KJV 1PET4 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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4:1 Forasmuch then as [G3767] Christ [G5547] hath suffered [G3958] for [G5228] us [G2257] in the flesh [G4561] , arm [G3695] yourselves [G5210] likewise [G2532] with the same [G846] mind [G1771] : for [G3754] he that hath suffered [G3958] in [G1722] the flesh [G4561] hath ceased [G3973] from sin [G266] ;

4:2 That [G1519] he [G980] no longer [G3371] should live [G980] the rest [G1954] of [his] time [G5550] in [G1722] the flesh [G4561] to the lusts [G1939] of men [G444] , but [G235] to the will [G2307] of God [G2316] .

4:3 For [G1063] the time [G5550] past [G3928] of [our] life [G979] may suffice [G713] us [G2254] to have wrought [G2716] the will [G2307] of the Gentiles [G1484] , when we walked [G4198] in [G1722] lasciviousness [G766] , lusts [G1939] , excess of wine [G3632] , revellings [G2970] , banquetings [G4224] , and [G2532] abominable [G111] idolatries [G1495] :

4:4 Wherein [G1722] [G3739] they think it strange [G3579] that ye [G5216] run [G4936] not [G3361] with [them] to [G1519] the same [G846] excess [G401] of riot [G810] , speaking evil of [G987] [you]:

4:5 Who [G3739] shall give [G591] account [G3056] to him that is [G2192] ready [G2093] to judge [G2919] the quick [G2198] and [G2532] the dead [G3498] .

4:6 For [G1063] for [G1519] this cause [G5124] was the gospel preached [G2097] also [G2532] to them that are dead [G3498] , that [G2443] they might be judged [G2919] [G3303] according to [G2596] men [G444] in the flesh [G4561] , but [G1161] live [G2198] according to [G2596] God [G2316] in the spirit [G4151] .

4:7 But [G1161] the end [G5056] of all things [G3956] is at hand [G1448] : be ye [G4993] therefore [G3767] sober [G4993] , and [G2532] watch [G3525] unto [G1519] prayer [G4335] .

4:8 And [G1161] above [G4253] all things [G3956] have [G2192] fervent [G1618] charity [G26] among [G1519] yourselves [G1438] : for [G3754] charity [G26] shall cover [G2572] the multitude [G4128] of sins [G266] .(shall: or, will)

4:9 Use hospitality [G5382] one to another [G1519] [G240] without [G427] grudging [G1112] .

4:10 As [G2531] every man [G1538] hath received [G2983] the gift [G5486] , [even so] minister [G1247] the same [G846] one to another [G1519] [G1438] , as [G5613] good [G2570] stewards [G3623] of the manifold [G4164] grace [G5485] of God [G2316] .

4:11 If any man [G1536] speak [G2980] , [let him speak] as [G5613] the oracles [G3051] of God [G2316] ; if any man [G1536] minister [G1247] , [let him do it] as [G5613] of [G1537] the ability [G2479] which [G3739] God [G2316] giveth [G5524] : that [G2443] God [G2316] in [G1722] all things [G3956] may be glorified [G1392] through [G1223] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] , to whom [G3739] be [G2076] praise [G1391] and [G2532] dominion [G2904] for [G1519] ever [G165] and ever [G165] . Amen [G281] .

4:12 Beloved [G27] , think it [G3579] not [G3361] strange [G3579] concerning the [G5213] fiery trial [G4451] which [G1722] is [G1096] to [G4314] try [G3986] you [G5213] , as [G5613] though some strange thing [G3581] happened [G4819] unto you [G5213] :

4:13 But [G235] rejoice [G5463] , inasmuch as [G2526] ye are partakers [G2841] of Christ's [G5547] sufferings [G3804] ; that [G2443] , when [G1722] his [G846] glory [G1391] shall be revealed [G602] , ye may be glad [G5463] also [G2532] with exceeding joy [G21] .

4:14 If [G1487] ye be reproached [G3679] for [G1722] the name [G3686] of Christ [G5547] , happy [G3107] [are ye]; for [G3754] the spirit [G4151] of glory [G1391] and [G2532] of God [G2316] resteth [G373] upon [G1909] you [G5209] : on [G2596] [G3303] their part [G846] he is evil spoken of [G987] , but [G1161] on [G2596] your part [G5209] he is glorified [G1392] .

4:15 But [G1063] let [G3958] none [G3361] [G5100] of you [G5216] suffer [G3958] as [G5613] a murderer [G5406] , or [G2228] [as] a thief [G2812] , or [G2228] [as] an evildoer [G2555] , or [G2228] as [G5613] a busybody in other men's matters [G244] .

4:16 Yet [G1161] if [G1487] [any man suffer] as [G5613] a Christian [G5546] , let him [G153] not [G3361] be ashamed [G153] ; but [G1161] let him glorify [G1392] God [G2316] on [G1722] this [G5129] behalf [G3313] .

4:17 For [G3754] the time [G2540] [is come] that judgment [G2917] must begin [G756] at [G575] the house [G3624] of God [G2316] : and [G1161] if [G1487] [it] first [G4412] [begin] at [G575] us [G2257] , what [G5101] shall the end [G5056] [be] of them that obey not [G544] the gospel [G2098] of God [G2316] ?

4:18 And [G2532] if [G1487] the righteous [G1342] scarcely [G3433] be saved [G4982] , where [G4226] shall [G5316] the ungodly [G765] and [G2532] the sinner [G268] appear [G5316] ?

4:19 Wherefore [G5620] [G2532] let [G3908] them that suffer [G3958] according to [G2596] the will [G2307] of God [G2316] commit the keeping [G3908] of their [G1438] souls [G5590] [to him] in [G1722] well doing [G16] , as [G5613] unto a faithful [G4103] Creator [G2939] .