured [G1111] against [G4314] his [G846] disciples [G3101] , saying [G3004] , Why [G1302] do ye eat [G2068] and [G2532] drink [G4095] with [G3326] publicans [G5057] and [G2532] sinners [G268] ?

5:31 And [G2532] Jesus [G2424] answering [G611] said [G2036] unto [G4314] them [G846] , They that are whole [G5198] need [G5532] [G2192] not [G3756] a physician [G2395] ; but [G235] they that are [G2192] sick [G2560] .

5:32 I came [G2064] not [G3756] to call [G2564] the righteous [G1342] , but [G235] sinners [G268] to [G1519] repentance [G3341] .

5:33 And [G1161] they said [G2036] unto [G4314] him [G846] , Why [G1302] do [G3522] the disciples [G3101] of John [G2491] fast [G3522] often [G4437] , and [G2532] make [G4160] prayers [G1162] , and [G2532] likewise [G3668] [the disciples [G3588] ] of the Pharisees [G5330] ; but [G1161] thine [G4674] eat [G2068] and [G2532] drink [G4095] ?

5:34 And [G1161] he said [G2036] unto [G4314] them [G846] , [G3361] Can ye [G1410] make [G4160] the children [G5207] of the bridechamber [G3567] fast [G3522] , while [G3739] [G1722] the bridegroom [G3566] is [G2076] with [G3326] them [G846] ?

5:35 But [G1161] the days [G2250] will come [G2064] , when [G3752] [G2532] the bridegroom [G3566] shall be taken away [G522] from [G575] them [G846] , and then [G5119] shall they fast [G3522] in [G1722] those [G1565] days [G2250] .

5:36 And [G1161] he spake [G3004] also [G2532] a parable [G3850] unto [G4314] them [G846] ; [G3754] No man [G3762] putteth [G1911] a piece [G1915] of a new [G2537] garment [G2440] upon [G1909] an old [G2440] [G3820] ; if otherwise, then [G1490] both [G2532] the new [G2537] maketh a rent [G4977] , and [G2532] the piece [G1915] that was [taken] out of [G575] the new [G2537] agreeth [G4856] not [G3756] with the old [G3820] .

5:37 And [G2532] no man [G3762] putteth [G906] new [G3501] wine [G3631] into [G1519] old [G3820] bottles [G779] ; else [G1490] the new [G3501] wine [G3631] will burst [G4486] the bottles [G779] , and [G2532] [G846] be spilled [G1632] , and [G2532] the bottles [G779] shall perish [G622] .

5:38 But [G235] new [G3501] wine [G3631] must be put [G992] into [G1519] new [G2537] bottles [G779] ; and [G2532] both [G297] are preserved [G4933] .

5:39 No man [G3762] also [G2532] having drunk [G4095] old [G3820] [wine] straightway [G2112] desireth [G2309] new [G3501] : for [G1063] he saith [G3004] , The old [G3820] is [G2076] better [G5543] .