KJV JOB4 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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4:1 Then Eliphaz [H464] the Temanite [H8489] answered [H6030] and said [H559] ,

4:2 [If] we assay [H5254] to commune [H1697] with thee, wilt thou be grieved [H3811] ? but who can [H3201] withhold [H6113] himself from speaking [H4405] ?(to: Heb. a word)(withhold: Heb. refrain from words?)

4:3 Behold, thou hast instructed [H3256] many [H7227] , and thou hast strengthened [H2388] the weak [H7504] hands [H3027] .

4:4 Thy words [H4405] have upholden [H6965] him that was falling [H3782] , and thou hast strengthened [H553] the feeble [H3766] knees [H1290] .

4:5 But now it is come [H935] upon thee, and thou faintest [H3811] ; it toucheth [H5060] thee, and thou art troubled [H926] .

4:6 [Is] not [this] thy fear [H3374] , thy confidence [H3690] , thy hope [H8615] , and the uprightness [H8537] of thy ways [H1870] ?

4:7 Remember [H2142] , I pray thee, who [ever] perished [H6] , being innocent [H5355] ? or where [heb375] were the righteous [H3477] cut off [H3582] ?

4:8 Even as I have seen [H7200] , they that plow [H2790] iniquity [H205] , and sow [H2232] wickedness [H5999] , reap [H7114] the same.

4:9 By the blast [H5397] of God [H433] they perish [H6] , and by the breath [H7307] of his nostrils [H639] are they consumed [H3615] .(by the breath: that is, by his anger)

4:10 The roaring [H7581] of the lion [H738] , and the voice [H6963] of the fierce lion [H7826] , and the teeth [H8127] of the young lions [H3715] , are broken [H5421] .

4:11 The old lion [H3918] perisheth [H6] for lack [H1097] of prey [H2964] , and the stout lion's [H3833] whelps [H1121] are scattered abroad [H6504] .

4:12 Now a thing [H1697] was secretly brought [H1589] to me, and mine ear [H241] received [H3947] a little [H8102] thereof.(secretly: Heb. by stealth)

4:13 In thoughts [H5587] from the visions [H2384] of the night [H3915] , when deep sleep [H8639] falleth [H5307] on men [H582] ,

4:14 Fear [H6343] came [H7122] upon me, and trembling [H7461] , which made all [H7230] my bones [H6106] to shake [H6342] .(came: Heb. met)(all: Heb. the multitude of)

4:15 Then a spirit [H7307] passed [H2498] before my face [H6440] ; the hair [H8185] of my flesh [H1320] stood up [H5568] :

4:16 It stood still [H5975] , but I could not discern [H5234] the form [H4758] thereof: an image [H8544] [was] before mine eyes [H5869] , [there was] silence [H1827] , and I heard [H8085] a voice [H6963] , [saying],(there: or, I heard a still voice)

4:17 Shall mortal man [H582] be more just [H6663] than God [H433] ? shall a man [H1397] be more pure [H2891] than his maker [H6213] ?

4:18 Behold, he put no trust [H539] in his servants [H5650] ; and his angels [H4397] he charged [H7760] with folly [H8417] :(and his: or, nor in his angels, in whom he put light)

4:19 How much less [H637] [in] them that dwell [H7931] in houses [H1004] of clay [H2563] , whose foundation [H3247] [is] in the dust [H6083] , [which] are crushed [H1792] before [H6440] the moth [H6211] ?

4:20 They are destroyed [H3807] from morning [H1242] to evening [H6153] : they perish [H6] for ever [H5331] without any regarding [H7760] [it].(destroyed: Heb. beaten in pieces)

4:21 Doth not their excellency [H3499] [which is] in them go away [H5265] ? they die [H4191] , even without wisdom [H2451] .