KJV ISA28 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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28:1 Woe [H1945] to the crown [H5850] of pride [H1348] , to the drunkards [H7910] of Ephraim [H669] , whose glorious [H6643] beauty [H8597] [is] a fading [H5034] flower [H6731] , which [are] on the head [H7218] of the fat [H8081] valleys [H1516] of them that are overcome [H1986] with wine [H3196] !(overcome: Heb. broken)

28:2 Behold, the Lord [H136] hath a mighty [H2389] and strong one [H533] , [which] as a tempest [H2230] of hail [H1259] [and] a destroying [H6986] storm [H8178] , as a flood [H2230] of mighty [H3524] waters [H4325] overflowing [H7857] , shall cast down [H3240] to the earth [H776] with the hand [H3027] .

28:3 The crown [H5850] of pride [H1348] , the drunkards [H7910] of Ephraim [H669] , shall be trodden [H7429] under feet [H7272] :(under: Heb. with feet)

28:4 And the glorious [H6643] beauty [H8597] , which [is] on the head [H7218] of the fat [H8081] valley [H1516] , shall be a fading [H5034] flower [H6733] , [and] as the hasty fruit [H1061] before the summer [H7019] ; which [when] he that looketh [H7200] upon it seeth [H7200] , while it is yet in his hand [H3709] he eateth it up [H1104] .(eateth: Heb. swalloweth)

28:5 In that day [H3117] shall the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] be for a crown [H5850] of glory [H6643] , and for a diadem [H6843] of beauty [H8597] , unto the residue [H7605] of his people [H5971] ,

28:6 And for a spirit [H7307] of judgment [H4941] to him that sitteth [H3427] in judgment [H4941] , and for strength [H1369] to them that turn [H7725] the battle [H4421] to the gate [H8179] .

28:7 But they [H428] also have erred [H7686] through wine [H3196] , and through strong drink [H7941] are out of the way [H8582] ; the priest [H3548] and the prophet [H5030] have erred [H7686] through strong drink [H7941] , they are swallowed up [H1104] of [H4480] wine [H3196] , they are out of the way [H8582] through strong drink [H7941] ; they err [H7686] in vision [H7203] , they stumble [H6328] [in] judgment [H6417] .

28:8 For all tables [H7979] are full [H4390] of vomit [H6892] [and] filthiness [H6675] , [so that there is] no place [H4725] [clean].

28:9 Whom shall he teach [H3384] knowledge [H1844] ? and whom shall he make to understand [H995] doctrine [H8052] ? [them that are] weaned [H1580] from the milk [H2461] , [and] drawn [H6267] from the breasts [H7699] .(doctrine: Heb. the hearing?)

28:10 For precept [H6673] [must be] upon precept [H6673] , precept [H6673] upon precept [H6673] ; line [H6957] upon line [H6957] , line [H6957] upon line [H6957] ; here a little [H2191] , [and] there a little [H2191] :(must be: or, hath been)

28:11 For with stammering [H3934] lips [H8193] and another [H312] tongue [H3956] will he speak [H1696] to this people [H5971] .(stammering: Heb. stammerings of lip)(will: or, he hath spoken)

28:12 To whom he said [H559] , This [is] the rest [H4496] [wherewith] ye may cause the weary [H5889] to rest [H5117] ; and this [is] the refreshing [H4774] : yet they would [H14] not hear [H8085] .

28:13 But the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] was unto them precept [H6673] upon precept [H6673] , precept [H6673] upon precept [H6673] ; line [H6957] upon line [H6957] , line [H6957] upon line [H6957] ; here a little [H2191] , [and] there a little [H2191] ; that they might go [H3212] , and fall [H3782] backward [H268] , and be broken [H7665] , and snared [H3369] , and taken [H3920] .

28:14 Wherefore hear [H8085] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] , ye scornful [H3944] men [H582] , that rule [H4910] this people [H5971] which [is] in Jerusalem [H3389] .

28:15 Because ye have said [H559] , We have made [H3772] a covenant [H1285] with death [H4194] , and with hell [H7585] are we [H6213] at agreement [H2374] ; when the overflowing [H7857] scourge [H7752] [H7885] shall pass through [H5674] [H5674] , it shall not come [H935] unto us: for we have made [H7760] lies [H3577] our refuge [H4268] , and under falsehood [H8267] have we hid [H5641] ourselves:

28:16 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] , Behold, I lay [H3245] in Zion [H6726] for a foundation a stone [H68] , a tried [H976] stone [H68] , a precious [H3368] corner [H6438] [stone], a sure [H3245] foundation [H4143] : he that believeth [H539] shall not make haste [H2363] .

28:17 Judgment [H4941] also will I lay [H7760] to the line [H6957] , and righteousness [H6666] to the plummet [H4949] : and the hail [H1259] shall sweep away [H3261] the refuge [H4268] of lies [H3577] , and the waters [H4325] shall overflow [H7857] the hiding place [H5643] .

28:18 And your covenant [H1285] with death [H4194] shall be disannulled [H3722] , and your agreement [H2380] with hell [H7585] shall not stand [H6965] ; when the overflowing [H7857] scourge [H7752] shall pass through [H5674] , then ye shall be trodden down [H4823] by it.(trodden: Heb. a treading down to it)

28:19 From the time [H1767] that it goeth forth [H5674] it shall take [H3947] you: for morning [H1242] by morning [H1242] shall it pass over [H5674] , by day [H3117] and by night [H3915] : and it shall be a vexation [H2113] only [to] understand [H995] the report [H8052] .(to: or, when he shall make you to understand doctrine)

28:20 For the bed [H4702] is shorter [H7114] than that [a man] can stretch [H8311] himself [on it]: and the covering [H4541] narrower [H6887] than that he can wrap [H3664] himself [in it].

28:21 For the LORD [H3068] shall rise up [H6965] as [in] mount [H2022] Perazim [H6559] , he shall be wroth [H7264] as [in] the valley [H6010] of Gibeon [H1391] , that he may do [H6213] his work [H4639] , his strange [H2114] work [H4639] ; and bring to pass [H5647] his act [H5656] , his strange [H5237] act [H5656] .

28:22 Now therefore be ye not mockers [H3887] , lest your bands [H4147] be made strong [H2388] : for I have heard [H8085] from the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] of hosts [H6635] a consumption [H3617] , even determined [H2782] upon the whole earth [H776] .

28:23 Give ye ear [H238] , and hear [H8085] my voice [H6963] ; hearken [H7181] , and hear [H8085] my speech [H565] .

28:24 Doth the plowman [H2790] plow [H2790] all day [H3117] to sow [H2232] ? doth he open [H6605] and break the clods [H7702] of his ground [H127] ?

28:25 When he hath made plain [H7737] the face [H6440] thereof, doth he not cast abroad [H6327] the fitches [H7100] , and scatter [H2236] the cummin [H3646] , and cast [H7760] in the principal [H7795] wheat [H2406] and the appointed [H5567] barley [H8184] and the rie [H3698] in their place [H1367] ?(the principal: or, the wheat in the principal place, and barley in the appointed place)(rie: or, spelt)(place: Heb. border?)

28:26 For his God [H430] doth instruct [H3256] him to discretion [H4941] , [and] doth teach [H3384] him.(For: or, And he bindeth it in such sort as his God doth teach him)

28:27 For the fitches [H7100] are not threshed [H1758] with a threshing instrument [H2742] , neither is a cart [H5699] wheel [H212] turned about [H5437] upon the cummin [H3646] ; but the fitches [H7100] are beaten out [H2251] with a staff [H4294] , and the cummin [H3646] with a rod [H7626] .

28:28 Bread [H3899] [corn] is bruised [H1854] ; because he will not ever [H5331] be threshing [H156] [H1758] it, nor break [H2000] [it with] the wheel [H1536] of his cart [H5699] , nor bruise [H1854] it [with] his horsemen [H6571] .

28:29 This also cometh forth [H3318] from the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , [which] is wonderful [H6381] in counsel [H6098] , [and] excellent [H1431] in working [H8454] .