KJV 2CHR3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 Then Solomon [H8010] began [H2490] to build [H1129] the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] at Jerusalem [H3389] in mount [H2022] Moriah [H4179] , where [the LORD] appeared [H7200] unto David [H1732] his father [H1] , in the place [H4725] that David [H1732] had prepared [H3559] in the threshingfloor [H1637] of Ornan [H771] the Jebusite [H2983] .(where: or, which was seen of David his father)

3:2 And he began [H2490] to build [H1129] in the second [H8145] [day] of the second [H8145] month [H2320] , in the fourth [H702] year [H8141] of his reign [H4438] .

3:3 Now these [are the things wherein] Solomon [H8010] was instructed [H3245] for the building [H1129] of the house [H1004] of God [H430] . The length [H753] by cubits [H520] after the first [H7223] measure [H4060] [was] threescore [H8346] cubits [H520] , and the breadth [H7341] twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] .(instructed: Heb. founded)

3:4 And the porch [H197] that [was] in the front [H6440] [of the house], the length [H753] [of it was] according to the breadth [H7341] of the house [H1004] , twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] , and the height [H1363] [was] an hundred [H3967] and twenty [H6242] : and he overlaid [H6823] it within [H6441] with pure [H2889] gold [H2091] .

3:5 And the greater [H1419] house [H1004] he cieled [H2645] with fir [H1265] tree [H6086] , which he overlaid [H2645] with fine [H2896] gold [H2091] , and set [H5927] thereon palm trees [H8561] and chains [H8333] .

3:6 And he garnished [H6823] the house [H1004] with precious [H3368] stones [H68] for beauty [H8597] : and the gold [H2091] [was] gold [H2091] of Parvaim [H6516] .(garnished: Heb. covered)

3:7 He overlaid [H2645] also the house [H1004] , the beams [H6982] , the posts [H5592] , and the walls [H7023] thereof, and the doors [H1817] thereof, with gold [H2091] ; and graved [H6605] cherubims [H3742] on the walls [H7023] .

3:8 And he made [H6213] the most [H6944] holy [H6944] house [H1004] , the length [H753] whereof [was] according to [H6440] the breadth [H7341] of the house [H1004] , twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] , and the breadth [H7341] thereof twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] : and he overlaid [H2645] it with fine [H2896] gold [H2091] , [amounting] to six [H8337] hundred [H3967] talents [H3603] .

3:9 And the weight [H4948] of the nails [H4548] [was] fifty [H2572] shekels [H8255] of gold [H2091] . And he overlaid [H2645] the upper chambers [H5944] with gold [H2091] .

3:10 And in the most [H6944] holy [H6944] house [H1004] he made [H6213] two [H8147] cherubims [H3742] of image [H6816] work [H4639] , and overlaid [H6823] them with gold [H2091] .(image: or, (as some think) of moveable work)

3:11 And the wings [H3671] of the cherubims [H3742] [were] twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] long [H753] : one [H259] wing [H3671] [of the one cherub was] five [H2568] cubits [H520] , reaching [H5060] to the wall [H7023] of the house [H1004] : and the other [H312] wing [H3671] [was likewise] five [H2568] cubits [H520] , reaching [H5060] to the wing [H3671] of the other [H312] cherub [H3742] .

3:12 And [one] wing [H3671] of the other [H259] cherub [H3742] [was] five [H2568] cubits [H520] , reaching [H5060] to the wall [H7023] of the house [H1004] : and the other [H312] wing [H3671] [was] five [H2568] cubits [H520] [also], joining [H1695] to the wing [H3671] of the other [H312] cherub [H3742] .

3:13 The wings [H3671] of these cherubims [H3742] spread themselves forth [H6566] twenty [H6242] cubits [H520] : and they stood [H5975] on their feet [H7272] , and their faces [H6440] [were] inward [H1004] .(inward: or, toward the house)

3:14 And he made [H6213] the vail [H6532] [of] blue [H8504] , and purple [H713] , and crimson [H3758] , and fine linen [H948] , and wrought [H5927] cherubims [H3742] thereon.(wrought: Heb. caused to ascend)

3:15 Also he made [H6213] before [H6440] the house [H1004] two [H8147] pillars [H5982] of thirty [H7970] and five [H2568] cubits [H520] high [H753] , and the chapiter [H6858] that [was] on the top [H7218] of each of them [was] five [H2568] cubits [H520] .(high: Heb. long)

3:16 And he made [H6213] chains [H8333] , [as] in the oracle [H1687] , and put [H5414] [them] on the heads [H7218] of the pillars [H5982] ; and made [H6213] an hundred [H3967] pomegranates [H7416] , and put [H5414] [them] on the chains [H8333] .

3:17 And he reared up [H6965] the pillars [H5982] before [H6440] the temple [H1964] , one [H259] on the right hand [H3225] , and the other [H259] on the left [H8040] ; and called [H7121] the name [H8034] of that on the right hand [H3233] [H3227] Jachin [H3199] , and the name [H8034] of that on the left [H8042] Boaz [H1162] .(Jachin: that is, He shall establish)(Boaz: that is, In it is strength)