KJV HOS10 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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10:1 Israel [H3478] [is] an empty [H1238] vine [H1612] , he bringeth forth [H7737] fruit [H6529] unto himself: according to the multitude [H7230] of his fruit [H6529] he hath increased [H7235] the altars [H4196] ; according to the goodness [H2896] of his land [H776] they have made goodly [H2895] images [H4676] .(an: or, a vine emptying the fruit which it giveth)(images: Heb. statues, or, standing images)

10:2 Their heart [H3820] is divided [H2505] ; now shall they be found faulty [H816] : he shall break down [H6202] their altars [H4196] , he shall spoil [H7703] their images [H4676] .(Their heart: or, He hath divided their heart)(break: Heb. behead)(images: Heb. statues, or, standing images)

10:3 For now they shall say [H559] , We have no king [H4428] , because we feared [H3372] not the LORD [H3068] ; what then should a king [H4428] do [H6213] to us?

10:4 They have spoken [H1696] words [H1697] , swearing [H422] falsely [H7723] in making [H3772] a covenant [H1285] : thus judgment [H4941] springeth up [H6524] as hemlock [H7219] in the furrows [H8525] of the field [H7704] .

10:5 The inhabitants [H7934] of Samaria [H8111] shall fear [H1481] because of the calves [H5697] of Bethaven [H1007] : for the people [H5971] thereof shall mourn [H56] over it, and the priests [H3649] thereof [that] rejoiced [H1523] on it, for the glory [H3519] thereof, because it is departed [H1540] from it.(the priests: or, Chemarim)

10:6 It shall be also carried [H2986] unto Assyria [H804] [for] a present [H4503] to king [H4428] Jareb [H3377] : Ephraim [H669] shall receive [H3947] shame [H1317] , and Israel [H3478] shall be ashamed [H954] of his own counsel [H6098] .

10:7 [As for] Samaria [H8111] , her king [H4428] is cut off [H1820] as the foam [H7110] upon [H6440] the water [H4325] .(the water: Heb. the face of the water)

10:8 The high places [H1116] also of Aven [H206] , the sin [H2403] of Israel [H3478] , shall be destroyed [H8045] : the thorn [H6975] and the thistle [H1863] shall come up [H5927] on their altars [H4196] ; and they shall say [H559] to the mountains [H2022] , Cover [H3680] us; and to the hills [H1389] , Fall [H5307] on us.

10:9 O Israel [H3478] , thou hast sinned [H2398] from the days [H3117] of Gibeah [H1390] : there they stood [H5975] : the battle [H4421] in Gibeah [H1390] against the children [H1121] of iniquity [H5932] did not overtake [H5381] them.

10:10 [It is] in my desire [H185] that I should chastise [H3256] them; and the people [H5971] shall be gathered [H622] against them, when they shall bind [H631] themselves in their two [H8147] furrows [H5869] .(when: or, when I shall bind them for their two transgressions, or, in their two habitations)

10:11 And Ephraim [H669] [is as] an heifer [H5697] [that is] taught [H3925] , [and] loveth [H157] to tread out [H1758] [the corn]; but I passed over [H5674] upon her fair [H2898] neck [H6677] : I will make Ephraim [H669] to ride [H7392] ; Judah [H3063] shall plow [H2790] , [and] Jacob [H3290] shall break his clods [H7702] .(her: Heb. the beauty of her neck)

10:12 Sow [H2232] to yourselves in righteousness [H6666] , reap [H7114] in [H6310] mercy [H2617] ; break up [H5214] your fallow ground [H5215] : for [it is] time [H6256] to seek [H1875] the LORD [H3068] , till he come [H935] and rain [H3384] righteousness [H6664] upon you.

10:13 Ye have plowed [H2790] wickedness [H7562] , ye have reaped [H7114] iniquity [H5766] ; ye have eaten [H398] the fruit [H6529] of lies [H3585] : because thou didst trust [H982] in thy way [H1870] , in the multitude [H7230] of thy mighty men [H1368] .

10:14 Therefore shall a tumult [H7588] arise [H6965] among thy people [H5971] , and all thy fortresses [H4013] shall be spoiled [H7703] , as Shalman [H8020] spoiled [H7701] Betharbel [H1009] in the day [H3117] of battle [H4421] : the mother [H517] was dashed in pieces [H7376] upon [her] children [H1121] .

10:15 So [H3602] shall Bethel [H1008] do [H6213] unto you because [H6440] of your great [H7451] wickedness [H7451] : in a morning [H7837] shall the king [H4428] of Israel [H3478] utterly [H1820] be cut off [H1820] .(your: Heb. the evil of your evil)