KJV EPH6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 Children [G5043] , obey [G5219] your [G5216] parents [G1118] in [G1722] the Lord [G2962] : for [G1063] this [G5124] is [G2076] right [G1342] .

6:2 Honour [G5091] thy [G4675] father [G3962] and [G2532] mother [G3384] ; (which [G3748] is [G2076] the first [G4413] commandment [G1785] with [G1722] promise [G1860] ;)

6:3 That [G2443] it may be [G1096] well [G2095] with thee [G4671] , and [G2532] thou mayest [G2071] live long [G3118] on [G1909] the earth [G1093] .

6:4 And [G2532] , ye fathers [G3962] , provoke [G3949] not [G3361] your [G5216] children [G5043] to wrath [G3949] : but [G235] bring [G1625] them [G846] up [G1625] in [G1722] the nurture [G3809] and [G2532] admonition [G3559] of the Lord [G2962] .

6:5 Servants [G1401] , be obedient [G5219] to them that are [your] masters [G2962] according to [G2596] the flesh [G4561] , with [G3326] fear [G5401] and [G2532] trembling [G5156] , in [G1722] singleness [G572] of your [G5216] heart [G2588] , as [G5613] unto Christ [G5547] ;

6:6 Not [G3361] with [G2596] eyeservice [G3787] , as [G5613] menpleasers [G441] ; but [G235] as [G5613] the servants [G1401] of Christ [G5547] , doing [G4160] the will [G2307] of God [G2316] from [G1537] the heart [G5590] ;

6:7 With [G3326] good will [G2133] doing service [G1398] , as to the Lord [G2962] , and [G2532] not [G3756] to men [G444] :

6:8 Knowing [G1492] that [G3754] whatsoever [G3739] [G1437] [G5100] good thing [G18] any man [G1538] doeth [G4160] , the same [G5124] shall he receive [G2865] of [G3844] the Lord [G2962] , whether [G1535] [he be] bond [G1401] or [G1535] free [G1658] .

6:9 And [G2532] , ye masters [G2962] , do [G4160] the same things [G846] unto [G4314] them [G846] , forbearing [G447] threatening [G547] : knowing [G1492] that [G3754] your [G5216] [G846] Master [G2962] also [G2532] is [G2076] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] ; neither [G2532] [G3756] is there [G2076] respect of persons [G4382] with [G3844] him [G846] .(forbearing: or, moderating)(your: some read, both your and their Master)

6:10 Finally [G3063] , my [G3450] brethren [G80] , be strong [G1743] in [G1722] the Lord [G2962] , and [G2532] in [G1722] the power [G2904] of his [G846] might [G2479] .

6:11 Put on [G1746] the whole armour [G3833] of God [G2316] , that [G4314] ye [G5209] may be able [G1410] to stand [G2476] against [G4314] the wiles [G3180] of the devil [G1228] .

6:12 For [G3754] we [G2254] wrestle [G3823] not [G3756] against [G2076] [G4314] flesh [G4561] and [G2532] blood [G129] , but [G235] against [G4314] principalities [G746] , against [G4314] powers [G1849] , against [G4314] the rulers [G2888] of the darkness [G4655] of this [G5127] world [G165] , against [G4314] spiritual [G4152] wickedness [G4189] in [G1722] high [G2032] [places].(flesh: Gr. blood and flesh)(spiritual: or, wicked spirits)(high: or, heavenly)

6:13 Wherefore [G1223] [G5124] take unto you [G353] the whole armour [G3833] of God [G2316] , that [G2443] ye may be able [G1410] to withstand [G436] in [G1722] the evil [G4190] day [G2250] , and [G2532] having done [G2716] all [G537] , to stand [G2476] .(having: or, having overcome all)

6:14 Stand [G2476] therefore [G3767] , having [G4024] your [G5216] loins [G3751] girt about [G4024] with [G1722] truth [G225] , and [G2532] having on [G1746] the breastplate [G2382] of righteousness [G1343] ;

6:15 And [G2532] your feet [G4228] shod [G5265] with [G1722] the preparation [G2091] of the gospel [G2098] of peace [G1515] ;

6:16 Above [G1909] all [G3956] , taking [G353] the shield [G2375] of faith [G4102] , wherewith [G1722] [G3739] ye shall be able [G1410] to quench [G4570] all [G3956] the fiery [G4448] darts [G956] of the wicked [G4190] .

6:17 And [G2532] take [G1209] the helmet [G4030] of salvation [G4992] , and [G2532] the sword [G3162] of the Spirit [G4151] , which is [G3603] the word [G4487] of God [G2316] :

6:18 Praying [G4336] always [G1722] [G2540] [G3956] with [G1223] all [G3956] prayer [G4335] and [G2532] supplication [G1162] in [G1722] the Spirit [G4151] , and [G2532] watching [G69] thereunto [G1519] [G5124] [G846] with [G1722] all [G3956] perseverance [G4343] and [G2532] supplication [G1162] for [G4012] all [G3956] saints [G40] ;

6:19 And [G2532] for [G5228] me [G1700] , that [G2443] utterance [G3056] may be given [G1325] unto me [G3427] , that I may open [G1722] [G457] my [G3450] mouth [G4750] boldly [G1722] [G3954] , to make known [G1107] the mystery [G3466] of the gospel [G2098] ,

6:20 For [G5228] which [G3739] I am an ambassador [G4243] in [G1722] bonds [G254] : that [G2443] therein [G1722] [G846] I may speak boldly [G3955] , as [G5613] I [G3165] ought [G1163] to speak [G2980] .(in bonds: or, in a chain)(therein: or, thereof)

6:21 But [G1161] that [G2443] ye [G5210] also [G2532] may know [G1492] my [G1691] affairs [G2596] , [and] how [G5101] I do [G4238] , Tychicus [G5190] , a beloved [G27] brother [G80] and [G2532] faithful [G4103] minister [G1249] in [G1722] the Lord [G2962] , shall make known [G1107] to you [G5213] all things [G3956] :

6:22 Whom [G3739] I have sent [G3992] unto [G4314] you [G5209] for [G1519] the same [G846] purpose [G5124] , that [G2443] ye might know [G1097] our [G2257] affairs [G4012] , and [G2532] [that] he might comfort [G3870] your [G5216] hearts [G2588] .

6:23 Peace [G1515] [be] to the brethren [G80] , and [G2532] love [G26] with [G3326] faith [G4102] , from [G575] God [G2316] the Father [G3962] and [G2532] the Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] .

6:24 Grace [G5485] [be] with [G3326] all [G3956] them that love [G25] our [G2257] Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] in [G1722] sincerity [G861] . Amen [G281] . (in sincerity: or, with incorruption) {To [G4314] the Ephesians [G2180] written [G1125] from [G575] Rome [G4516] , by [G1223] Tychicus [G5190] .}