KJV 1PET5 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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5:1 The elders [G4245] which are among [G1722] you [G5213] I exhort [G3870] , who [G3588] am also an elder [G4850] , and [G2532] a witness [G3144] of the sufferings [G3804] of Christ [G5547] , and also [G2532] a partaker [G2844] of the glory [G1391] that shall [G3195] be revealed [G601] :

5:2 Feed [G4165] the flock [G4168] of God [G2316] which is among [G1722] you [G5213] , taking the oversight [G1983] [thereof], not [G3361] by constraint [G317] , but [G235] willingly [G1596] ; not [G3366] for filthy lucre [G147] , but [G235] of a ready mind [G4290] ;(which: or, as much as in you is)

5:3 Neither [G3366] as [G5613] being lords over [G2634] [God's] heritage [G2819] , but [G235] being [G1096] ensamples [G5179] to the flock [G4168] .(being lords over: or, overruling)

5:4 And [G2532] when the chief Shepherd [G750] shall appear [G5319] , ye shall receive [G2865] a crown [G4735] of glory [G1391] that fadeth not away [G262] .

5:5 Likewise [G3668] , ye younger [G3501] , submit yourselves [G5293] unto the elder [G4245] . Yea [G1161] , all [G3956] [of you] be subject [G5293] one to another [G240] , and be clothed [G1463] with humility [G5012] : for [G3754] God [G2316] resisteth [G498] the proud [G5244] , and [G1161] giveth [G1325] grace [G5485] to the humble [G5011] .

5:6 Humble yourselves [G5013] therefore [G3767] under [G5259] the mighty [G2900] hand [G5495] of God [G2316] , that [G2443] he may exalt [G5312] you [G5209] in [G1722] due time [G2540] :

5:7 Casting [G1977] all [G3956] your [G5216] care [G3308] upon [G1909] him [G846] ; for [G3754] he [G846] careth [G3199] for [G4012] you [G5216] .

5:8 Be sober [G3525] , be vigilant [G1127] ; because [G3754] your [G5216] adversary [G476] the devil [G1228] , as [G5613] a roaring [G5612] lion [G3023] , walketh about [G4043] , seeking [G2212] whom [G5101] he may devour [G2666] :

5:9 Whom [G3739] resist [G436] stedfast [G4731] in the faith [G4102] , knowing [G1492] that the same [G846] afflictions [G3804] are accomplished [G2005] in your [G5216] brethren [G81] that are in [G1722] the world [G2889] .

5:10 But [G1161] the God [G2316] of all [G3956] grace [G5485] , who [G3588] hath called [G2564] us [G2248] unto [G1519] his [G846] eternal [G166] glory [G1391] by [G1722] Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] , after that ye have suffered [G3958] a while [G3641] , [G846] make [G2675] you [G5209] perfect [G2675] , stablish [G4741] , strengthen [G4599] , settle [G2311] [you].

5:11 To him [G846] [be] glory [G1391] and [G2532] dominion [G2904] for [G1519] ever [G165] and ever [G165] . Amen [G281] .

5:12 By [G1223] Silvanus [G4610] , a faithful [G4103] brother [G80] unto you [G5213] , as [G5613] I suppose [G3049] , I have written [G1125] briefly [G1223] [G3641] , exhorting [G3870] , and [G2532] testifying [G1957] that this [G5026] is [G1511] the true [G227] grace [G5485] of God [G2316] wherein [G1519] [G3739] ye stand [G2476] .

5:13 The [church that is] at [G1722] Babylon [G897] , elected together with [G4899] [you], saluteth [G782] you [G5209] ; and [G2532] [so doth] Marcus [G3138] my [G3450] son [G5207] .

5:14 Greet ye [G782] one another [G240] with [G1722] a kiss [G5370] of charity [G26] . Peace [G1515] [be] with you [G5213] all [G3956] that are in [G1722] Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] . Amen [G281] .