KJV ROM14 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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14:1 Him that is weak [G770] in the faith [G4102] receive ye [G4355] , [but] [G1161] not [G3361] to [G1519] doubtful [G1261] disputations [G1253] .(not: or, not to judge his doubtful thoughts)

14:2 For [G3303] one [G3739] believeth [G4100] that he may eat [G5315] all things [G3956] : another [G1161] , who is weak [G770] , eateth [G2068] herbs [G3001] .

14:3 Let [G1848] not [G3361] him that eateth [G2068] despise [G1848] him that eateth [G2068] not [G3361] ; and [G2532] let [G2068] not [G3361] him which eateth [G2068] not [G3361] judge [G2919] him that eateth [G2068] : for [G1063] God [G2316] hath received [G4355] him [G846] .

14:4 Who [G5101] art [G1488] thou [G4771] that judgest [G2919] another man's [G245] servant [G3610] ? to his own [G2398] master [G2962] he standeth [G4739] or [G2228] falleth [G4098] . Yea [G1161] , he shall be holden up [G2476] : for [G1063] God [G2316] is [G2076] able [G1415] to make [G2476] him [G846] stand [G2476] .

14:5 One [G3303] man [G3739] esteemeth [G2919] one day [G2250] above [G3844] another [G2250] : [G1161] another [G3739] esteemeth [G2919] every [G3956] day [G2250] [alike]. Let [G4135] every man [G1538] be fully persuaded [G4135] in [G1722] his own [G2398] mind [G3563] .(fully persuaded: or, fully assured)

14:6 He that regardeth [G5426] the day [G2250] , regardeth [G5426] [it] unto the Lord [G2962] ; and [G2532] he that regardeth [G5426] not [G3361] the day [G2250] , to the Lord [G2962] he doth [G5426] not [G3756] regard [G5426] [it]. He that eateth [G2068] , eateth [G2068] to the Lord [G2962] , for [G1063] he giveth God [G2316] thanks [G2168] ; and [G2532] he that eateth [G2068] not [G3361] , to the Lord [G2962] he eateth [G2068] not [G3756] , and [G2532] giveth God [G2316] thanks [G2168] .(regardeth: or, observeth)

14:7 For [G1063] none [G3762] of us [G2257] liveth [G2198] to himself [G1438] , and [G2532] no man [G3762] dieth [G599] to himself [G1438] .

14:8 For [G1063] whether [G1437] [G5037] we live [G2198] , we live [G2198] unto the Lord [G2962] ; and whether [G1437] [G5037] we die [G599] , we die [G599] unto the Lord [G2962] : whether [G1437] [G5037] we live [G2198] therefore [G3767] , or [G1437] [G5037] die [G599] , we are [G2070] the Lord's [G2962] .

14:9 For [G1063] to [G1519] this [G5124] end Christ [G5547] both [G2532] died [G599] , and [G2532] rose [G450] , and [G2532] revived [G326] , that [G2443] he might be Lord [G2961] both [G2532] of the dead [G3498] and [G2532] living [G2198] .

14:10 But [G1161] why [G5101] dost [G2919] thou [G4771] judge [G2919] thy [G4675] brother [G80] ? or [G2228] [G2532] why [G5101] dost [G1848] thou [G4771] set at nought [G1848] thy [G4675] brother [G80] ? for [G1063] we shall [G3936] all [G3956] stand before [G3936] the judgment seat [G968] of Christ [G5547] .

14:11 For [G1063] it is written [G1125] , [As] I [G1473] live [G2198] , saith [G3004] the Lord [G2962] , [G3754] every [G3956] knee [G1119] shall bow [G2578] to me [G1698] , and [G2532] every [G3956] tongue [G1100] shall confess [G1843] to God [G2316] .

14:12 So [G3767] then [G686] every one [G1538] of us [G2257] shall give [G1325] account [G3056] of [G4012] himself [G1438] to God [G2316] .

14:13 Let us [G2919] not therefore [G3767] judge [G2919] one another [G240] any more [G3371] : but [G235] judge [G2919] this [G5124] rather [G3123] , that no man [G3361] put [G5087] a stumblingblock [G4348] or [G2228] an occasion to fall [G4625] in [his] brother's way [G80] .

14:14 I know [G1492] , and [G2532] am persuaded [G3982] by [G1722] the Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] , that [G3754] [there is] nothing [G3762] unclean [G2839] of [G1223] itself [G1438] : but [G1508] to him that esteemeth [G3049] any thing [G5100] to be [G1511] unclean [G2839] , to him [G1565] [it is] unclean [G2839] .(unclean: Gr. common)

14:15 But [G1161] if [G1487] thy [G4675] brother [G80] be grieved [G3076] with [G1223] [thy] meat [G1033] , now [G3765] walkest thou [G4043] not [G3765] charitably [G26] [G2596] . Destroy [G622] not [G3361] him [G1565] with thy [G4675] meat [G1033] , for [G5228] whom [G3739] Christ [G5547] died [G599] .(charitably: Gr. according to charity)

14:16 Let [G987] not [G3361] then [G3767] your [G5216] good [G18] be evil spoken of [G987] :

14:17 For [G1063] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] is [G2076] not [G3756] meat [G1035] and [G2532] drink [G4213] ; but [G235] righteousness [G1343] , and [G2532] peace [G1515] , and [G2532] joy [G5479] in [G1722] the Holy [G40] Ghost [G4151] .

14:18 For [G1063] he that in [G1722] these things [G5125] serveth [G1398] Christ [G5547] [is] acceptable [G2101] to God [G2316] , and [G2532] approved [G1384] of men [G444] .

14:19 Let us [G1377] therefore [G686] [G3767] follow after [G1377] the things which make for [G3588] peace [G1515] , and [G2532] things wherewith [G1519] one [G240] may edify [G3619] another [G240] .

14:20 For [G1752] meat [G1033] destroy [G2647] not [G3361] the work [G2041] of God [G2316] . All things [G3956] indeed [G3303] [are] pure [G2513] ; but [G235] [it is] evil [G2556] for that man [G444] who eateth [G2068] with [G1223] offence [G4348] .

14:21 [It is] good [G2570] neither [G3361] to eat [G5315] flesh [G2907] , nor [G3366] to drink [G4095] wine [G3631] , nor [G3366] [any thing] whereby [G1722] [G3739] thy [G4675] brother [G80] stumbleth [G4350] , or [G2228] is offended [G4624] , or [G2228] is made weak [G770] .

14:22 Hast [G2192] thou [G4771] faith [G4102] ? have [G2192] [it] to [G2596] thyself [G4572] before [G1799] God [G2316] . Happy [G3107] [is] he that condemneth [G2919] not [G3361] himself [G1438] in [G1722] that thing which [G3739] he alloweth [G1381] .

14:23 And [G1161] he that doubteth [G1252] is damned [G2632] if [G1437] he eat [G5315] , because [G3754] [he eateth] not [G3756] of [G1537] faith [G4102] : for [G1161] whatsoever [G3739] [G3956] [is] not [G3756] of [G1537] faith [G4102] is [G2076] sin [G266] .(doubteth: or, discerneth and putteth a difference between meats)(damned: or, condemned, or liable to punishment)