KJV HOS9 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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9:1 Rejoice [H8055] not, O Israel [H3478] , for joy [H1524] , as [other] people [H5971] : for thou hast gone a whoring [H2181] from thy God [H430] , thou hast loved [H157] a reward [H868] upon every cornfloor [H1637] [H1715] .(upon: or, in, etc)

9:2 The floor [H1637] and the winepress [H3342] shall not feed [H7462] them, and the new wine [H8492] shall fail [H3584] in her.(winepress: or, winefat)

9:3 They shall not dwell [H3427] in the LORD'S [H3068] land [H776] ; but Ephraim [H669] shall return [H7725] to Egypt [H4714] , and they shall eat [H398] unclean [H2931] [things] in Assyria [H804] .

9:4 They shall not offer [H5258] wine [H3196] [offerings] to the LORD [H3068] , neither shall they be pleasing [H6149] unto him: their sacrifices [H2077] [shall be] unto them as the bread [H3899] of mourners [H205] ; all that eat [H398] thereof shall be polluted [H2930] : for their bread [H3899] for their soul [H5315] shall not come [H935] into the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

9:5 What will ye do [H6213] in the solemn [H4150] day [H3117] , and in the day [H3117] of the feast [H2282] of the LORD [H3068] ?

9:6 For, lo, they are gone [H1980] because of destruction [H7701] : Egypt [H4714] shall gather them up [H6908] , Memphis [H4644] shall bury [H6912] them: the pleasant [H4261] [places] for their silver [H3701] , nettles [H7057] shall possess [H3423] them: thorns [H2336] [shall be] in their tabernacles [H168] .(destruction: Heb. spoil)(the: or, their silver shall be desired, the nettle, etc.: Heb. the desire)

9:7 The days [H3117] of visitation [H6486] are come [H935] , the days [H3117] of recompence [H7966] are come [H935] ; Israel [H3478] shall know [H3045] [it]: the prophet [H5030] [is] a fool [H191] , the spiritual [H7307] man [H376] [is] mad [H7696] , for the multitude [H7230] of thine iniquity [H5771] , and the great [H7227] hatred [H4895] .(spiritual: Heb. man of the spirit)

9:8 The watchman [H6822] of Ephraim [H669] [was] with my God [H430] : [but] the prophet [H5030] [is] a snare [H6341] of a fowler [H3352] in all his ways [H1870] , [and] hatred [H4895] in the house [H1004] of his God [H430] .(in the: or, against the)

9:9 They have deeply [H6009] corrupted [H7843] [themselves], as in the days [H3117] of Gibeah [H1390] : [therefore] he will remember [H2142] their iniquity [H5771] , he will visit [H6485] their sins [H2403] .

9:10 I found [H4672] Israel [H3478] like grapes [H6025] in the wilderness [H4057] ; I saw [H7200] your fathers [H1] as the firstripe [H1063] in the fig tree [H8384] at her first time [H7225] : [but] they went [H935] to Baalpeor [H1187] , and separated [H5144] themselves unto [that] shame [H1322] ; and [their] abominations [H8251] were according as they loved [H157] .

9:11 [As for] Ephraim [H669] , their glory [H3519] shall fly away [H5774] like a bird [H5775] , from the birth [H3205] , and from the womb [H990] , and from the conception [H2032] .

9:12 Though they bring up [H1431] their children [H1121] , yet will I bereave [H7921] them, [that there shall] not [be] a man [H120] [left]: yea, woe [H188] also to them when I depart [H5493] from them!

9:13 Ephraim [H669] , as I saw [H7200] Tyrus [H6865] , [is] planted [H8362] in a pleasant place [H5116] : but Ephraim [H669] shall bring forth [H3318] his children [H1121] to the murderer [H2026] .

9:14 Give [H5414] them, O LORD [H3068] : what wilt thou give [H5414] ? give [H5414] them a miscarrying [H7921] womb [H7358] and dry [H6784] breasts [H7699] .(miscarrying: Heb. that casteth the fruit)

9:15 All their wickedness [H7451] [is] in Gilgal [H1537] : for there I hated [H8130] them: for the wickedness [H7455] of their doings [H4611] I will drive them out [H1644] of mine house [H1004] , I will love [H160] them no more [H3254] : all their princes [H8269] [are] revolters [H5637] .

9:16 Ephraim [H669] is smitten [H5221] , their root [H8328] is dried up [H3001] , they shall bear [H6213] no fruit [H6529] : yea, though they bring forth [H3205] , yet will I slay [H4191] [even] the beloved [H4261] [fruit] of their womb [H990] .(the: Heb. the desires)

9:17 My God [H430] will cast them away [H3988] , because they did not hearken [H8085] unto him: and they shall be wanderers [H5074] among the nations [H1471] .