KJV SON3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 By night [H3915] on my bed [H4904] I sought [H1245] him whom my soul [H5315] loveth [H157] : I sought [H1245] him, but I found [H4672] him not.

3:2 I will rise [H6965] now, and go about [H5437] the city [H5892] in the streets [H7784] , and in the broad ways [H7339] I will seek [H1245] him whom my soul [H5315] loveth [H157] : I sought [H1245] him, but I found [H4672] him not.

3:3 The watchmen [H8104] that go about [H5437] the city [H5892] found [H4672] me: [to whom I said], Saw [H7200] ye him whom my soul [H5315] loveth [H157] ?

3:4 [It was] but a little [H4592] that I passed [H5674] from them, but I found [H4672] him whom my soul [H5315] loveth [H157] : I held [H270] him, and would not let him go [H7503] , until I had brought [H935] him into my mother's [H517] house [H1004] , and into the chamber [H2315] of her that conceived [H2029] me.

3:5 I charge [H7650] you, O ye daughters [H1323] of Jerusalem [H3389] , by the roes [H6643] , and [H176] by the hinds [H355] of the field [H7704] , that ye stir not up [H5782] , nor awake [H5782] [my] love [H160] , till he please [H2654] .

3:6 Who [is] this that cometh [H5927] out of the wilderness [H4057] like pillars [H8490] of smoke [H6227] , perfumed [H6999] with myrrh [H4753] and frankincense [H3828] , with all powders [H81] of the merchant [H7402] ?

3:7 Behold his bed [H4296] , which [is] Solomon's [H8010] ; threescore [H8346] valiant [H1368] men [are] about [H5439] it, of the valiant [H1368] of Israel [H3478] .

3:8 They all hold [H270] swords [H2719] , [being] expert [H3925] in war [H4421] : every man [H376] [hath] his sword [H2719] upon his thigh [H3409] because of fear [H6343] in the night [H3915] .

3:9 King [H4428] Solomon [H8010] made [H6213] himself a chariot [H668] of the wood [H6086] of Lebanon [H3844] .(a chariot: or, a bed)

3:10 He made [H6213] the pillars [H5982] thereof [of] silver [H3701] , the bottom [H7507] thereof [of] gold [H2091] , the covering [H4817] of it [of] purple [H713] , the midst [H8432] thereof being paved [H7528] [with] love [H160] , for the daughters [H1323] of Jerusalem [H3389] .

3:11 Go forth [H3318] , O ye daughters [H1323] of Zion [H6726] , and behold [H7200] king [H4428] Solomon [H8010] with the crown [H5850] wherewith his mother [H517] crowned [H5849] him in the day [H3117] of his espousals [H2861] , and in the day [H3117] of the gladness [H8057] of his heart [H3820] .