KJV EZE13 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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13:1 And the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came unto me, saying [H559] ,

13:2 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , prophesy [H5012] against the prophets [H5030] of Israel [H3478] that prophesy [H5012] , and say [H559] thou unto them that prophesy [H5030] out of their own hearts [H3820] , Hear [H8085] ye the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] ;(that prophesy out: Heb. that are prophets out of their own hearts)

13:3 Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Woe [H1945] unto the foolish [H5036] prophets [H5030] , that follow [H1980] [H310] their own spirit [H7307] , and have seen [H7200] nothing!(follow: Heb. walk after)(and: or, and things which they have not seen)

13:4 O Israel [H3478] , thy prophets [H5030] are like the foxes [H7776] in the deserts [H2723] .

13:5 Ye have not gone up [H5927] into the gaps [H6556] , neither made up [H1443] the hedge [H1447] for the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] to stand [H5975] in the battle [H4421] in the day [H3117] of the LORD [H3068] .(gaps: or, breaches)(made: Heb. hedged the hedge)

13:6 They have seen [H2372] vanity [H7723] and lying [H3577] divination [H7081] , saying [H559] , The LORD [H3068] saith [H5002] : and the LORD [H3068] hath not sent [H7971] them: and they have made [others] to hope [H3176] that they would confirm [H6965] the word [H1697] .

13:7 Have ye not seen [H2372] a vain [H7723] vision [H4236] , and have ye not spoken [H1696] a lying [H3577] divination [H4738] , whereas ye say [H559] , The LORD [H3068] saith [H5002] [it]; albeit I have not spoken [H559] ?

13:8 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Because ye have spoken [H1696] vanity [H7723] , and seen [H2372] lies [H3577] , therefore, behold, I [am] against you, saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .

13:9 And mine hand [H3027] shall be upon the prophets [H5030] that see [H2374] vanity [H7723] , and that divine [H7080] lies [H3577] : they shall not be in the assembly [H5475] of my people [H5971] , neither shall they be written [H3789] in the writing [H3791] of the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , neither shall they enter [H935] into the land [H127] of Israel [H3478] ; and ye shall know [H3045] that I [am] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .(assembly: or, secret, or, counsel)

13:10 Because, even because they have seduced [H2937] my people [H5971] , saying [H559] , Peace [H7965] ; and [there was] no peace [H7965] ; and one built up [H1129] a wall [H2434] , and, lo [H2009] , others daubed [H2902] it with untempered [H8602] [morter]:(a wall: or, a slight wall)

13:11 Say [H559] unto them which daub [H2902] [it] with untempered [H8602] [morter], that it shall fall [H5307] : there shall be an overflowing [H7857] shower [H1653] ; and ye [H859] , O great hailstones [H417] [H68] , shall fall [H5307] ; and a stormy [H5591] wind [H7307] shall rend [H1234] [it].

13:12 Lo, when the wall [H7023] is fallen [H5307] , shall it not be said [H559] unto you, Where [is] the daubing [H2915] wherewith ye have daubed [H2902] [it]?

13:13 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; I will even rend [H1234] [it] with a stormy [H5591] wind [H7307] in my fury [H2534] ; and there shall be an overflowing [H7857] shower [H1653] in mine anger [H639] , and great hailstones [H417] [H68] in [my] fury [H2534] to consume [H3617] [it].

13:14 So will I break down [H2040] the wall [H7023] that ye have daubed [H2902] with untempered [H8602] [morter], and bring [H5060] it down to the ground [H776] , so that the foundation [H3247] thereof shall be discovered [H1540] , and it shall fall [H5307] , and ye shall be consumed [H3615] in the midst [H8432] thereof: and ye shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] .

13:15 Thus will I accomplish [H3615] my wrath [H2534] upon the wall [H7023] , and upon them that have daubed [H2902] it with untempered [H8602] [morter], and will say [H559] unto you, The wall [H7023] [is] no [more], neither they that daubed [H2902] it;

13:16 [To wit], the prophets [H5030] of Israel [H3478] which prophesy [H5012] concerning Jerusalem [H3389] , and which see [H2374] visions [H2377] of peace [H7965] for her, and [there is] no peace [H7965] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .

13:17 Likewise, thou son [H1121] of man [H120] , set [H7760] thy face [H6440] against the daughters [H1323] of thy people [H5971] , which prophesy [H5012] out of their own heart [H3820] ; and prophesy [H5012] thou against them,

13:18 And say [H559] , Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Woe [H1945] to the [women] that sew [H8609] pillows [H3704] to all armholes [H679] [H3027] , and make [H6213] kerchiefs [H4555] upon the head [H7218] of every stature [H6967] to hunt [H6679] souls [H5315] ! Will ye hunt [H6679] the souls [H5315] of my people [H5971] , and will ye save [H2421] the souls [H5315] alive [H2421] [that come] unto you?(armholes: or, elbows)

13:19 And will ye pollute [H2490] me among my people [H5971] for handfuls [H8168] of barley [H8184] and for pieces [H6595] of bread [H3899] , to slay [H4191] the souls [H5315] that should not die [H4191] , and to save [H2421] the souls [H5315] alive [H2421] that should not live [H2421] , by your lying [H3576] to my people [H5971] that hear [H8085] [your] lies [H3577] ?

13:20 Wherefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; Behold, I [am] against your pillows [H3704] , wherewith ye [H859] there hunt [H6679] the souls [H5315] to make [them] fly [H6524] , and I will tear [H7167] them from your arms [H2220] , and will let the souls [H5315] go [H7971] , [even] the souls [H5315] that ye hunt [H6679] to make [them] fly [H6524] .(to make: or, into gardens)

13:21 Your kerchiefs [H4555] also will I tear [H7167] , and deliver [H5337] my people [H5971] out of your hand [H3027] , and they shall be no more in your hand [H3027] to be hunted [H4686] ; and ye shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] .

13:22 Because with lies [H8267] ye have made the heart [H3820] of the righteous [H6662] sad [H3512] , whom I have not made sad [H3510] ; and strengthened [H2388] the hands [H3027] of the wicked [H7451] , that he should not return [H7725] from his wicked [H7563] way [H1870] , by promising him life [H2421] :(by: or, that I should save his life: Heb. by quickening him)

13:23 Therefore ye shall see [H2372] no more vanity [H7723] , nor divine [H7080] divinations [H7081] : for I will deliver [H5337] my people [H5971] out of your hand [H3027] : and ye shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] .