KJV ROM12 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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12:1 I beseech [G3870] you [G5209] therefore [G3767] , brethren [G80] , by [G1223] the mercies [G3628] of God [G2316] , that ye present [G3936] your [G5216] bodies [G4983] a living [G2198] sacrifice [G2378] , holy [G40] , acceptable [G2101] unto God [G2316] , [which is] your [G5216] reasonable [G3050] service [G2999] .

12:2 And [G2532] be [G4964] not [G3361] conformed [G4964] to this [G5129] world [G165] : but [G235] be ye transformed [G3339] by the renewing [G342] of your [G5216] mind [G3563] , that [G1519] ye [G5209] may prove [G1381] what [G5101] [is] that good [G18] , and [G2532] acceptable [G2101] , and [G2532] perfect [G5046] , will [G2307] of God [G2316] .

12:3 For [G1063] I say [G3004] , through [G1223] the grace [G5485] given [G1325] unto me [G3427] , to every man [G3956] that is [G5607] among [G1722] you [G5213] , not [G3361] to think [of himself] more [G3844] highly [G5252] than [G3739] he ought [G1163] to think [G5426] ; but [G235] to think [G5426] soberly [G1519] [G4993] , according as [G5613] God [G2316] hath dealt [G3307] to every man [G1538] the measure [G3358] of faith [G4102] .(soberly: Gr. to sobriety)

12:4 For [G1063] as [G2509] we have [G2192] many [G4183] members [G3196] in [G1722] one [G1520] body [G4983] , and [G1161] all [G3956] members [G3196] have [G2192] not [G3756] the same [G846] office [G4234] :

12:5 So [G3779] we [G2070] , [being] many [G4183] , are [G2070] one [G1520] body [G4983] in [G1722] Christ [G5547] , and [G1161] every [G2596] one [G1520] members [G3196] one of another [G240] .

12:6 Having [G2192] then [G1161] gifts [G5486] differing [G1313] according [G2596] to the grace [G5485] that is given [G1325] to us [G2254] , whether [G1535] prophecy [G4394] , [let us prophesy] according [G2596] to the proportion [G356] of faith [G4102] ;

12:7 Or [G1535] ministry [G1248] , [let us wait] on [G1722] [our] ministering [G1248] : or [G1535] he that teacheth [G1321] , on [G1722] teaching [G1319] ;

12:8 Or [G1535] he that exhorteth [G3870] , on [G1722] exhortation [G3874] : he that giveth [G3330] , [let him do it] with [G1722] simplicity [G572] ; he that ruleth [G4291] , with [G1722] diligence [G4710] ; he that sheweth mercy [G1653] , with [G1722] cheerfulness [G2432] .(giveth: or, imparteth)(with simplicity: or, liberally)

12:9 [Let] love [G26] be without dissimulation [G505] . Abhor [G655] that which is evil [G4190] ; cleave [G2853] to that which is good [G18] .

12:10 [Be] kindly affectioned [G5387] one to another [G1519] [G240] with brotherly love [G5360] ; in honour [G5092] preferring [G4285] one another [G240] ;(with: or, in the love of the brethren)

12:11 Not [G3361] slothful [G3636] in business [G4710] ; fervent [G2204] in spirit [G4151] ; serving [G1398] the Lord [G2962] ;

12:12 Rejoicing [G5463] in hope [G1680] ; patient [G5278] in tribulation [G2347] ; continuing instant [G4342] in prayer [G4335] ;

12:13 Distributing [G2841] to the necessity [G5532] of saints [G40] ; given [G1377] to hospitality [G5381] .

12:14 Bless [G2127] them which persecute [G1377] you [G5209] : bless [G2127] , and [G2532] curse [G2672] not [G3361] .

12:15 Rejoice [G5463] with [G3326] them that do rejoice [G5463] , and [G2532] weep [G2799] with [G3326] them that weep [G2799] .

12:16 [Be] of the same [G846] mind [G5426] one toward another [G1519] [G240] . Mind [G5426] not [G3361] high things [G5308] , but [G235] condescend [G4879] to men of low estate [G5011] . Be [G1096] not [G3361] wise [G5429] in [G3844] your own conceits [G1438] .(condescend: or, be contented with mean things)

12:17 Recompense [G591] to no man [G3367] evil [G2556] for [G473] evil [G2556] . Provide [G4306] things honest [G2570] in the sight [G1799] of all [G3956] men [G444] .

12:18 If [G1487] it be possible [G1415] , as much as lieth in [G1537] you [G5216] , live peaceably [G1514] with [G3326] all [G3956] men [G444] .

12:19 Dearly beloved [G27] , avenge [G1556] not [G3361] yourselves [G1438] , but [G235] [rather] give [G1325] place [G5117] unto wrath [G3709] : for [G1063] it is written [G1125] , Vengeance [G1557] [is] mine [G1698] ; I [G1473] will repay [G467] , saith [G3004] the Lord [G2962] .

12:20 Therefore [G3767] if [G1437] thine [G4675] enemy [G2190] hunger [G3983] , feed [G5595] him [G846] ; if [G1437] he thirst [G1372] , give [G4222] him [G846] drink [G4222] : for [G1063] in so [G5124] doing [G4160] thou shalt heap [G4987] coals [G440] of fire [G4442] on [G1909] his [G846] head [G2776] .

12:21 Be [G3528] not [G3361] overcome [G3528] of [G5259] evil [G2556] , but [G235] overcome [G3528] evil [G2556] with [G1722] good [G18] .