KJV ZEC4 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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4:1 And the angel [H4397] that talked [H1696] with me came again [H7725] , and waked [H5782] me, as a man [H376] that is wakened [H5782] out of his sleep [H8142] ,

4:2 And said [H559] unto me, What seest [H7200] thou? And I said [H559] , I have looked [H7200] , and behold a candlestick [H4501] all [of] gold [H2091] , with a bowl [H1531] upon the top [H7218] of it, and his seven [H7651] lamps [H5216] thereon, and seven [H7651] pipes [H4166] to the seven [H7651] lamps [H5216] , which [are] upon the top [H7218] thereof:(a bowl: Heb. her bowl)(seven pipes: or, seven several pipes to the lamps)

4:3 And two [H8147] olive trees [H2132] by it, one [H259] upon the right [H3225] [side] of the bowl [H1543] , and the other [H259] upon the left [H8040] [side] thereof.

4:4 So I answered [H6030] and spake [H559] to the angel [H4397] that talked [H1696] with me, saying [H559] , What [are] these, my lord [H113] ?

4:5 Then the angel [H4397] that talked [H1696] with me answered [H6030] and said [H559] unto me, Knowest [H3045] thou not what these be? And I said [H559] , No, my lord [H113] .

4:6 Then he answered [H6030] and spake [H559] unto me, saying [H559] , This [is] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] unto Zerubbabel [H2216] , saying [H559] , Not by might [H2428] , nor by power [H3581] , but by my spirit [H7307] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] .(might: or, army)

4:7 Who [art] thou, O great [H1419] mountain [H2022] ? before [H6440] Zerubbabel [H2216] [thou shalt become] a plain [H4334] : and he shall bring forth [H3318] the headstone [H68] [H7222] [thereof with] shoutings [H8663] , [crying], Grace [H2580] , grace [H2580] unto it.

4:8 Moreover the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came unto me, saying [H559] ,

4:9 The hands [H3027] of Zerubbabel [H2216] have laid the foundation [H3245] of this house [H1004] ; his hands [H3027] shall also finish [H1214] it; and thou shalt know [H3045] that the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] hath sent [H7971] me unto you.

4:10 For who hath despised [H936] the day [H3117] of small things [H6996] ? for they shall rejoice [H8055] , and shall see [H7200] the plummet [H68] [H913] in the hand [H3027] of Zerubbabel [H2216] [with] those seven [H7651] ; they [are] the eyes [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] , which run to and fro [H7751] through the whole earth [H776] .(for they: or, since the seven eyes of the Lord shall rejoice)(plummet: Heb. stone of tin)

4:11 Then answered [H6030] I, and said [H559] unto him, What [are] these two [H8147] olive trees [H2132] upon the right [H3225] [side] of the candlestick [H4501] and upon the left [H8040] [side] thereof?

4:12 And I answered [H6030] again [H8145] , and said [H559] unto him, What [be these] two [H8147] olive [H2132] branches [H7641] which through [H3027] the two [H8147] golden [H2091] pipes [H6804] empty [H7324] the golden [H2091] [oil] out of themselves?(through: Heb. by the hand)(empty: or, empty out of themselves oil into the gold)(the golden oil: Heb. the gold)

4:13 And he answered [H559] me and said [H559] , Knowest [H3045] thou not what these [be]? And I said [H559] , No, my lord [H113] .

4:14 Then said [H559] he, These [are] the two [H8147] anointed [H3323] ones [H1121] , that stand [H5975] by the Lord [H113] of the whole earth [H776] .(anointed: Heb. sons of oil)