KJV GEN45 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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45:1 Then Joseph [H3130] could [H3201] not refrain [H662] himself before all them that stood [H5324] by him; and he cried [H7121] , Cause [H3318] every man [H376] to go out [H3318] from me. And there stood [H5975] no man [H376] with him, while Joseph [H3130] made himself known [H3045] unto his brethren [H251] .

45:2 And he wept [H6963] [H1065] aloud [H5414] : and the Egyptians [H4714] and the house [H1004] of Pharaoh [H6547] heard [H8085] [H8085] .(wept: Heb. gave forth his voice in weeping)

45:3 And Joseph [H3130] said [H559] unto his brethren [H251] , I [am] Joseph [H3130] ; doth my father [H1] yet live [H2416] ? And his brethren [H251] could [H3201] not answer [H6030] him; for they were troubled [H926] at his presence [H6440] .(troubled: or, terrified)

45:4 And Joseph [H3130] said [H559] unto his brethren [H251] , Come near [H5066] to me, I pray you. And they came near [H5066] . And he said [H559] , I [am] Joseph [H3130] your brother [H251] , whom ye sold [H4376] into Egypt [H4714] .

45:5 Now therefore be not grieved [H6087] , nor angry [H2734] with yourselves [H5869] , that ye sold [H4376] me hither: for God [H430] did send [H7971] me before you [H6440] to preserve life [H4241] .(nor: Heb. neither let there be anger in your eyes)

45:6 For these two years [H8141] [hath] the famine [H7458] [been] in [H7130] the land [H776] : and yet [there are] five [H2568] years [H8141] , in the which [there shall] neither [H369] [be] earing [H2758] nor harvest [H7105] .

45:7 And God [H430] sent [H7971] me before you [H6440] to preserve [H7760] you a posterity [H7611] in the earth [H776] , and to save your lives [H2421] by a great [H1419] deliverance [H6413] .(to preserve: Heb. to put for you a remnant)

45:8 So now [it was] not you [that] sent [H7971] me hither, but God [H430] : and he hath made [H7760] me a father [H1] to Pharaoh [H6547] , and lord [H113] of all his house [H1004] , and a ruler [H4910] throughout all the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] .

45:9 Haste [H4116] ye, and go up [H5927] to my father [H1] , and say [H559] unto him, Thus saith [H559] thy son [H1121] Joseph [H3130] , God [H430] hath made [H7760] me lord [H113] of all Egypt [H4714] : come down [H3381] unto me, tarry [H5975] not:

45:10 And thou shalt dwell [H3427] in the land [H776] of Goshen [H1657] , and thou shalt be near [H7138] unto me, thou, and thy children [H1121] , and thy children's [H1121] children [H1121] , and thy flocks [H6629] , and thy herds [H1241] , and all that thou hast:

45:11 And there will I nourish [H3557] thee; for yet [there are] five [H2568] years [H8141] of famine [H7458] ; lest thou, and thy household [H1004] , and all that thou hast, come to poverty [H3423] .

45:12 And, behold, your eyes [H5869] see [H7200] , and the eyes [H5869] of my brother [H251] Benjamin [H1144] , that [it is] my mouth [H6310] that speaketh [H1696] unto you.

45:13 And ye shall tell [H5046] my father [H1] of all my glory [H3519] in Egypt [H4714] , and of all that ye have seen [H7200] ; and ye shall haste [H4116] and bring down [H3381] my father [H1] hither.

45:14 And he fell [H5307] upon his brother [H251] Benjamin's [H1144] neck [H6677] , and wept [H1058] ; and Benjamin [H1144] wept [H1058] upon his neck [H6677] .

45:15 Moreover he kissed [H5401] all his brethren [H251] , and wept [H1058] upon them: and after [H310] that his brethren [H251] talked [H1696] with him.

45:16 And the fame [H6963] thereof was heard [H8085] in Pharaoh's [H6547] house [H1004] , saying [H559] , Joseph's [H3130] brethren [H251] are come [H935] : and it pleased [H3190] [H5869] Pharaoh [H6547] well [H3190] [H5869] , and [H5869] his servants [H5650] .(pleased: Heb. was good in the eyes of Pharaoh)

45:17 And Pharaoh [H6547] said [H559] unto Joseph [H3130] , Say [H559] unto thy brethren [H251] , This do [H6213] ye; lade [H2943] your beasts [H1165] , and go [H3212] , get [H935] you unto the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] ;

45:18 And take [H3947] your father [H1] and your households [H1004] , and come [H935] unto me: and I will give [H5414] you the good [H2898] of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] , and ye shall eat [H398] the fat [H2459] of the land [H776] .

45:19 Now thou art commanded [H6680] , this do [H6213] ye; take [H3947] you wagons [H5699] out of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] for your little ones [H2945] , and for your wives [H802] , and bring [H5375] your father [H1] , and come [H935] .

45:20 Also [H5869] regard [H2347] not your stuff [H3627] ; for the good [H2898] of all the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] [is] yours.(regard: Heb. let not your eye spare, etc.)

45:21 And the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] did [H6213] so: and Joseph [H3130] gave [H5414] them wagons [H5699] , according to the commandment [H6310] of Pharaoh [H6547] , and gave [H5414] them provision [H6720] for the way [H1870] .(commandment: Heb. mouth)

45:22 To all of them he gave [H5414] each man [H376] changes [H2487] of raiment [H8071] ; but to Benjamin [H1144] he gave [H5414] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] [pieces] of silver [H3701] , and five [H2568] changes [H2487] of raiment [H8071] .

45:23 And to his father [H1] he sent [H7971] after this [H2063] [manner]; ten [H6235] asses [H860] laden [H5375] with the good things [H2898] of Egypt [H4714] , and ten [H6235] she asses [H2543] laden [H5375] with corn [H1250] and bread [H3899] and meat [H4202] for his father [H1] by the way [H1870] .(laden: Heb. carrying)

45:24 So he sent [H7971] his brethren [H251] away [H7971] , and they departed [H3212] : and he said [H559] unto them, See that ye fall not out [H7264] by the way [H1870] .

45:25 And they went up [H5927] out of Egypt [H4714] , and came [H935] into the land [H776] of Canaan [H3667] unto Jacob [H3290] their father [H1] ,

45:26 And told [H5046] him, saying [H559] , Joseph [H3130] [is] yet alive [H2416] , and he [is] governor [H4910] over all the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] . And Jacob's heart [H3820] fainted [H6313] , for he believed [H539] them not.(Jacob's: Heb. his)

45:27 And they told [H1696] him all the words [H1697] of Joseph [H3130] , which he had said [H1696] unto them: and when he saw [H7200] the wagons [H5699] which Joseph [H3130] had sent [H7971] to carry [H5375] him, the spirit [H7307] of Jacob [H3290] their father [H1] revived [H2421] :

45:28 And Israel [H3478] said [H559] , [It is] enough [H7227] ; Joseph [H3130] my son [H1121] [is] yet alive [H2416] : I will go [H3212] and see him [H7200] before I die [H4191] .