KJV TIT3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 Put [G5279] them [G846] in mind [G5279] to be subject [G5293] to principalities [G746] and [G2532] powers [G1849] , to obey magistrates [G3980] , to be [G1511] ready [G2092] to [G4314] every [G3956] good [G18] work [G2041] ,

3:2 To speak evil of [G987] no man [G3367] , to be [G1511] no brawlers [G269] , [but] gentle [G1933] , shewing [G1731] all [G3956] meekness [G4236] unto [G4314] all [G3956] men [G444] .

3:3 For [G1063] we ourselves [G2249] also [G2532] were [G2258] [G453] sometimes [G4218] foolish [G453] , disobedient [G545] , deceived [G4105] , serving [G1398] divers [G4164] lusts [G1939] and [G2532] pleasures [G2237] , living [G1236] in [G1722] malice [G2549] and [G2532] envy [G5355] , hateful [G4767] , [and] hating [G3404] one another [G240] .

3:4 But [G1161] after [G3753] that the kindness [G5544] and [G2532] love [G5363] of God [G2316] our [G2257] Saviour [G4990] toward man [G5363] appeared [G2014] ,(love: or, pity)

3:5 Not [G3756] by [G1537] works [G2041] of [G1722] righteousness [G1343] which [G3739] we [G2249] have done [G4160] , but [G235] according to [G2596] his [G846] mercy [G1656] he saved [G4982] us [G2248] , by [G1223] the washing [G3067] of regeneration [G3824] , and [G2532] renewing [G342] of the Holy [G40] Ghost [G4151] ;

3:6 Which [G3739] he shed [G1632] on [G1909] us [G2248] abundantly [G4146] through [G1223] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] our [G2257] Saviour [G4990] ;(abundantly: Gr. richly)

3:7 That [G2443] being justified by [G1344] his [G1565] grace [G5485] , we should be made [G1096] heirs [G2818] according to [G2596] the hope [G1680] of eternal [G166] life [G2222] .

3:8 [This is] a faithful [G4103] saying [G3056] , and [G2532] these things [G4012] [G5130] I will [G1014] that thou [G4571] affirm constantly [G1226] , that [G2443] they which have believed [G4100] in God [G2316] might be careful [G5431] to maintain [G4291] good [G2570] works [G2041] . These things [G5023] are [G2076] good [G2570] and [G2532] profitable unto men [G444] .

3:9 But [G1161] avoid [G4026] foolish [G3474] questions [G2214] , and [G2532] genealogies [G1076] , and [G2532] contentions [G2054] , and [G2532] strivings about [G3163] the law [G3544] ; for [G1063] they are [G1526] unprofitable [G512] and [G2532] vain [G3152] .

3:10 A man [G444] that is an heretick [G141] after [G3326] the first [G3391] and [G2532] second [G1208] admonition [G3559] reject [G3868] ;

3:11 Knowing [G1492] that [G3754] he that is such [G5108] is subverted [G1612] , and [G2532] sinneth [G264] , being [G5607] condemned of himself [G843] .

3:12 When [G3752] I shall send [G3992] Artemas [G734] unto [G4314] thee [G4571] , or [G2228] Tychicus [G5190] , be diligent [G4704] to come [G2064] unto [G4314] me [G3165] to [G1519] Nicopolis [G3533] : for [G1063] I have determined [G2919] there [G1563] to winter [G3914] .

3:13 Bring [G4311] Zenas [G2211] the lawyer [G3544] and [G2532] Apollos [G625] on their journey [G4311] diligently [G4709] , that [G2443] nothing [G3367] be wanting [G3007] unto them [G846] .

3:14 And [G1161] let [G3129] ours [G2251] also [G2532] learn [G3129] to maintain [G4291] good [G2570] works [G2041] for [G1519] necessary [G316] uses [G5532] , that [G3363] they be [G5600] not [G3363] unfruitful [G175] .(maintain: or, profess honest trades)

3:15 All [G3956] that are with [G3326] me [G1700] salute [G782] thee [G4571] . Greet [G782] them that love [G5368] us [G2248] in [G1722] the faith [G4102] . Grace [G5485] [be] with [G3326] you [G5216] all [G3956] . Amen [G281] . {It was written [G1125] to [G4314] Titus [G5103] , ordained [G5500] the first [G4413] bishop [G1985] of the church [G1577] of the Cretians [G2912] , from [G575] Nicopolis [G3533] of Macedonia [G3109] .}