KJV ISA27 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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27:1 In that day [H3117] the LORD [H3068] with his sore [H7186] and great [H1419] and strong [H2389] sword [H2719] shall punish [H6485] leviathan [H3882] the piercing [H1281] serpent [H5175] , even leviathan [H3882] that crooked [H6129] serpent [H5175] ; and he shall slay [H2026] the dragon [H8577] that [is] in the sea [H3220] .(piercing: or, crossing like a bar)

27:2 In that day [H3117] sing [H6031] ye unto her, A vineyard [H3754] of red wine [H2561] [H2531] .

27:3 I the LORD [H3068] do keep [H5341] it; I will water [H8248] it every moment [H7281] : lest [any] hurt [H6485] it, I will keep [H5341] it night [H3915] and day [H3117] .

27:4 Fury [H2534] [is] not in me: who would set [H5414] the briers [H8068] [and] thorns [H7898] against me in battle [H4421] ? I would go [H6585] through them, I would burn [H6702] them together [H3162] .(go: or, march against)

27:5 Or let him take hold [H2388] of my strength [H4581] , [that] he may make [H6213] peace [H7965] with me; [and] he shall make [H6213] peace [H7965] with me.

27:6 He shall cause them that come [H935] of Jacob [H3290] to take root [H8327] : Israel [H3478] shall blossom [H6692] and bud [H6524] , and fill [H4390] the face [H6440] of the world [H8398] with fruit [H8570] .

27:7 Hath he smitten [H5221] him, as he smote [H4347] those that smote [H5221] him? [or] is he slain [H2026] according to the slaughter [H2027] of them that are slain [H2026] by him?(as: Heb. according to the stroke of)

27:8 In measure [H5432] , when it shooteth forth [H7971] , thou wilt debate [H7378] with it: he stayeth [H1898] his rough [H7186] wind [H7307] in the day [H3117] of the east wind [H6921] .(it shooteth: or, thou sendest it forth)(he: or, when he removeth it with)

27:9 By this [H2063] therefore shall the iniquity [H5771] of Jacob [H3290] be purged [H3722] ; and this [is] all the fruit [H6529] to take away [H5493] his sin [H2403] ; when he maketh [H7760] all the stones [H68] of the altar [H4196] as chalkstones [H1615] that are beaten in sunder [H5310] , the groves [H842] and images [H2553] shall not stand up [H6965] .(images: or, sun images)

27:10 Yet the defenced [H1219] city [H5892] [shall be] desolate [H910] , [and] the habitation [H5116] forsaken [H7971] , and left [H5800] like a wilderness [H4057] : there shall the calf [H5695] feed [H7462] , and there shall he lie down [H7257] , and consume [H3615] the branches [H5585] thereof.

27:11 When the boughs [H7105] thereof are withered [H3001] , they shall be broken off [H7665] : the women [H802] come [H935] , [and] set them on fire [H215] : for it [is] a people [H5971] of no understanding [H998] : therefore he that made [H6213] them will not have mercy [H7355] on them, and he that formed [H3335] them will shew them no favour [H2603] .

27:12 And it shall come to pass in that day [H3117] , [that] the LORD [H3068] shall beat off [H2251] from the channel [H7641] of the river [H5104] unto the stream [H5158] of Egypt [H4714] , and ye shall be gathered [H3950] one [H259] by one [H259] , O ye children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .

27:13 And it shall come to pass in that day [H3117] , [that] the great [H1419] trumpet [H7782] shall be blown [H8628] , and they shall come [H935] which were ready to perish [H6] in the land [H776] of Assyria [H804] , and the outcasts [H5080] in the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] , and shall worship [H7812] the LORD [H3068] in the holy [H6944] mount [H2022] at Jerusalem [H3389] .