KJV DAN5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 Belshazzar [H1113] the king [H4430] made [H5648] a great [H7229] feast [H3900] to a thousand [H506] of his lords [H7261] , and drank [H8355] wine [H2562] before [H6903] the thousand [H506] .

5:2 Belshazzar [H1113] , whiles he tasted [H2942] the wine [H2562] , commanded [H560] to bring [H858] the golden [H1722] and silver [H3702] vessels [H3984] which his father [H2] Nebuchadnezzar [H5020] had taken [H5312] out of [H4481] the temple [H1965] which [was] in Jerusalem [H3390] ; that the king [H4430] , and his princes [H7261] , his wives [H7695] , and his concubines [H3904] , might drink [H8355] therein.(father: or, grandfather)(taken: Cald. brought forth)

5:3 Then [H116] they brought [H858] the golden [H1722] vessels [H3984] that were taken [H5312] out of [H4481] the temple [H1965] of the house [H1005] of God [H426] which [was] at Jerusalem [H3390] ; and the king [H4430] , and his princes [H7261] , his wives [H7695] , and his concubines [H3904] , drank [H8355] in them.

5:4 They drank [H8355] wine [H2562] , and praised [H7624] the gods [H426] of gold [H1722] , and of silver [H3702] , of brass [H5174] , of iron [H6523] , of wood [H636] , and of stone [H69] .

5:5 In the same hour [H8160] came forth [H5312] fingers [H677] of a man's [H606] hand [H3028] , and wrote [H3790] over against [H6903] the candlestick [H5043] upon [H5922] the plaister [H1528] of the wall [H3797] of the king's [H4430] palace [H1965] : and the king [H4430] saw [H2370] the part [H6447] of the hand [H3028] that wrote [H3790] .

5:6 Then [H116] the king's [H4430] countenance [H2122] was changed [H8133] , and his thoughts [H7476] troubled [H927] him, so that the joints [H7001] of his loins [H2783] were loosed [H8271] , and his knees [H755] smote [H5368] one [H1668] against another [H1668] .(countenance: Cald. brightnesses)(was changed: Cald. changed it)(joints: or, girdles: Cald. bindings, or, knots)

5:7 The king [H4430] cried [H7123] aloud [H2429] to bring [H5954] in the astrologers [H826] , the Chaldeans [H3779] , and the soothsayers [H1505] . [And] the king [H4430] spake [H6032] , and said [H560] to the wise [H2445] [men] of Babylon [H895] , Whosoever [H606] [H3606] shall read [H7123] this [H1836] writing [H3792] , and shew [H2324] me the interpretation [H6591] thereof, shall be clothed [H3848] with scarlet [H711] , and [have] a chain [H2002] of gold [H1722] about [H5922] his neck [H6676] , and shall be the third [H8523] ruler [H7981] in the kingdom [H4437] .(aloud: Cald. with might)(scarlet: or, purple)

5:8 Then [H116] came [H5954] in all [H3606] the king's [H4430] wise [H2445] [men]: but they could [H3546] not [H3809] read [H7123] the writing [H3792] , nor make known [H3046] to the king [H4430] the interpretation [H6591] thereof.

5:9 Then [H116] was king [H4430] Belshazzar [H1113] greatly [H7690] troubled [H927] , and his countenance [H2122] was changed [H8133] in him [H5922] , and his lords [H7261] were astonied [H7672] .(countenance: Cald. brightnesses)

5:10 [Now] the queen [H4433] , by reason [H6903] of the words [H4406] of the king [H4430] and his lords [H7261] , came [H5954] into the banquet [H4961] house [H1005] : [and] the queen [H4433] spake [H6032] and said [H560] , O king [H4430] , live [H2418] for ever [H5957] : let not [H409] thy thoughts [H7476] trouble [H927] thee, nor let thy countenance [H2122] be changed [H8133] :

5:11 There is [H383] a man [H1400] in thy kingdom [H4437] , in whom [is] the spirit [H7308] of the holy [H6922] gods [H426] ; and in the days [H3118] of thy father [H2] light [H5094] and understanding [H7924] and wisdom [H2452] , like the wisdom [H2452] of the gods [H426] , was found [H7912] in him; whom the king [H4430] Nebuchadnezzar [H5020] thy father [H2] , the king [H4430] , [I say], thy father [H2] , made [H6966] master [H7229] of the magicians [H2749] , astrologers [H826] , Chaldeans [H3779] , [and] soothsayers [H1505] ;(father: or, grandfather)

5:12 Forasmuch as [H6903] [H3606] an excellent [H3493] spirit [H7308] , and knowledge [H4486] , and understanding [H7924] , interpreting [H6590] of dreams [H2493] , and shewing [H263] of hard sentences [H280] , and dissolving [H8271] of doubts [H7001] , were found [H7912] in the same Daniel [H1841] , whom the king [H4430] named [H7761] [H8036] Belteshazzar [H1096] : now [H3705] let Daniel [H1841] be called [H7123] , and he will shew [H2324] the interpretation [H6591] .(interpreting: or, of an interpreter)(dissolving: or, of a dissolver)(doubts: Cald. knots)

5:13 Then [H116] was Daniel [H1841] brought in [H5954] before [H6925] the king [H4430] . [And] the king [H4430] spake [H6032] and said [H560] unto Daniel [H1841] , [Art] thou [H607] that Daniel [H1841] , which [art] of [H4481] the children [H1123] of the captivity [H1547] of Judah [H3061] , whom the king [H4430] my father [H2] brought [H858] out of [H4481] Jewry [H3061] ?(father: or, grandfather)

5:14 I have even heard [H8086] of thee, that the spirit [H7308] of the gods [H426] [is] in thee [H5922] , and [that] light [H5094] and understanding [H7924] and excellent [H3493] wisdom [H2452] is found [H7912] in thee.

5:15 And now [H3705] the wise [H2445] [men], the astrologers [H826] , have been brought [H5954] in before [H6925] me, that they should read [H7123] this [H1836] writing [H3792] , and make known [H3046] unto me the interpretation [H6591] thereof: but they could [H3546] not [H3809] shew [H2324] the interpretation [H6591] of the thing [H4406] :

5:16 And I [H576] have heard [H8086] of thee [H5922] , that thou canst [H3202] make [H6590] interpretations [H6591] , and dissolve [H8271] doubts [H7001] : now [H3705] if [H2006] thou canst [H3202] read [H7123] the writing [H3792] , and make known [H3046] to me the interpretation [H6591] thereof, thou shalt be clothed [H3848] with scarlet [H711] , and [have] a chain [H2002] of gold [H1722] about [H5922] thy neck [H6676] , and shalt be the third [H8531] ruler [H7981] in the kingdom [H4437] .(make interpretations: Cald. interpret, etc)

5:17 Then [H116] Daniel [H1841] answered [H6032] and said [H560] before [H6925] the king [H4430] , Let thy gifts [H4978] be [H1934] to thyself, and give [H3052] thy rewards [H5023] to another [H321] ; yet [H1297] I will read [H7123] the writing [H3792] unto the king [H4430] , and make known [H3046] to him the interpretation [H6591] .(rewards: or, fee)

5:18 O thou [H607] king [H4430] , the most high [H5943] God [H426] gave [H3052] Nebuchadnezzar [H5020] thy father [H2] a kingdom [H4437] , and majesty [H7238] , and glory [H3367] , and honour [H1923] :

5:19 And for [H4481] the majesty [H7238] that he gave [H3052] him, all [H3606] people [H5972] , nations [H524] , and languages [H3961] , trembled [H1934] [H2112] and feared [H1763] before [H4481] him [H6925] : whom he would [H1934] [H6634] he slew [H1934] [H6992] ; and whom he would [H1934] [H6634] he kept alive [H1934] [H2418] ; and whom he would [H1934] [H6634] he set up [H1934] [H7313] ; and whom he would [H1934] [H6634] he put down [H1934] [H8214] .

5:20 But when his heart [H3825] was lifted up [H7313] , and his mind [H7308] hardened [H8631] in pride [H2103] , he was deposed [H5182] from [H4481] his kingly [H4437] throne [H3764] , and they took [H5709] his glory [H3367] from him [H4481] :(in pride: or, to deal proudly)(deposed: Cald. made to come down)

5:21 And he was driven [H2957] from [H4481] the sons [H1123] of men [H606] ; and his heart [H3825] was made [H7739] like [H5974] the beasts [H2423] , and his dwelling [H4070] [was] with the wild asses [H6167] : they fed [H2939] him with grass [H6211] like oxen [H8450] , and his body [H1655] was wet [H6647] with the dew [H2920] of heaven [H8065] ; till [H5705] he knew [H3046] that the most high [H5943] God [H426] ruled [H7990] in the kingdom [H4437] of men [H606] , and [that] he appointeth [H6966] over [H5922] it whomsoever [H4479] he will [H6634] .(his heart: or, he made his heart equal, etc)

5:22 And thou [H607] his son [H1247] , O Belshazzar [H1113] , hast not [H3809] humbled [H8214] thine heart [H3825] , though [H6903] thou knewest [H3046] all [H3606] this [H1836] ;

5:23 But hast lifted up [H7313] thyself against [H5922] the Lord [H4756] of heaven [H8065] ; and they have brought [H858] the vessels [H3984] of his house [H1005] before [H6925] thee, and thou [H607] , and thy lords [H7261] , thy wives [H7695] , and thy concubines [H3904] , have drunk [H8355] wine [H2562] in them; and thou hast praised [H7624] the gods [H426] of silver [H3702] , and gold [H1722] , of brass [H5174] , iron [H6523] , wood [H636] , and stone [H69] , which see [H2370] not [H3809] , nor [H3809] hear [H8086] , nor [H3809] know [H3046] : and the God [H426] in whose hand [H3028] thy breath [H5396] [is], and whose [are] all [H3606] thy ways [H735] , hast thou not [H3809] glorified [H1922] :

5:24 Then [H116] was the part [H6447] of the hand [H3028] sent [H7972] from [H4481] him [H6925] ; and this [H1836] writing [H3792] was written [H7560] .

5:25 And this [H1836] [is] the writing [H3792] that was written [H7560] , MENE [H4484] , MENE [H4484] , TEKEL [H8625] , UPHARSIN [H6537] .

5:26 This [H1836] [is] the interpretation [H6591] of the thing [H4406] : MENE [H4484] ; God [H426] hath numbered [H4483] thy kingdom [H4437] , and finished [H8000] it.

5:27 TEKEL [H8625] ; Thou art weighed [H8625] in the balances [H3977] , and art found [H7912] wanting [H2627] .

5:28 PERES [H6537] ; Thy kingdom [H4437] is divided [H6537] , and given [H3052] to the Medes [H4076] and Persians [H6540] .

5:29 Then [H116] commanded [H560] Belshazzar [H1113] , and they clothed [H3848] Daniel [H1841] with scarlet [H711] , and [put] a chain [H2002] of gold [H1722] about [H5922] his neck [H6676] , and made a proclamation [H3745] concerning [H5922] him, that he should be [H1934] the third [H8531] ruler [H7990] in the kingdom [H4437] .

5:30 In that night [H3916] was Belshazzar [H1113] the king [H4430] of the Chaldeans [H3779] slain [H6992] .

5:31 And Darius [H1868] the Median [H4077] took [H6902] the kingdom [H4437] , [being] about threescore [H8361] and two [H8648] years [H8140] old [H1247] .(being: Cald. he as the son of, etc)(about: or, now)