KJV REV7 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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7:1 And [G2532] after [G3326] these things [G5023] I saw [G1492] four [G5064] angels [G32] standing [G2476] on [G1909] the four [G5064] corners [G1137] of the earth [G1093] , holding [G2902] the four [G5064] winds [G417] of the earth [G1093] , that [G3363] the wind [G417] should [G4154] not [G3363] blow [G4154] on [G1909] the earth [G1093] , nor [G3383] on [G1909] the sea [G2281] , nor [G3383] on [G1909] any [G3956] tree [G1186] .

7:2 And [G2532] I saw [G1492] another [G243] angel [G32] ascending [G305] [G305] from [G575] the east [G395] [G2246] , having [G2192] the seal [G4973] of the living [G2198] God [G2316] : and [G2532] he cried [G2896] with a loud [G3173] voice [G5456] to the four [G5064] angels [G32] , to whom [G3739] it [G846] was given [G1325] to hurt [G91] the earth [G1093] and [G2532] the sea [G2281] ,

7:3 Saying [G3004] , Hurt [G91] not [G3361] the earth [G1093] , neither [G3383] the sea [G2281] , nor [G3383] the trees [G1186] , till [G891] [G3739] we have sealed [G4972] [G4972] the servants [G1401] of our [G2257] God [G2316] in [G1909] their [G846] foreheads [G3359] .

7:4 And [G2532] I heard [G191] the number [G706] of them which were sealed [G4972] : [and there were] sealed [G4972] an hundred [G1540] [and] forty [G5062] [and] four [G5064] thousand [G5505] of [G1537] all [G3956] the tribes [G5443] of the children [G5207] of Israel [G2474] .

7:5 Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Juda [G2455] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Reuben [G4502] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Gad [G1045] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] .

7:6 Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Aser [G768] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Nepthalim [G3508] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Manasses [G3128] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] .

7:7 Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Simeon [G4826] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Levi [G3017] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Issachar [G2466] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] .

7:8 Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Zabulon [G2194] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Joseph [G2501] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] . Of [G1537] the tribe [G5443] of Benjamin [G958] [were] sealed [G4972] twelve [G1427] thousand [G5505] .

7:9 After [G3326] this [G5023] I beheld [G1492] , and [G2532] , lo [G2400] , a great [G4183] multitude [G3793] , which [G3739] no man [G3762] could [G1410] number [G705] [G846] , of [G1537] all [G3956] nations [G1484] , and [G2532] kindreds [G5443] , and [G2532] people [G2992] , and [G2532] tongues [G1100] , stood [G2476] before [G1799] the throne [G2362] , and [G2532] before [G1799] the Lamb [G721] , clothed [G4016] with white [G3022] robes [G4749] , and [G2532] palms [G5404] in [G1722] their [G846] hands [G5495] ;

7:10 And [G2532] cried [G2896] with a loud [G3173] voice [G5456] , saying [G3004] , Salvation [G4991] to our [G2257] God [G2316] which [G3588] sitteth [G2521] upon [G1909] the throne [G2362] , and [G2532] unto the Lamb [G721] .

7:11 And [G2532] all [G3956] the angels [G32] stood [G2476] round about [G2945] the throne [G2362] , and [G2532] [about] the elders [G4245] and [G2532] the four [G5064] beasts [G2226] , and [G2532] fell [G4098] before [G1799] the throne [G2362] on [G1909] their [G846] faces [G4383] , and [G2532] worshipped [G4352] God [G2316] ,

7:12 Saying [G3004] , Amen [G281] : Blessing [G2129] , and [G2532] glory [G1391] , and [G2532] wisdom [G4678] , and [G2532] thanksgiving [G2169] , and [G2532] honour [G5092] , and [G2532] power [G1411] , and [G2532] might [G2479] , [be] unto our [G2257] God [G2316] for [G1519] ever [G165] and ever [G165] . Amen [G281] .

7:13 And [G2532] one [G1520] of [G1537] the elders [G4245] answered [G611] , saying [G3004] unto me [G3427] , What [G5101] are [G1526] these [G3778] which [G3588] are arrayed in [G4016] white [G3022] robes [G4749] ? and [G2532] whence [G4159] came they [G2064] ?

7:14 And [G2532] I said [G2046] unto him [G846] , Sir [G2962] , thou [G4771] knowest [G1492] . And [G2532] he said [G2036] to me [G3427] , These [G3778] are they [G1526] which came [G2064] out of [G1537] great [G3173] tribulation [G2347] , and [G2532] have washed [G4150] their [G846] robes [G4749] , and [G2532] made [G3021] them [G4749] [G846] white [G3021] in [G1722] the blood [G129] of the Lamb [G721] .

7:15 Therefore [G1223] [G5124] are they [G1526] before [G1799] the throne [G2362] of God [G2316] , and [G2532] serve [G3000] him [G846] day [G2250] and [G2532] night [G3571] in [G1722] his [G846] temple [G3485] : and [G2532] he that sitteth [G2521] on [G1909] the throne [G2362] shall dwell [G4637] among [G1909] them [G846] .

7:16 They shall hunger [G3983] no [G3756] more [G2089] , neither [G3761] thirst [G1372] any more [G2089] ; neither [G3761] [G3361] shall [G4098] the sun [G2246] light [G4098] on [G1909] them [G846] , nor [G3761] any [G3956] heat [G2738] .

7:17 For [G3754] the Lamb [G721] which [G3588] is in the midst [G303] [G3319] of the throne [G2362] shall feed [G4165] them [G846] , and [G2532] shall lead [G3594] them [G846] unto [G1909] living [G2198] fountains [G4077] of waters [G5204] : and [G2532] God [G2316] shall wipe away [G1813] all [G3956] tears [G1144] from [G575] their [G846] eyes [G3788] .