KJV 2CHR2 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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2:1 And Solomon [H8010] determined [H559] to build [H1129] an house [H1004] for the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] , and an house [H1004] for his kingdom [H4438] .

2:2 And Solomon [H8010] told out [H5608] threescore and ten [H7657] thousand [H505] men [H376] to bear burdens [H5449] , and fourscore [H8084] thousand [H505] [H376] to hew [H2672] in the mountain [H2022] , and three [H7969] thousand [H505] and six [H8337] hundred [H3967] to oversee [H5329] them.

2:3 And Solomon [H8010] sent [H7971] to Huram [H2361] the king [H4428] of Tyre [H6865] , saying [H559] , As thou didst deal [H6213] with David [H1732] my father [H1] , and didst send [H7971] him cedars [H730] to build [H1129] him an house [H1004] to dwell [H3427] therein, [even so deal with me].(Huram: or, Hiram)

2:4 Behold, I build [H1129] an house [H1004] to the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] my God [H430] , to dedicate [H6942] [it] to him, [and] to burn [H6999] before [H6440] him sweet [H5561] incense [H7004] , and for the continual [H8548] shewbread [H4635] , and for the burnt offerings [H5930] morning [H1242] and evening [H6153] , on the sabbaths [H7676] , and on the new moons [H2320] , and on the solemn feasts [H4150] of the LORD [H3068] our God [H430] . This [is an ordinance] for ever [H5769] to Israel [H3478] .(sweet: Heb. incense of spices)

2:5 And the house [H1004] which I build [H1129] [is] great [H1419] : for great [H1419] [is] our God [H430] above all gods [H430] .

2:6 But who is able [H6113] [H3581] to build [H1129] him an house [H1004] , seeing the heaven [H8064] and heaven [H8064] of heavens [H8064] cannot contain [H3557] him? who [am] I then, that I should build [H1129] him an house [H1004] , save only [H518] to burn sacrifice [H6999] before [H6440] him?(is able: Heb. hath retained, or, obtained strength)

2:7 Send [H7971] me now therefore a man [H376] cunning [H2450] to work [H6213] in gold [H2091] , and in silver [H3701] , and in brass [H5178] , and in iron [H1270] , and in purple [H710] , and crimson [H3758] , and blue [H8504] , and that can skill [H3045] to grave [H6605] [H6603] with the cunning men [H2450] that [are] with me in Judah [H3063] and in Jerusalem [H3389] , whom David [H1732] my father [H1] did provide [H3559] .(to grave: Heb. to grave gravings)

2:8 Send [H7971] me also cedar [H730] trees [H6086] , fir trees [H1265] , and algum trees [H418] , out of Lebanon [H3844] : for I know [H3045] that thy servants [H5650] can skill [H3045] to cut [H3772] timber [H6086] in Lebanon [H3844] ; and, behold, my servants [H5650] [shall be] with thy servants [H5650] ,(algum: or, Almuggim, I.Kin.10.11.)

2:9 Even to prepare [H3559] me timber [H6086] in abundance [H7230] : for the house [H1004] which I am about to build [H1129] [shall be] wonderful [H6381] great [H1419] .(wonderful: Heb. great and wonderful)

2:10 And, behold, I will give [H5414] to thy servants [H5650] , the hewers [H2404] that cut [H3772] timber [H6086] , twenty [H6242] thousand [H505] measures [H3734] of beaten [H4347] wheat [H2406] , and twenty [H6242] thousand [H505] measures [H3734] of barley [H8184] , and twenty [H6242] thousand [H505] baths [H1324] of wine [H3196] , and twenty [H6242] thousand [H505] baths [H1324] of oil [H8081] .

2:11 Then Huram [H2361] the king [H4428] of Tyre [H6865] answered [H559] in writing [H3791] , which he sent [H7971] to Solomon [H8010] , Because the LORD [H3068] hath loved [H160] his people [H5971] , he hath made [H5414] thee king [H4428] over them.

2:12 Huram [H2361] said [H559] moreover, Blessed [H1288] [be] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , that made [H6213] heaven [H8064] and earth [H776] , who hath given [H5414] to David [H1732] the king [H4428] a wise [H2450] son [H1121] , endued [H3045] with prudence [H7922] and understanding [H998] , that might build [H1129] an house [H1004] for the LORD [H3068] , and an house [H1004] for his kingdom [H4438] .(endued: Heb. knowing prudence and understanding)

2:13 And now I have sent [H7971] a cunning [H2450] man [H376] , endued [H3045] with understanding [H998] , of Huram [H2361] my father's [H1] ,

2:14 The son [H1121] of a woman [H802] of the daughters [H1323] of Dan [H1835] , and his father [H1] [was] a man [H376] of Tyre [H6876] , skilful [H3045] to work [H6213] in gold [H2091] , and in silver [H3701] , in brass [H5178] , in iron [H1270] , in stone [H68] , and in timber [H6086] , in purple [H713] , in blue [H8504] , and in fine linen [H948] , and in crimson [H3758] ; also to grave [H6605] any manner of graving [H6603] , and to find out [H2803] every device [H4284] which shall be put [H5414] to him, with thy cunning men [H2450] , and with the cunning men [H2450] of my lord [H113] David [H1732] thy father [H1] .

2:15 Now therefore the wheat [H2406] , and the barley [H8184] , the oil [H8081] , and the wine [H3196] , which my lord [H113] hath spoken [H559] of, let him send [H7971] unto his servants [H5650] :

2:16 And we will cut [H3772] wood [H6086] out of Lebanon [H3844] , as much as thou shalt need [H6878] : and we will bring [H935] it to thee in floats [H7513] by sea [H3220] to Joppa [H3305] ; and thou shalt carry it up [H5927] to Jerusalem [H3389] .(as much: Heb according to all thy need)(Joppa: Heb. Japho)

2:17 And Solomon [H8010] numbered [H5608] all the strangers [H582] [H1616] that [were] in the land [H776] of Israel [H3478] , after [H310] the numbering [H5610] wherewith David [H1732] his father [H1] had numbered [H5608] them; and they were found [H4672] an hundred [H3967] and fifty [H2572] thousand [H505] and three [H7969] thousand [H505] and six [H8337] hundred [H3967] .(the strangers: Heb. the men the strangers)

2:18 And he set [H6213] threescore and ten [H7657] thousand [H505] of them [to be] bearers of burdens [H5449] , and fourscore [H8084] thousand [H505] [to be] hewers [H2672] in the mountain [H2022] , and three [H7969] thousand [H505] and six [H8337] hundred [H3967] overseers [H5329] to set [H5647] the people [H5971] a work [H5647] .