KJV DAN6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 It pleased [H6925] [H8232] Darius [H1868] to set [H6966] over [H5922] the kingdom [H4437] an hundred [H3969] and twenty [H6243] princes [H324] , which should be [H1934] over the whole [H3606] kingdom [H4437] ;

6:2 And over [H5924] these [H4481] three [H8532] presidents [H5632] ; of whom [H4481] Daniel [H1841] [was] first [H2298] : that [H459] the princes [H324] might [H1934] give [H3052] accounts [H2941] unto them, and the king [H4430] should have [H1934] no [H3809] damage [H5142] .

6:3 Then [H116] this [H1836] Daniel [H1841] was [H1934] preferred [H5330] above [H5922] the presidents [H5632] and princes [H324] , because [H3606] [H6903] an excellent [H3493] spirit [H7308] [was] in him; and the king [H4430] thought [H6246] to set [H6966] him over [H5922] the whole [H3606] realm [H4437] .

6:4 Then [H116] the presidents [H5632] and princes [H324] sought [H1934] [H1156] to find [H7912] occasion [H5931] against Daniel [H1841] concerning [H6655] the kingdom [H4437] ; but [H3606] they could [H3202] find [H7912] none [H3809] occasion [H5931] nor [H3809] fault [H7844] ; forasmuch [H6903] as he [was] faithful [H540] , neither [H3809] was there any [H3606] error [H7960] or fault [H7844] found [H7912] in him [H5922] .

6:5 Then [H116] said [H560] these [H479] men [H1400] , We shall not [H3809] find [H7912] any [H3606] occasion [H5931] against [H5922] this [H1836] Daniel [H1841] , except [H3861] we find [H7912] [it] against him concerning the law [H1882] of his God [H426] .

6:6 Then [H116] these [H459] presidents [H5632] and princes [H324] assembled together [H7284] to the king [H4430] , and said [H560] thus [H3652] unto him [H5922] , King [H4430] Darius [H1868] , live [H2418] for ever [H5957] .(assembled: or, came tumultuously)

6:7 All [H3606] the presidents [H5632] of the kingdom [H4437] , the governors [H5460] , and the princes [H324] , the counsellors [H1907] , and the captains [H6347] , have consulted together [H3272] to establish [H6966] a royal [H4430] statute [H7010] , and to make a firm [H8631] decree [H633] , that whosoever shall ask [H1156] a petition [H1159] of [H4481] any [H3606] God [H426] or man [H606] for [H5705] thirty [H8533] days [H3118] , save [H3861] of thee [H4481] , O king [H4430] , he shall be cast [H7412] into the den [H1358] of lions [H744] .(decree: or, interdict)

6:8 Now [H3705] , O king [H4430] , establish [H6966] the decree [H633] , and sign [H7560] the writing [H3792] , that it be not [H3809] changed [H8133] , according to the law [H1882] of the Medes [H4076] and Persians [H6540] , which altereth [H5709] not [H3809] .(altereth not: Cald. passeth not)

6:9 Wherefore [H3606] [H1836] [H6903] king [H4430] Darius [H1868] signed [H7560] the writing [H3792] and the decree [H633] .

6:10 Now when Daniel [H1841] knew [H3046] that the writing [H3792] was signed [H7560] , he went [H5954] into his house [H1005] ; and his windows [H3551] being open [H6606] in his chamber [H5952] toward [H5049] Jerusalem [H3390] , he kneeled [H1289] upon [H5922] his knees [H1291] three [H8532] times [H2166] a day [H3118] , and prayed [H6739] , and gave thanks [H3029] before [H6925] his God [H426] , as [H6903] [H3606] he did [H1934] [H5648] aforetime [H4481] [H1836] [H6928] .

6:11 Then [H116] these [H479] men [H1400] assembled [H7284] , and found [H7912] Daniel [H1841] praying [H1156] and making supplication [H2604] before [H6925] his God [H426] .

6:12 Then [H116] they came near [H7127] , and spake [H560] before [H6925] the king [H4430] concerning [H5922] the king's [H4430] decree [H633] ; Hast thou not [H3809] signed [H7560] a decree [H633] , that every [H3606] man [H606] that shall ask [H1156] [a petition] of [H4481] any [H3606] God [H426] or man [H606] within [H5705] thirty [H8533] days [H3118] , save [H3861] of thee [H4481] , O king [H4430] , shall be cast [H7412] into the den [H1358] of lions [H744] ? The king [H4430] answered [H6032] and said [H560] , The thing [H4406] [is] true [H3330] , according to the law [H1882] of the Medes [H4076] and Persians [H6540] , which altereth [H5709] not [H3809] .

6:13 Then [H116] answered [H6032] they and said [H560] before [H6925] the king [H4430] , That Daniel [H1841] , which [is] of [H4481] the children [H1123] of the captivity [H1547] of Judah [H3061] , regardeth [H7761] [H2942] not [H3809] thee [H5922] , O king [H4430] , nor the decree [H633] that thou hast signed [H7560] , but maketh [H1156] his petition [H1159] three [H8532] times [H2166] a day [H3118] .

6:14 Then [H116] the king [H4430] , when he heard [H8086] [these] words [H4406] , was sore [H7690] displeased [H888] with himself, and set [H7761] [his] heart [H1079] on [H5922] Daniel [H1841] to deliver [H7804] him: and he laboured [H1934] [H7712] till [H5705] the going down [H4606] of the sun [H8122] to deliver [H5338] him.

6:15 Then [H116] these [H479] men [H1400] assembled [H7284] unto [H5922] the king [H4430] , and said [H560] unto the king [H4430] , Know [H3046] , O king [H4430] , that the law [H1882] of the Medes [H4076] and Persians [H6540] [is], That no [H3606] decree [H633] nor statute [H7010] which the king [H4430] establisheth [H6966] may be changed [H8133] .

6:16 Then [H116] the king [H4430] commanded [H560] , and they brought [H858] Daniel [H1841] , and cast [H7412] [him] into the den [H1358] of lions [H744] . [Now] the king [H4430] spake [H6032] and said [H560] unto Daniel [H1841] , Thy God [H426] whom thou [H607] servest [H6399] continually [H8411] , he will deliver [H7804] thee.

6:17 And a [H2298] stone [H69] was brought [H858] , and laid [H7761] upon [H5922] the mouth [H6433] of the den [H1358] ; and the king [H4430] sealed [H2857] it with his own signet [H5824] , and with the signet [H5824] of his lords [H7261] ; that the purpose [H6640] might not [H3809] be changed [H8133] concerning Daniel [H1841] .

6:18 Then [H116] the king [H4430] went [H236] to his palace [H1965] , and passed the night [H956] fasting [H2908] : neither [H3809] were instruments [H1761] of musick brought [H5954] before [H6925] him: and his sleep [H8139] went [H5075] from him [H5922] .(instruments: or, table)

6:19 Then [H116] the king [H4430] arose [H6966] very early [H8238] in the morning [H5053] , and went [H236] in haste [H927] unto the den [H1358] of lions [H744] .

6:20 And when he came [H7127] to the den [H1358] , he cried [H2200] with a lamentable [H6088] voice [H7032] unto Daniel [H1841] : [and] the king [H4430] spake [H6032] and said [H560] to Daniel [H1841] , O Daniel [H1841] , servant [H5649] of the living [H2417] God [H426] , is thy God [H426] , whom thou servest [H6399] continually [H8411] , able [H3202] to deliver [H7804] thee from [H4481] the lions [H744] ?

6:21 Then [H116] said [H4449] Daniel [H1841] unto [H5974] the king [H4430] , O king [H4430] , live [H2418] for ever [H5957] .

6:22 My God [H426] hath sent [H7972] his angel [H4398] , and hath shut [H5463] the lions' [H744] mouths [H6433] , that they have not [H3809] hurt [H2255] me: forasmuch as [H3606] [H6903] before [H6925] him innocency [H2136] was found [H7912] in me; and also [H638] before [H6925] thee, O king [H4430] , have I done [H5648] no [H3809] hurt [H2248] .

6:23 Then [H116] was the king [H4430] exceeding [H7690] glad [H2868] for him [H5922] , and commanded [H560] that they should take [H5267] Daniel [H1841] up [H5267] out of [H4481] the den [H1358] . So Daniel [H1841] was taken up [H5267] out of [H4481] the den [H1358] , and no [H3809] manner [H3606] of hurt [H2257] was found [H7912] upon him, because he believed [H540] in his God [H426] .

6:24 And the king [H4430] commanded [H560] , and they brought [H858] those [H479] men [H1400] which had accused [H399] [H7170] Daniel [H1841] , and they cast [H7412] [them] into the den [H1358] of lions [H744] , them [H581] , their children [H1123] , and their wives [H5389] ; and the lions [H744] had the mastery [H5705] [H7981] of them, and brake [H1855] all [H3606] their bones [H1635] in pieces [H1855] or ever [H3809] they came [H4291] at the bottom [H773] of the den [H1358] .

6:25 Then [H116] king [H4430] Darius [H1868] wrote [H3790] unto all [H3606] people [H5972] , nations [H524] , and languages [H3961] , that dwell [H1753] in all [H3606] the earth [H772] ; Peace [H8001] be multiplied [H7680] unto you.

6:26 I [H4481] [H6925] make [H7761] a decree [H2942] , That in every [H3606] dominion [H7985] of my kingdom [H4437] men tremble [H1934] [H2112] and fear [H1763] before [H4481] [H6925] the God [H426] of Daniel [H1841] : for he [is] the living [H2417] God [H426] , and stedfast [H7011] for ever [H5957] , and his kingdom [H4437] [that] which shall not [H3809] be destroyed [H2255] , and his dominion [H7985] [shall be even] unto [H5705] the end [H5491] .

6:27 He delivereth [H7804] and rescueth [H5338] , and he worketh [H5648] signs [H852] and wonders [H8540] in heaven [H8065] and in earth [H772] , who hath delivered [H7804] Daniel [H1841] from [H4481] the power [H3028] of the lions [H744] .(power: Cald. hand)

6:28 So this [H1836] Daniel [H1841] prospered [H6744] in the reign [H4437] of Darius [H1868] , and in the reign [H4437] of Cyrus [H3567] the Persian [H6543] .