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18:1 In those days [H3117] [there was] no king [H4428] in Israel [H3478] : and in those days [H3117] the tribe [H7626] of the Danites [H1839] sought [H1245] them an inheritance [H5159] to dwell in [H3427] ; for unto that day [H3117] [all their] inheritance [H5159] had not fallen [H5307] unto them among [H8432] the tribes [H7626] of Israel [H3478] .

18:2 And the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] sent [H7971] of their family [H4940] five [H2568] men [H582] from their coasts [H7098] , men [H1121] of valour [H2428] , from Zorah [H6881] , and from Eshtaol [H847] , to spy [H7270] out the land [H776] , and to search [H2713] it; and they said [H559] unto them, Go [H3212] , search [H2713] the land [H776] : who when they came [H935] to mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , to the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] , they lodged [H3885] there.(men of: Heb. sons of)

18:3 When they [were] by the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] , they knew [H5234] the voice [H6963] of the young man [H5288] the Levite [H3881] : and they turned in [H5493] thither, and said [H559] unto him, Who brought [H935] thee hither [H1988] ? and what makest [H6213] thou in this [place]? and what hast thou here?

18:4 And he said [H559] unto them, Thus [H2090] and thus [H2090] dealeth [H6213] Micah [H4318] with me, and hath hired [H7936] me, and I am his priest [H3548] .

18:5 And they said [H559] unto him, Ask counsel [H7592] , we pray thee, of God [H430] , that we may know [H3045] whether our way [H1870] which we go [H1980] shall be prosperous [H6743] .

18:6 And the priest [H3548] said [H559] unto them, Go [H3212] in peace [H7965] : before [H5227] the LORD [H3068] [is] your way [H1870] wherein ye go [H3212] .

18:7 Then the five [H2568] men [H582] departed [H3212] , and came [H935] to Laish [H3919] , and saw [H7200] the people [H5971] that [were] therein [H7130] , how they dwelt [H3427] careless [H983] , after the manner [H4941] of the Zidonians [H6722] , quiet [H8252] and secure [H982] ; and [there was] no magistrate [H3423] [H6114] in the land [H776] , that might put [them] to shame [H3637] in [any] thing [H1697] ; and they [were] far [H7350] from the Zidonians [H6722] , and had no business [H1697] with [any] man [H120] .(magistrate: Heb. possessor, or, heir of restraint)

18:8 And they came [H935] unto their brethren [H251] to Zorah [H6881] and Eshtaol [H847] : and their brethren [H251] said [H559] unto them, What [say] ye?

18:9 And they said [H559] , Arise [H6965] , that we may go up [H5927] against them: for we have seen [H7200] the land [H776] , and, behold, it [is] very [H3966] good [H2896] : and [are] ye still [H2814] ? be not slothful [H6101] to go [H3212] , [and] to enter [H935] to possess [H3423] the land [H776] .

18:10 When ye go [H935] , ye shall come [H935] unto a people [H5971] secure [H982] , and to a large [H7342] land [H776] : for God [H430] hath given [H5414] it into your hands [H3027] ; a place [H4725] where [there is] no want [H4270] of any thing [H1697] that [is] in the earth [H776] .

18:11 And there went [H5265] from thence of the family [H4940] of the Danites [H1839] , out of Zorah [H6881] and out of Eshtaol [H847] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] men [H376] appointed [H2296] with weapons [H3627] of war [H4421] .(appointed: Heb. girded)

18:12 And they went up [H5927] , and pitched [H2583] in Kirjathjearim [H7157] , in Judah [H3063] : wherefore they called [H7121] that place [H4725] Mahanehdan [H4265] unto this day [H3117] : behold, [it is] behind [H310] Kirjathjearim [H7157] .

18:13 And they passed [H5674] thence unto mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , and came [H935] unto the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] .

18:14 Then answered [H6030] the five [H2568] men [H582] that went [H1980] to spy out [H7270] the country [H776] of Laish [H3919] , and said [H559] unto their brethren [H251] , Do ye know [H3045] that there is [H3426] in these houses [H1004] an ephod [H646] , and teraphim [H8655] , and a graven image [H6459] , and a molten image [H4541] ? now therefore consider [H3045] what ye have to do [H6213] .

18:15 And they turned [H5493] thitherward, and came [H935] to the house [H1004] of the young man [H5288] the Levite [H3881] , [even] unto the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] , and saluted [H7592] [H7965] him.(saluted: Heb. asked him of peace)

18:16 And the six [H8337] hundred [H3967] men [H376] appointed [H2296] with their weapons [H3627] of war [H4421] , which [were] of the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] , stood [H5324] by the entering [H6607] of the gate [H8179] .

18:17 And the five [H2568] men [H582] that went [H1980] to spy out [H7270] the land [H776] went up [H5927] , [and] came in [H935] thither, [and] took [H3947] the graven image [H6459] , and the ephod [H646] , and the teraphim [H8655] , and the molten image [H4541] : and the priest [H3548] stood [H5324] in the entering [H6607] of the gate [H8179] with the six [H8337] hundred [H3967] men [H376] [that were] appointed [H2296] with weapons [H3627] of war [H4421] .

18:18 And these went [H935] into Micah's [H4318] house [H1004] , and fetched [H3947] the carved image [H6459] , the ephod [H646] , and the teraphim [H8655] , and the molten image [H4541] . Then said [H559] the priest [H3548] unto them, What do [H6213] ye?

18:19 And they said [H559] unto him, Hold thy peace [H2790] , lay [H7760] thine hand [H3027] upon thy mouth [H6310] , and go [H3212] with us, and be to us [H1961] a father [H1] and a priest [H3548] : [is it] better [H2896] for thee to be a priest [H3548] unto the house [H1004] of one [H259] man [H376] , or that thou be a priest [H3548] unto a tribe [H7626] and a family [H4940] in Israel [H3478] ?

18:20 And the priest's [H3548] heart [H3820] was glad [H3190] , and he took [H3947] the ephod [H646] , and the teraphim [H8655] , and the graven image [H6459] , and went in [H935] the midst [H7130] of the people [H5971] .

18:21 So they turned [H6437] and departed [H3212] , and put [H7760] the little ones [H2945] and the cattle [H4735] and the carriage [H3520] before [H6440] them.

18:22 [And] when they were a good way [H7368] from the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] , the men [H582] that [were] in the houses [H1004] near to Micah's [H4318] house [H1004] were gathered together [H2199] , and overtook [H1692] the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] .

18:23 And they cried [H7121] unto the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] . And they turned [H5437] their faces [H6440] , and said [H559] unto Micah [H4318] , What aileth thee, that thou comest with such a company [H2199] ?(comest: Heb. art gathered together?)

18:24 And he said [H559] , Ye have taken away [H3947] my gods [H430] which I made [H6213] , and the priest [H3548] , and ye are gone away [H3212] : and what have I more? and what [is] this [that] ye say [H559] unto me, What aileth thee?

18:25 And the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] said [H559] unto him, Let not thy voice [H6963] be heard [H8085] among us, lest angry [H4751] [H5315] fellows [H582] run [H6293] upon thee, and thou lose [H622] thy life [H5315] , with the lives [H5315] of thy household [H1004] .(angry: Heb. bitter of soul)

18:26 And the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] went [H3212] their way [H1870] : and when Micah [H4318] saw [H7200] that they [were] too strong [H2389] for him, he turned [H6437] and went back [H7725] unto his house [H1004] .

18:27 And they took [H3947] [the things] which Micah [H4318] had made [H6213] , and the priest [H3548] which he had, and came [H935] unto Laish [H3919] , unto a people [H5971] [that were] at quiet [H8252] and secure [H982] : and they smote [H5221] them with the edge [H6310] of the sword [H2719] , and burnt [H8313] the city [H5892] with fire [H784] .

18:28 And [there was] no deliverer [H5337] , because it [was] far [H7350] from Zidon [H6721] , and they had no business [H1697] with [any] man [H120] ; and it was in the valley [H6010] that [lieth] by Bethrehob [H1050] . And they built [H1129] a city [H5892] , and dwelt [H3427] therein.

18:29 And they called [H7121] the name [H8034] of the city [H5892] Dan [H1835] , after the name [H8034] of Dan [H1835] their father [H1] , who was born [H3205] unto Israel [H3478] : howbeit [H199] the name [H8034] of the city [H5892] [was] Laish [H3919] at the first [H7223] .

18:30 And the children [H1121] of Dan [H1835] set up [H6965] the graven image [H6459] : and Jonathan [H3083] , the son [H1121] of Gershom [H1647] , the son [H1121] of Manasseh [H4519] , he and his sons [H1121] were priests [H3548] to the tribe [H7626] of Dan [H1839] until the day [H3117] of the captivity [H1540] of the land [H776] .

18:31 And they set them up [H7760] Micah's [H4318] graven image [H6459] , which he made [H6213] , all the time [H3117] that the house [H1004] of God [H430] was in Shiloh [H7887] .