KJV EZE12 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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12:1 The word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] also came unto me, saying [H559] ,

12:2 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , thou dwellest [H3427] in the midst [H8432] of a rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] , which have eyes [H5869] to see [H7200] , and see [H7200] not; they have ears [H241] to hear [H8085] , and hear [H8085] not: for they [are] a rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] .

12:3 Therefore, thou son [H1121] of man [H120] , prepare [H6213] thee stuff [H3627] for removing [H1473] , and remove [H1540] by day [H3119] in their sight [H5869] ; and thou shalt remove [H1540] from thy place [H4725] to another [H312] place [H4725] in their sight [H5869] : it may be they will consider [H7200] , though they [be] a rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] .(stuff: or, instruments)

12:4 Then shalt thou bring forth [H3318] thy stuff [H3627] by day [H3119] in their sight [H5869] , as stuff [H3627] for removing [H1473] : and thou shalt go forth [H3318] at even [H6153] in their sight [H5869] , as they that go forth [H4161] into captivity [H1473] .(as they: Heb. as the goings forth of captivity)

12:5 Dig [H2864] thou through the wall [H7023] in their sight [H5869] , and carry out [H3318] thereby.(Dig: Heb. Dig for thee)

12:6 In their sight [H5869] shalt thou bear [H5375] [it] upon [thy] shoulders [H3802] , [and] carry [it] forth [H3318] in the twilight [H5939] : thou shalt cover [H3680] thy face [H6440] , that thou see [H7200] not the ground [H776] : for I have set [H5414] thee [for] a sign [H4159] unto the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] .

12:7 And I did [H6213] so as I was commanded [H6680] : I brought forth [H3318] my stuff [H3627] by day [H3119] , as stuff [H3627] for captivity [H1473] , and in the even [H6153] I digged [H2864] through the wall [H7023] with mine hand [H3027] ; I brought [it] forth [H3318] in the twilight [H5939] , [and] I bare [H5375] [it] upon [my] shoulder [H3802] in their sight [H5869] .(digged: Heb. digged for me)

12:8 And in the morning [H1242] came the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] unto me, saying [H559] ,

12:9 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , hath not the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , the rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] , said [H559] unto thee, What doest [H6213] thou?

12:10 Say [H559] thou unto them, Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; This burden [H4853] [concerneth] the prince [H5387] in Jerusalem [H3389] , and all the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] that [are] among [H8432] them.

12:11 Say [H559] , I [am] your sign [H4159] : like as I have done [H6213] , so shall it be done [H6213] unto them: they shall remove [H1473] [and] go [H3212] into captivity [H7628] .(they: Heb. by removing go into captivity)

12:12 And the prince [H5387] that [is] among [H8432] them shall bear [H5375] upon [his] shoulder [H3802] in the twilight [H5939] , and shall go forth [H3318] : they shall dig [H2864] through the wall [H7023] to carry out [H3318] thereby: he shall cover [H3680] his face [H6440] , that [H3282] he see [H7200] not the ground [H776] with [his] eyes [H5869] .

12:13 My net [H7568] also will I spread [H6566] upon him, and he shall be taken [H8610] in my snare [H4686] : and I will bring [H935] him to Babylon [H894] [to] the land [H776] of the Chaldeans [H3778] ; yet shall he not see [H7200] it, though he shall die [H4191] there.

12:14 And I will scatter [H2219] toward every wind [H7307] all that [are] about [H5439] him to help [H5828] him, and all his bands [H102] ; and I will draw out [H7324] the sword [H2719] after [H310] them.

12:15 And they shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] , when I shall scatter [H6327] them among the nations [H1471] , and disperse [H2219] them in the countries [H776] .

12:16 But I will leave [H3498] a few [H4557] men [H582] of them from the sword [H2719] , from the famine [H7458] , and from the pestilence [H1698] ; that they may declare [H5608] all their abominations [H8441] among the heathen [H1471] whither they come [H935] ; and they shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] .(a few: Heb. men of number)

12:17 Moreover the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came to me, saying [H559] ,

12:18 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , eat [H398] thy bread [H3899] with quaking [H7494] , and drink [H8354] thy water [H4325] with trembling [H7269] and with carefulness [H1674] ;

12:19 And say [H559] unto the people [H5971] of the land [H127] , Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] of the inhabitants [H3427] of Jerusalem [H3389] , [and] of the land [H776] of Israel [H3478] ; They shall eat [H398] their bread [H3899] with carefulness [H1674] , and drink [H8354] their water [H4325] with astonishment [H8078] , that her land [H776] may be desolate [H3456] from all that is therein [H4393] , because of the violence [H2555] of all them that dwell [H3427] therein.(all that: Heb. the fulness thereof)

12:20 And the cities [H5892] that are inhabited [H3427] shall be laid waste [H2717] , and the land [H776] shall be desolate [H8077] ; and ye shall know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] .

12:21 And the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came unto me, saying [H559] ,

12:22 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , what [is] that proverb [H4912] [that] ye have in the land [H127] of Israel [H3478] , saying [H559] , The days [H3117] are prolonged [H748] , and every vision [H2377] faileth [H6] ?

12:23 Tell [H559] them therefore, Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; I will make this proverb [H4912] to cease [H7673] , and they shall no more use it as a proverb [H4911] in Israel [H3478] ; but say [H1696] unto them, The days [H3117] are at hand [H7126] , and the effect [H1697] of every vision [H2377] .

12:24 For there shall be no more any vain [H7723] vision [H2377] nor flattering [H2509] divination [H4738] within [H8432] the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] .

12:25 For I [am] the LORD [H3068] : I will speak [H1696] , and the word [H1697] that I shall speak [H1696] shall come to pass [H6213] ; it shall be no more prolonged [H4900] : for in your days [H3117] , O rebellious [H4805] house [H1004] , will I say [H1696] the word [H1697] , and will perform [H6213] it, saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .

12:26 Again the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came to me, saying [H559] ,

12:27 Son [H1121] of man [H120] , behold, [they of] the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] say [H559] , The vision [H2377] that he seeth [H2372] [is] for many [H7227] days [H3117] [to come], and he prophesieth [H5012] of the times [H6256] [that are] far [H7350] off.

12:28 Therefore say [H559] unto them, Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] ; There shall none of my words [H1697] be prolonged [H4900] any more, but the word [H1697] which I have spoken [H1696] shall be done [H6213] , saith [H5002] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] .