KJV GEN46 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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46:1 And Israel [H3478] took his journey [H5265] with all that he had, and came [H935] to Beersheba [H884] , and offered [H2076] sacrifices [H2077] unto the God [H430] of his father [H1] Isaac [H3327] .

46:2 And God [H430] spake [H559] unto Israel [H3478] in the visions [H4759] of the night [H3915] , and said [H559] , Jacob [H3290] , Jacob [H3290] . And he said [H559] , Here [am] I.

46:3 And he said [H559] , I [am] God [H410] , the God [H430] of thy father [H1] : fear [H3372] not to go down [H3381] into Egypt [H4714] ; for I will there make [H7760] of thee a great [H1419] nation [H1471] :

46:4 I will go down [H3381] with thee into Egypt [H4714] ; and I will also surely [H5927] bring thee up [H5927] [again]: and Joseph [H3130] shall put [H7896] his hand [H3027] upon thine eyes [H5869] .

46:5 And Jacob [H3290] rose up [H6965] from Beersheba [H884] : and the sons [H1121] of Israel [H3478] carried [H5375] Jacob [H3290] their father [H1] , and their little ones [H2945] , and their wives [H802] , in the wagons [H5699] which Pharaoh [H6547] had sent [H7971] to carry [H5375] him.

46:6 And they took [H3947] their cattle [H4735] , and their goods [H7399] , which they had gotten [H7408] in the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] , and came [H935] into Egypt [H4714] , Jacob [H3290] , and all his seed [H2233] with him:

46:7 His sons [H1121] , and his sons' [H1121] sons [H1121] with him, his daughters [H1323] , and his sons' [H1121] daughters [H1323] , and all his seed [H2233] brought he [H935] with him into Egypt [H4714] .

46:8 And these [are] the names [H8034] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , which came [H935] into Egypt [H4714] , Jacob [H3290] and his sons [H1121] : Reuben [H7205] , Jacob's [H3290] firstborn [H1060] .

46:9 And the sons [H1121] of Reuben [H7205] ; Hanoch [H2585] , and Phallu [H6396] , and Hezron [H2696] , and Carmi [H3756] .

46:10 And the sons [H1121] of Simeon [H8095] ; Jemuel [H3223] , and Jamin [H3226] , and Ohad [H161] , and Jachin [H3199] , and Zohar [H6714] , and Shaul [H7586] the son [H1121] of a Canaanitish [H3669] woman.(Jemuel: or, Nemuel)(Jachin: or, Jarib)(Zohar: or, Zerah)

46:11 And the sons [H1121] of Levi [H3878] ; Gershon [H1648] , Kohath [H6955] , and Merari [H4847] .(Gershon: or, Gershom)

46:12 And the sons [H1121] of Judah [H3063] ; Er [H6147] , and Onan [H209] , and Shelah [H7956] , and Pharez [H6557] , and Zerah [H2226] : but Er [H6147] and Onan [H209] died [H4191] in the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] . And the sons [H1121] of Pharez [H6557] were Hezron [H2696] and Hamul [H2538] .

46:13 And the sons [H1121] of Issachar [H3485] ; Tola [H8439] , and Phuvah [H6312] , and Job [H3102] , and Shimron [H8110] .(Phuvah, and Job: or, Puah, and Jashub)

46:14 And the sons [H1121] of Zebulun [H2074] ; Sered [H5624] , and Elon [H356] , and Jahleel [H3177] .

46:15 These [be] the sons [H1121] of Leah [H3812] , which she bare [H3205] unto Jacob [H3290] in Padanaram [H6307] , with his daughter [H1323] Dinah [H1783] : all the souls [H5315] of his sons [H1121] and his daughters [H1323] [were] thirty [H7970] and three [H7969] .

46:16 And the sons [H1121] of Gad [H1410] ; Ziphion [H6837] , and Haggi [H2291] , Shuni [H7764] , and Ezbon [H675] , Eri [H6179] , and Arodi [H722] , and Areli [H692] .(Ziphion: or, Zephon)(Ezbon: or, Ozni)(Arodi: or, Arod)

46:17 And the sons [H1121] of Asher [H836] ; Jimnah [H3232] , and Ishuah [H3438] , and Isui [H3440] , and Beriah [H1283] , and Serah [H8294] their sister [H269] : and the sons [H1121] of Beriah [H1283] ; Heber [H2268] , and Malchiel [H4439] .

46:18 These [are] the sons [H1121] of Zilpah [H2153] , whom Laban [H3837] gave [H5414] to Leah [H3812] his daughter [H1323] , and these she bare [H3205] unto Jacob [H3290] , [even] sixteen [H6240] [H8337] souls [H5315] .

46:19 The sons [H1121] of Rachel [H7354] Jacob's [H3290] wife [H802] ; Joseph [H3130] , and Benjamin [H1144] .

46:20 And unto Joseph [H3130] in the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] were born [H3205] Manasseh [H4519] and Ephraim [H669] , which Asenath [H621] the daughter [H1323] of Potipherah [H6319] priest [H3548] of On [H204] bare [H3205] unto him.(priest: or, prince)

46:21 And the sons [H1121] of Benjamin [H1144] [were] Belah [H1106] , and Becher [H1071] , and Ashbel [H788] , Gera [H1617] , and Naaman [H5283] , Ehi [H278] , and Rosh [H7220] , Muppim [H4649] , and Huppim [H2650] , and Ard [H714] .(Ehi: or, Ahiram)(Muppim: or, Shupham or, Shuppim)(Huppim: or, Hupham)

46:22 These [are] the sons [H1121] of Rachel [H7354] , which were born [H3205] to Jacob [H3290] : all the souls [H5315] [were] fourteen [H702] [H6240] .

46:23 And the sons [H1121] of Dan [H1835] ; Hushim [H2366] .(Hushim: or, Shuham)

46:24 And the sons [H1121] of Naphtali [H5321] ; Jahzeel [H3183] , and Guni [H1476] , and Jezer [H3337] , and Shillem [H8006] .

46:25 These [are] the sons [H1121] of Bilhah [H1090] , which Laban [H3837] gave [H5414] unto Rachel [H7354] his daughter [H1323] , and she bare [H3205] these unto Jacob [H3290] : all the souls [H5315] [were] seven [H7651] .

46:26 All the souls [H5315] that came [H935] with Jacob [H3290] into Egypt [H4714] , which came out [H3318] of his loins [H3409] , besides Jacob's [H3290] sons' [H1121] wives [H802] , all the souls [H5315] [were] threescore [H8346] and six [H8337] ;(loins: Heb. thigh)

46:27 And the sons [H1121] of Joseph [H3130] , which were born [H3205] him in Egypt [H4714] , [were] two [H8147] souls [H5315] : all the souls [H5315] of the house [H1004] of Jacob [H3290] , which came [H935] into Egypt [H4714] , [were] threescore and ten [H7657] .

46:28 And he sent [H7971] Judah [H3063] before him [H6440] unto Joseph [H3130] , to direct [H3384] his face [H6440] unto Goshen [H1657] ; and they came [H935] into the land [H776] of Goshen [H1657] .

46:29 And Joseph [H3130] made ready [H631] his chariot [H4818] , and went up [H5927] to meet [H7125] Israel [H3478] his father [H1] , to Goshen [H1657] , and presented [H7200] himself unto him; and he fell [H5307] on his neck [H6677] , and wept [H1058] on his neck [H6677] a good while [H5750] .

46:30 And Israel [H3478] said [H559] unto Joseph [H3130] , Now [H6471] let me die [H4191] , since [H310] I have seen [H7200] thy face [H6440] , because thou [art] yet [H5750] alive [H2416] .

46:31 And Joseph [H3130] said [H559] unto his brethren [H251] , and unto his father's [H1] house [H1004] , I will go up [H5927] , and shew [H5046] Pharaoh [H6547] , and say [H559] unto him, My brethren [H251] , and my father's [H1] house [H1004] , which [were] in the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] , are come [H935] unto me;

46:32 And the men [H582] [are] shepherds [H7462] [H6629] , for their trade hath been to feed cattle [H4735] ; and they have brought [H935] their flocks [H6629] , and their herds [H1241] , and all that they have.(their trade: Heb. they are men of cattle)

46:33 And it shall come to pass, when Pharaoh [H6547] shall call [H7121] you, and shall say [H559] , What [is] your occupation [H4639] ?

46:34 That ye shall say [H559] , Thy servants' [H5650] trade [H582] hath been about cattle [H4735] from our youth [H5271] even until now, both we, [and] also our fathers [H1] : that ye may dwell [H3427] in the land [H776] of Goshen [H1657] ; for every shepherd [H7462] [H6629] [is] an abomination [H8441] unto the Egyptians [H4714] .