KJV 2SAM21 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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21:1 Then there was a famine [H7458] in the days [H3117] of David [H1732] three [H7969] years [H8141] , year [H8141] after [H310] year [H8141] ; and David [H1732] enquired [H1245] of [H6440] the LORD [H3068] . And the LORD [H3068] answered [H559] , [It is] for Saul [H7586] , and for [his] bloody [H1818] house [H1004] , because he slew [H4191] the Gibeonites [H1393] .(enquired: Heb. sought the face, etc)

21:2 And the king [H4428] called [H7121] the Gibeonites [H1393] , and said [H559] unto them; (now the Gibeonites [H1393] [were] not of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] , but of the remnant [H3499] of the Amorites [H567] ; and the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] had sworn [H7650] unto them: and Saul [H7586] sought [H1245] to slay [H5221] them in his zeal [H7065] to the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] and Judah [H3063] .)

21:3 Wherefore David [H1732] said [H559] unto the Gibeonites [H1393] , What shall I do [H6213] for you? and wherewith shall I make the atonement [H3722] , that ye may bless [H1288] the inheritance [H5159] of the LORD [H3068] ?

21:4 And the Gibeonites [H1393] said [H559] unto him, We will have no silver [H3701] nor gold [H2091] of [H5973] Saul [H7586] , nor of his house [H1004] ; neither for us shalt thou kill [H4191] any man [H376] in Israel [H3478] . And he said [H559] , What ye shall say [H559] , [that] will I do [H6213] for you.(We will: or, It is not silver nor gold that we have to do with Saul or his house, neither pertains it to us to kill, etc)

21:5 And they answered [H559] the king [H4428] , The man [H376] that consumed [H3615] us, and that devised [H1819] against us [that] we should be destroyed [H8045] from remaining [H3320] in any of the coasts [H1366] of Israel [H3478] ,(devised: or, cut us off)

21:6 Let seven [H7651] men [H582] of his sons [H1121] be delivered [H5414] unto us, and we will hang them up [H3363] unto the LORD [H3068] in Gibeah [H1390] of Saul [H7586] , [whom] the LORD [H3068] did choose [H972] . And the king [H4428] said [H559] , I will give [H5414] [them].(whom: or, chosen of the LORD)

21:7 But the king [H4428] spared [H2550] Mephibosheth [H4648] , the son [H1121] of Jonathan [H3083] the son [H1121] of Saul [H7586] , because of the LORD'S [H3068] oath [H7621] that [was] between them, between David [H1732] and Jonathan [H3083] the son [H1121] of Saul [H7586] .

21:8 But the king [H4428] took [H3947] the two [H8147] sons [H1121] of Rizpah [H7532] the daughter [H1323] of Aiah [H345] , whom she bare [H3205] unto Saul [H7586] , Armoni [H764] and Mephibosheth [H4648] ; and the five [H2568] sons [H1121] of Michal [H4324] the daughter [H1323] of Saul [H7586] , whom she brought up [H3205] for Adriel [H5741] the son [H1121] of Barzillai [H1271] the Meholathite [H4259] :(Michal: or, Michal's sister)(brought: Heb. bare to Adriel)

21:9 And he delivered [H5414] them into the hands [H3027] of the Gibeonites [H1393] , and they hanged [H3363] them in the hill [H2022] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] : and they fell [H5307] [all] seven [H7651] [H7659] together [H3162] , and were put to death [H4191] in the days [H3117] of harvest [H7105] , in the first [H7223] [days], in the beginning [H8462] of barley [H8184] harvest [H7105] .

21:10 And Rizpah [H7532] the daughter [H1323] of Aiah [H345] took [H3947] sackcloth [H8242] , and spread [H5186] it for her upon the rock [H6697] , from the beginning [H8462] of harvest [H7105] until water [H4325] dropped [H5413] upon them out of heaven [H8064] , and suffered [H5414] neither the birds [H5775] of the air [H8064] to rest [H5117] on them by day [H3119] , nor the beasts [H2416] of the field [H7704] by night [H3915] .

21:11 And it was told [H5046] David [H1732] what Rizpah [H7532] the daughter [H1323] of Aiah [H345] , the concubine [H6370] of Saul [H7586] , had done [H6213] .

21:12 And David [H1732] went [H3212] and took [H3947] the bones [H6106] of Saul [H7586] and the bones [H6106] of Jonathan [H3083] his son [H1121] from the men [H1167] of Jabeshgilead [H3003] [H1568] , which had stolen [H1589] them from the street [H7339] of Bethshan [H1052] , where the Philistines [H6430] had hanged [H8511] [H8518] them, when [H3117] the Philistines [H6430] had slain [H5221] Saul [H7586] in Gilboa [H1533] :

21:13 And he brought up [H5927] from thence the bones [H6106] of Saul [H7586] and the bones [H6106] of Jonathan [H3083] his son [H1121] ; and they gathered [H622] the bones [H6106] of them that were hanged [H3363] .

21:14 And the bones [H6106] of Saul [H7586] and Jonathan [H3083] his son [H1121] buried [H6912] they in the country [H776] of Benjamin [H1144] in Zelah [H6762] , in the sepulchre [H6913] of Kish [H7027] his father [H1] : and they performed [H6213] all that the king [H4428] commanded [H6680] . And after [H310] that God [H430] was intreated [H6279] for the land [H776] .

21:15 Moreover the Philistines [H6430] had yet war [H4421] again with Israel [H3478] ; and David [H1732] went down [H3381] , and his servants [H5650] with him, and fought [H3898] against the Philistines [H6430] : and David [H1732] waxed faint [H5774] .

21:16 And Ishbibenob [H3430] , which [was] of the sons [H3211] of the giant [H7497] , the weight [H4948] of whose spear [H7013] [weighed] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] [shekels] of brass [H5178] in weight [H4948] , he being girded [H2296] with a new [H2319] [sword], thought [H559] to have slain [H5221] David [H1732] .(the giant: or, Rapha)(spear: Heb. the staff, or, the head)

21:17 But Abishai [H52] the son [H1121] of Zeruiah [H6870] succoured [H5826] him, and smote [H5221] the Philistine [H6430] , and killed [H4191] him. Then the men [H582] of David [H1732] sware [H7650] unto him, saying [H559] , Thou shalt go [H3318] no more out with us to battle [H4421] , that thou quench [H3518] not the light [H5216] of Israel [H3478] .(light: Heb. candle, or, lamp)

21:18 And it came to pass after this [H310] , that there was again a battle [H4421] with the Philistines [H6430] at Gob [H1359] : then Sibbechai [H5444] the Hushathite [H2843] slew [H5221] Saph [H5593] , which [was] of the sons [H3211] of the giant [H7497] .(the giant: or, Rapha)(Saph: or, Sippai)

21:19 And there was again a battle [H4421] in Gob [H1359] with the Philistines [H6430] , where Elhanan [H445] the son [H1121] of Jaareoregim [H3296] , a Bethlehemite [H1022] , slew [H5221] [the brother of] Goliath [H1555] the Gittite [H1663] , the staff [H6086] of whose spear [H2595] [was] like a weaver's [H707] beam [H4500] .(Jaareoregim: or, Jair)

21:20 And there was yet a battle [H4421] in Gath [H1661] , where was a man [H376] of stature [H4067] [H4055] , that had on every hand [H3027] six [H8337] fingers [H676] , and on every foot [H7272] six [H8337] toes [H676] , four [H702] and twenty [H6242] in number [H4557] ; and he also was born [H3205] to the giant [H7497] .(the giant: or, Rapha)

21:21 And when he defied [H2778] Israel [H3478] , Jonathan [H3083] the son [H1121] of Shimea [H8092] the brother [H251] of David [H1732] slew [H5221] him.(defied: or, reproached)

21:22 These four [H702] were born [H3205] to the giant [H7497] in Gath [H1661] , and fell [H5307] by the hand [H3027] of David [H1732] , and by the hand [H3027] of his servants [H5650] .