KJV 2SAM20 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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20:1 And there happened [H7122] to be there a man [H376] of Belial [H1100] , whose name [H8034] [was] Sheba [H7652] , the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] , a Benjamite [H1145] : and he blew [H8628] a trumpet [H7782] , and said [H559] , We have no part [H2506] in David [H1732] , neither have we inheritance [H5159] in the son [H1121] of Jesse [H3448] : every [H376] man [H376] to his tents [H168] , O Israel [H3478] .

20:2 So every man [H376] of Israel [H3478] went up [H5927] from after [H310] David [H1732] , [and] followed [H310] Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] : but the men [H376] of Judah [H3063] clave [H1692] unto their king [H4428] , from Jordan [H3383] even to Jerusalem [H3389] .

20:3 And David [H1732] came [H935] to his house [H1004] at Jerusalem [H3389] ; and the king [H4428] took [H3947] the ten [H6235] women [H802] [his] concubines [H6370] , whom he had left [H3240] to keep [H8104] the house [H1004] , and put [H5414] them in ward [H4931] , and fed [H3557] them, but went not in [H935] unto them. So they were shut up [H6887] unto the day [H3117] of their death [H4191] , living [H2424] in widowhood [H491] .(ward: Heb. an house of ward)(shut: Heb. bound)(living: Heb. in widowhood of life)

20:4 Then said [H559] the king [H4428] to Amasa [H6021] , Assemble [H2199] me the men [H376] of Judah [H3063] within three [H7969] days [H3117] , and be thou here present [H5975] .(Assemble: Heb. Call)

20:5 So Amasa [H6021] went [H3212] to assemble [H2199] [the men of] Judah [H3063] : but he tarried longer [H309] [H3186] than the set time [H4150] which he had appointed [H3259] him.(Assemble: Heb. Call)

20:6 And David [H1732] said [H559] to Abishai [H52] , Now shall Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] do us more harm [H3415] than [did] Absalom [H53] : take [H3947] thou thy lord's [H113] servants [H5650] , and pursue [H7291] after [H310] him, lest he get [H4672] him fenced [H1219] cities [H5892] , and escape [H5337] us [H5869] .(escape: Heb. deliver himself from our eyes)

20:7 And there went out [H3318] after [H310] him Joab's [H3097] men [H582] , and the Cherethites [H3774] , and the Pelethites [H6432] , and all the mighty men [H1368] : and they went out [H3318] of Jerusalem [H3389] , to pursue [H7291] after [H310] Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] .

20:8 When they [were] at the great [H1419] stone [H68] which [is] in Gibeon [H1391] , Amasa [H6021] went [H935] before [H6440] them. And Joab's [H3097] garment [H4055] that he had put on [H3830] was girded [H2296] unto him, and upon it a girdle [H2289] [with] a sword [H2719] fastened [H6775] upon his loins [H4975] in the sheath [H8593] thereof; and as he went forth [H3318] it fell out [H5307] .

20:9 And Joab [H3097] said [H559] to Amasa [H6021] , [Art] thou in health [H7965] , my brother [H251] ? And Joab [H3097] took [H270] Amasa [H6021] by the beard [H2206] with the right [H3225] hand [H3027] to kiss [H5401] him.

20:10 But Amasa [H6021] took no heed [H8104] to the sword [H2719] that [was] in Joab's [H3097] hand [H3027] : so he smote [H5221] him therewith in the fifth [H2570] [rib], and shed out [H8210] his bowels [H4578] to the ground [H776] , and struck him not again [H8138] ; and he died [H4191] . So Joab [H3097] and Abishai [H52] his brother [H251] pursued [H7291] after [H310] Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] .(struck: Heb. doubled not his stroke)

20:11 And one [H376] of Joab's [H3097] men [H5288] stood [H5975] by him, and said [H559] , He [H4310] that favoureth [H2654] Joab [H3097] , and he that [is] for David [H1732] , [let him go] after [H310] Joab [H3097] .

20:12 And Amasa [H6021] wallowed [H1556] in blood [H1818] in the midst [H8432] of the highway [H4546] . And when the man [H376] saw [H7200] that all the people [H5971] stood still [H5975] , he removed [H5437] Amasa [H6021] out of the highway [H4546] into the field [H7704] , and cast [H7993] a cloth [H899] upon him, when he saw [H7200] that every one that came [H935] by him stood still [H5975] .

20:13 When he was removed [H3014] out of the highway [H4546] , all the people [H376] went on [H5674] after [H310] Joab [H3097] , to pursue [H7291] after [H310] Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] .

20:14 And he went [H5674] through all the tribes [H7626] of Israel [H3478] unto Abel [H59] , and to Bethmaachah [H1038] , and all the Berites [H1276] : and they were gathered together [H6950] [H7035] , and went [H935] also after [H310] him.

20:15 And they came [H935] and besieged [H6696] him in Abel [H59] of Bethmaachah [H1038] , and they cast up [H8210] a bank [H5550] against the city [H5892] , and it stood [H5975] in the trench [H2426] : and all the people [H5971] that [were] with Joab [H3097] battered [H7843] the wall [H2346] , to throw it down [H5307] .(in the trench: or, against the outmost wall)(battered: Heb. marred to throw down)

20:16 Then cried [H7121] a wise [H2450] woman [H802] out of the city [H5892] , Hear [H8085] , hear [H8085] ; say [H559] , I pray you, unto Joab [H3097] , Come near [H7126] hither, that I may speak [H1696] with thee.

20:17 And when he was come near [H7126] unto her, the woman [H802] said [H559] , [Art] thou Joab [H3097] ? And he answered [H559] , I [am he]. Then she said [H559] unto him, Hear [H8085] the words [H1697] of thine handmaid [H519] . And he answered [H559] , I do hear [H8085] .

20:18 Then she spake [H559] , saying [H559] , They were wont [H1696] to speak [H1696] in old time [H7223] , saying [H559] , They shall surely [H7592] ask [H7592] [counsel] at Abel [H59] : and so they ended [H8552] [the matter].(They were: or, They plainly spake in the beginning, saying, Surely they will ask of Abel, and so make an end)

20:19 I [am one of them that are] peaceable [H7999] [and] faithful [H539] in Israel [H3478] : thou seekest [H1245] to destroy [H4191] a city [H5892] and a mother [H517] in Israel [H3478] : why wilt thou swallow up [H1104] the inheritance [H5159] of the LORD [H3068] ?

20:20 And Joab [H3097] answered [H6030] and said [H559] , Far be it [H2486] , far be it [H2486] from me, that I should swallow up [H1104] or destroy [H7843] .

20:21 The matter [H1697] [is] not so: but a man [H376] of mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] by name [H8034] , hath lifted up [H5375] his hand [H3027] against the king [H4428] , [even] against David [H1732] : deliver [H5414] him only, and I will depart [H3212] from the city [H5892] . And the woman [H802] said [H559] unto Joab [H3097] , Behold, his head [H7218] shall be thrown [H7993] to thee over [H1157] the wall [H2346] .(by name: Heb. by his name)

20:22 Then the woman [H802] went [H935] unto all the people [H5971] in her wisdom [H2451] . And they cut off [H3772] the head [H7218] of Sheba [H7652] the son [H1121] of Bichri [H1075] , and cast [H7993] [it] out to Joab [H3097] . And he blew [H8628] a trumpet [H7782] , and they retired [H6327] from the city [H5892] , every man [H376] to his tent [H168] . And Joab [H3097] returned [H7725] to Jerusalem [H3389] unto the king [H4428] .(retired: Heb. were scattered)

20:23 Now Joab [H3097] [was] over all the host [H6635] of Israel [H3478] : and Benaiah [H1141] the son [H1121] of Jehoiada [H3077] [was] over the Cherethites [H3774] [H3746] and over the Pelethites [H6432] :

20:24 And Adoram [H151] [was] over the tribute [H4522] : and Jehoshaphat [H3092] the son [H1121] of Ahilud [H286] [was] recorder [H2142] :(recorder: or, remembrancer)

20:25 And Sheva [H7864] [H7724] [was] scribe [H5608] : and Zadok [H6659] and Abiathar [H54] [were] the priests [H3548] :

20:26 And Ira [H5896] also the Jairite [H2972] was a chief ruler [H3548] about David [H1732] .(a chief: or, a prince)