KJV JUD17 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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17:1 And there was a man [H376] of mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , whose name [H8034] [was] Micah [H4321] .

17:2 And he said [H559] unto his mother [H517] , The eleven hundred [H505] [H3967] [shekels] of silver [H3701] that were taken [H3947] from thee, about which thou cursedst [H422] , and spakest [H559] of also in mine ears [H241] , behold, the silver [H3701] [is] with me; I took [H3947] it. And his mother [H517] said [H559] , Blessed [H1288] [be thou] of the LORD [H3068] , my son [H1121] .

17:3 And when he had restored [H7725] the eleven hundred [H505] [H3967] [shekels] of silver [H3701] to his mother [H517] , his mother [H517] said [H559] , I had wholly [H6942] dedicated [H6942] the silver [H3701] unto the LORD [H3068] from my hand [H3027] for my son [H1121] , to make [H6213] a graven image [H6459] and a molten image [H4541] : now therefore I will restore [H7725] it unto thee.

17:4 Yet he restored [H7725] the money [H3701] unto his mother [H517] ; and his mother [H517] took [H3947] two hundred [H3967] [shekels] of silver [H3701] , and gave [H5414] them to the founder [H6884] , who made [H6213] thereof a graven image [H6459] and a molten image [H4541] : and they were in the house [H1004] of Micah [H4321] .

17:5 And the man [H376] Micah [H4318] had an house [H1004] of gods [H430] , and made [H6213] an ephod [H646] , and teraphim [H8655] , and consecrated [H4390] [H3027] one [H259] of his sons [H1121] , who became his priest [H3548] .(consecrated: Heb. filled the hand)

17:6 In those days [H3117] [there was] no king [H4428] in Israel [H3478] , [but] every man [H376] did [H6213] [that which was] right [H3477] in his own eyes [H5869] .

17:7 And there was a young man [H5288] out of Bethlehemjudah [H1035] [H3063] of the family [H4940] of Judah [H3063] , who [was] a Levite [H3881] , and he sojourned [H1481] there.

17:8 And the man [H376] departed [H3212] out of the city [H5892] from Bethlehemjudah [H1035] [H3063] to sojourn [H1481] where he could find [H4672] [a place]: and he came [H935] to mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] to the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] , as he journeyed [H6213] [H1870] .(as he: Heb. in making his way)

17:9 And Micah [H4318] said [H559] unto him, Whence [H370] comest [H935] thou? And he said [H559] unto him, I [am] a Levite [H3881] of Bethlehemjudah [H1035] [H3063] , and I go [H1980] to sojourn [H1481] where I may find [H4672] [a place].

17:10 And Micah [H4318] said [H559] unto him, Dwell [H3427] with me, and be unto me a father [H1] and a priest [H3548] , and I will give [H5414] thee ten [H6235] [shekels] of silver [H3701] by the year [H3117] , and a suit [H6187] of apparel [H899] , and thy victuals [H4241] . So the Levite [H3881] went in [H3212] .(a suit: or, a double suit, etc: Heb. an order of garments)

17:11 And the Levite [H3881] was content [H2974] to dwell [H3427] with the man [H376] ; and the young man [H5288] was unto him as one [H259] of his sons [H1121] .

17:12 And Micah [H4318] consecrated [H4390] [H3027] the Levite [H3881] ; and the young man [H5288] became his priest [H3548] , and was in the house [H1004] of Micah [H4318] .

17:13 Then said [H559] Micah [H4318] , Now know [H3045] I that the LORD [H3068] will do me good [H3190] , seeing I have a Levite [H3881] to [my] priest [H3548] .