KJV EPH5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 Be [G1096] ye [G3402] therefore [G3767] followers [G3402] of God [G2316] , as [G5613] dear [G27] children [G5043] ;

5:2 And [G2532] walk [G4043] in [G1722] love [G26] , as [G2531] Christ [G5547] also [G2532] hath loved [G25] us [G2248] , and [G2532] hath given [G3860] himself [G1438] for [G5228] us [G2257] an offering [G4376] and [G2532] a sacrifice [G2378] to God [G2316] for [G1519] a sweetsmelling [G2175] savour [G3744] .

5:3 But [G2532] fornication [G4202] , and [G1161] all [G3956] uncleanness [G167] , or [G2228] covetousness [G4124] , let it [G3687] not be once [G3366] named [G3687] among [G1722] you [G5213] , as [G2531] becometh [G4241] saints [G40] ;

5:4 Neither [G2532] filthiness [G151] , nor [G2532] foolish talking [G3473] , nor [G2228] jesting [G2160] , which [G3588] are [G433] not [G3756] convenient [G433] : but [G235] rather [G3123] giving of thanks [G2169] .

5:5 For [G1063] this [G5124] ye know [G2075] [G1097] , that [G3754] no [G3756] [G3956] whoremonger [G4205] , nor [G2228] unclean person [G169] , nor [G2228] covetous man [G4123] , who [G3739] is [G2076] an idolater [G1496] , hath [G2192] any inheritance [G2817] in [G1722] the kingdom [G932] of Christ [G5547] and [G2532] of God [G2316] .

5:6 Let [G538] no man [G3367] deceive [G538] you [G5209] with vain [G2756] words [G3056] : for [G1063] because [G1223] of these things [G5023] cometh [G2064] the wrath [G3709] of God [G2316] upon [G1909] the children [G5207] of disobedience [G543] .(disobedience: or, unbelief)

5:7 Be [G1096] not [G3361] ye [G1096] therefore [G3767] partakers [G4830] with them [G846] .

5:8 For [G1063] ye were [G2258] sometimes [G4218] darkness [G4655] , but [G1161] now [G3568] [are ye] light [G5457] in [G1722] the Lord [G2962] : walk [G4043] as [G5613] children [G5043] of light [G5457] :

5:9 (For [G1063] the fruit [G2590] of the Spirit [G4151] [is] in [G1722] all [G3956] goodness [G19] and [G2532] righteousness [G1343] and [G2532] truth [G225] ;)

5:10 Proving [G1381] what [G5101] is [G2076] acceptable [G2101] unto the Lord [G2962] .

5:11 And [G2532] have [G4790] no [G3361] fellowship [G4790] with the unfruitful [G175] works [G2041] of darkness [G4655] , but [G1161] rather [G3123] [G2532] reprove [G1651] [them].

5:12 For [G1063] it is [G2076] a shame [G149] even [G2532] to speak [G3004] of those things [G2931] which are done [G1096] of [G5259] them [G846] in secret [G2931] .

5:13 But [G1161] all things [G3956] that are reproved [G1651] are made manifest [G5319] by [G5259] the light [G5457] : for [G1063] whatsoever [G3956] doth make manifest [G5319] is [G2076] light [G5457] .(reproved: or, discovered)

5:14 Wherefore [G1352] he saith [G3004] , Awake thou [G1453] that sleepest [G2518] , and [G2532] arise [G450] from [G1537] the dead [G3498] , and [G2532] Christ [G5547] shall give [G2017] thee [G4671] light [G2017] .(he: or, it)

5:15 See [G991] then [G3767] that [G4459] ye walk [G4043] circumspectly [G199] , not [G3361] as [G5613] fools [G781] , but [G235] as [G5613] wise [G4680] ,

5:16 Redeeming [G1805] the time [G2540] , because [G3754] the days [G2250] are [G1526] evil [G4190] .

5:17 Wherefore [G1223] [G5124] be ye [G1096] not [G3361] unwise [G878] , but [G235] understanding [G4920] what [G5101] the will [G2307] of the Lord [G2962] [is].

5:18 And [G2532] be [G3182] not [G3361] drunk [G3182] with wine [G3631] , wherein [G1722] [G3739] is [G2076] excess [G810] ; but [G235] be filled [G4137] with [G1722] the Spirit [G4151] ;

5:19 Speaking [G2980] to yourselves [G1438] in psalms [G5568] and [G2532] hymns [G5215] and [G2532] spiritual [G4152] songs [G5603] , singing [G103] and [G2532] making melody [G5567] in [G1722] your [G5216] heart [G2588] to the Lord [G2962] ;

5:20 Giving thanks [G2168] always [G3842] for [G5228] all things [G3956] unto God [G2316] and [G2532] the Father [G3962] in [G1722] the name [G3686] of our [G2257] Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] ;

5:21 Submitting yourselves [G5293] one to another [G240] in [G1722] the fear [G5401] of God [G2316] .

5:22 Wives [G1135] , submit yourselves [G5293] unto your own [G2398] husbands [G435] , as [G5613] unto the Lord [G2962] .

5:23 For [G3754] the husband [G435] is [G2076] the head [G2776] of the wife [G1135] , even [G2532] as [G5613] Christ [G5547] is the head [G2776] of the church [G1577] : and [G2532] he [G846] is [G2076] the saviour [G4990] of the body [G4983] .

5:24 Therefore [G235] as [G5618] the church [G1577] is subject [G5293] unto Christ [G5547] , so [G3779] [G2532] [let] the wives [G1135] [be] to their own [G2398] husbands [G435] in [G1722] every thing [G3956] .

5:25 Husbands [G435] , love [G25] your [G1438] wives [G1135] , even as [G2531] Christ [G5547] also [G2532] loved [G25] the church [G1577] , and [G2532] gave [G3860] himself [G1438] for [G5228] it [G846] ;

5:26 That [G2443] he [G846] might sanctify [G37] and cleanse it [G2511] with the washing [G3067] of water [G5204] by [G1722] the word [G4487] ,

5:27 That [G2443] he might present [G3936] it [G846] to himself [G1438] a glorious [G1741] church [G1577] , not [G3361] having [G2192] spot [G4696] , or [G2228] wrinkle [G4512] , or [G2228] any [G5100] such thing [G5108] ; but [G235] that [G2443] it should be [G5600] holy [G40] and [G2532] without blemish [G299] .

5:28 So [G3779] ought [G3784] men [G435] to love [G25] their [G1438] wives [G1135] as [G5613] their own [G1438] bodies [G4983] . He that loveth [G25] his [G1438] wife [G1135] loveth [G25] himself [G1438] .

5:29 For [G1063] no man [G3762] ever yet [G4218] hated [G3404] his own [G1438] flesh [G4561] ; but [G235] nourisheth [G1625] and [G2532] cherisheth [G2282] it [G846] , even as [G2531] [G2532] the Lord [G2962] the church [G1577] :

5:30 For [G3754] we are [G2070] members [G3196] of his [G846] body [G4983] , of [G1537] his [G846] flesh [G4561] , and [G2532] of [G1537] his [G846] bones [G3747] .

5:31 For [G473] this cause [G5127] shall [G2641] a man [G444] leave [G2641] his [G846] father [G3962] and [G2532] mother [G3384] , and [G2532] shall be joined [G4347] unto [G4314] his [G846] wife [G1135] , and [G2532] they two [G1417] shall be [G2071] one [G1519] [G3391] flesh [G4561] .

5:32 This [G5124] is [G2076] a great [G3173] mystery [G3466] : but [G1161] I [G1473] speak [G3004] concerning [G1519] Christ [G5547] and [G1519] [G2532] the church [G1577] .

5:33 Nevertheless [G4133] [G2532] let [G25] every one [G1520] [G1538] of you [G5210] in particular [G2596] so [G3779] love [G25] his [G1438] wife [G1135] even as [G5613] himself [G1438] ; and [G1161] the wife [G1135] [see] that [G2443] she reverence [G5399] [her] husband [G435] .