KJV JOB5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 Call [H7121] now, if there be [H3426] any that will answer [H6030] thee; and to which of the saints [H6918] wilt thou turn [H6437] ?(turn: or, look?)

5:2 For wrath [H3708] killeth [H2026] the foolish man [H191] , and envy [H7068] slayeth [H4191] the silly one [H6601] .(envy: or, indignation)

5:3 I have seen [H7200] the foolish [H191] taking root [H8327] : but suddenly [H6597] I cursed [H5344] his habitation [H5116] .

5:4 His children [H1121] are far [H7368] from safety [H3468] , and they are crushed [H1792] in the gate [H8179] , neither [is there] any to deliver [H5337] [them].

5:5 Whose harvest [H7105] the hungry [H7457] eateth up [H398] , and taketh [H3947] it even out [H413] of the thorns [H6791] , and the robber [H6782] swalloweth up [H7602] their substance [H2428] .

5:6 Although affliction [H205] cometh not forth [H3318] of the dust [H6083] , neither doth trouble [H5999] spring out [H6779] of the ground [H127] ;(affliction: or, iniquity)

5:7 Yet man [H120] is born [H3205] unto trouble [H5999] , as the sparks [H1121] [H7565] fly [H5774] upward [H1361] .(trouble: or, labour)(sparks: Heb. the sons of the burning coal lift up to fly)

5:8 I would seek [H199] [H1875] unto God [H410] , and unto God [H430] would I commit [H7760] my cause [H1700] :

5:9 Which doeth [H6213] great things [H1419] and unsearchable [H369] [H2714] ; marvellous things [H6381] without number [H4557] :(unsearchable: Heb. there is no search)(without: Heb. till there be no number)

5:10 Who giveth [H5414] rain [H4306] upon [H6440] the earth [H776] , and sendeth [H7971] waters [H4325] upon [H6440] the fields [H2351] :(fields: Heb. outplaces)

5:11 To set up [H7760] on high [H4791] those that be low [H8217] ; that those which mourn [H6937] may be exalted [H7682] to safety [H3468] .

5:12 He disappointeth [H6565] the devices [H4284] of the crafty [H6175] , so that their hands [H3027] cannot perform [H6213] [their] enterprise [H8454] .(their enterprise: or, any thing)

5:13 He taketh [H3920] the wise [H2450] in their own craftiness [H6193] : and the counsel [H6098] of the froward [H6617] is carried headlong [H4116] .

5:14 They meet [H6298] with darkness [H2822] in the daytime [H3119] , and grope [H4959] in the noonday [H6672] as in the night [H3915] .(meet: or, run into)

5:15 But he saveth [H3467] the poor [H34] from the sword [H2719] , from their mouth [H6310] , and from the hand [H3027] of the mighty [H2389] .

5:16 So the poor [H1800] hath hope [H8615] , and iniquity [H5766] stoppeth [H7092] her mouth [H6310] .

5:17 Behold, happy [H835] [is] the man [H582] whom God [H433] correcteth [H3198] : therefore despise [H3988] not thou the chastening [H4148] of the Almighty [H7706] :

5:18 For he maketh sore [H3510] , and bindeth up [H2280] : he woundeth [H4272] , and his hands [H3027] make whole [H7495] .

5:19 He shall deliver [H5337] thee in six [H8337] troubles [H6869] : yea, in seven [H7651] there shall no evil [H7451] touch [H5060] thee.

5:20 In famine [H7458] he shall redeem [H6299] thee from death [H4194] : and in war [H4421] from the power [H3027] of the sword [H2719] .(power: Heb. hands)

5:21 Thou shalt be hid [H2244] from the scourge [H7752] of the tongue [H3956] : neither shalt thou be afraid [H3372] of destruction [H7701] when it cometh [H935] .(from: or, when the tongue scourgeth)

5:22 At destruction [H7701] and famine [H3720] thou shalt laugh [H7832] : neither shalt thou be afraid [H3372] of the beasts [H2416] of the earth [H776] .

5:23 For thou shalt be in league [H1285] with the stones [H68] of the field [H7704] : and the beasts [H2416] of the field [H7704] shall be at peace [H7999] with thee.

5:24 And thou shalt know [H3045] that thy tabernacle [H168] [shall be] in peace [H7965] ; and thou shalt visit [H6485] thy habitation [H5116] , and shalt not sin [H2398] .(thy tabernacle: or, peace is thy tabernacle)(sin: or, err)

5:25 Thou shalt know [H3045] also that thy seed [H2233] [shall be] great [H7227] , and thine offspring [H6631] as the grass [H6212] of the earth [H776] .(great: or, much)

5:26 Thou shalt come [H935] to [thy] grave [H6913] in a full age [H3624] , like as a shock of corn [H1430] cometh in [H5927] in his season [H6256] .(cometh in: Heb. ascendeth)

5:27 Lo this, we have searched [H2713] it, so it [is]; hear [H8085] it, and know [H3045] thou [it] for thy good.(for: Heb. for thyself)