KJV REV3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 And [G2532] unto the angel [G32] of the church [G1577] in [G1722] Sardis [G4554] write [G1125] ; These things [G3592] saith [G3004] he that hath [G2192] the seven [G2033] Spirits [G4151] of God [G2316] , and [G2532] the seven [G2033] stars [G792] ; I know [G1492] thy [G4675] works [G2041] , that [G3754] thou hast [G2192] a name [G3686] that [G3754] thou livest [G2198] , and [G2532] art [G1488] dead [G3498] .

3:2 Be [G1096] watchful [G1127] , and [G2532] strengthen [G4741] the things which remain [G3062] , that [G3739] are [G3195] ready to die [G599] : for [G1063] I have [G2147] not [G3756] found [G2147] thy [G4675] works [G2041] perfect [G4137] before [G1799] God [G2316] .

3:3 Remember [G3421] therefore [G3767] how [G4459] thou hast received [G2983] and [G2532] heard [G191] , and [G2532] hold fast [G5083] , and [G2532] repent [G3340] . If [G3362] therefore [G3767] thou shalt [G1127] not [G3362] watch [G1127] , I will come [G2240] on [G1909] thee [G4571] as [G5613] a thief [G2812] , and [G2532] thou shalt [G1097] not [G3364] know [G1097] what [G4169] hour [G5610] I will come [G2240] upon [G1909] thee [G4571] .

3:4 Thou hast [G2192] a few [G3641] names [G3686] even [G2532] in [G1722] Sardis [G4554] which [G3739] have [G3435] not [G3756] defiled [G3435] their [G846] garments [G2440] ; and [G2532] they shall walk [G4043] with [G3326] me [G1700] in [G1722] white [G3022] : for [G3754] they are [G1526] worthy [G514] .

3:5 He that overcometh [G3528] , the same [G3778] shall be clothed [G4016] in [G1722] white [G3022] raiment [G2440] ; and [G2532] I will [G1813] not [G3364] blot out [G1813] his [G846] name [G3686] out of [G1537] the book [G976] of life [G2222] , but [G2532] I will confess [G1843] his [G846] name [G3686] before [G1799] my [G3450] Father [G3962] , and [G2532] before [G1799] his [G846] angels [G32] .

3:6 He that hath [G2192] an ear [G3775] , let him hear [G191] what [G5101] the Spirit [G4151] saith [G3004] unto the churches [G1577] .

3:7 And [G2532] to the angel [G32] of the church [G1577] in [G1722] Philadelphia [G5359] write [G1125] ; These things [G3592] saith [G3004] he that is holy [G40] , he that is true [G228] , he that hath [G2192] the key [G2807] of David [G1138] , he that openeth [G455] , and [G2532] no man [G3762] shutteth [G2808] ; and [G2532] shutteth [G2808] , and [G2532] no man [G3762] openeth [G455] ;

3:8 I know [G1492] thy [G4675] works [G2041] : behold [G2400] , I have set [G1325] before [G1799] thee [G4675] an open [G455] door [G2374] , and [G2532] no man [G3762] can [G1410] shut [G2808] it [G846] : for [G3754] thou hast [G2192] a little [G3398] strength [G1411] , and [G2532] hast kept [G5083] my [G3450] word [G3056] , and [G2532] hast [G720] not [G3756] denied [G720] my [G3450] name [G3686] .

3:9 Behold [G2400] , I will make [G1325] them of [G1537] the synagogue [G4864] of Satan [G4567] , which [G3588] say [G3004] they [G1438] are [G1511] Jews [G2453] , and [G2532] are [G1526] not [G3756] , but [G235] do lie [G5574] ; behold [G2400] , I will make [G4160] them [G846] to [G2443] come [G2240] and [G2532] worship [G4352] before [G1799] thy [G4675] feet [G4228] , and [G2532] to know [G1097] that [G3754] I [G1473] have loved [G25] thee [G4571] .

3:10 Because [G3754] thou hast kept [G5083] the word [G3056] of my [G3450] patience [G5281] , I also [G2504] will keep [G5083] thee [G4571] from [G1537] the hour [G5610] of temptation [G3986] , which [G3588] shall come [G3195] [G2064] upon [G1909] all [G3650] the world [G3625] , to try [G3985] them that dwell [G2730] upon [G1909] the earth [G1093] .

3:11 Behold [G2400] , I come [G2064] quickly [G5035] : hold that fast [G2902] which [G3739] thou hast [G2192] , that [G2443] no man [G3367] take [G2983] thy [G4675] crown [G4735] .

3:12 Him [G846] that overcometh [G3528] will I make [G4160] a pillar [G4769] in [G1722] the temple [G3485] of my [G3450] God [G2316] , and [G2532] he shall go [G1831] no [G3364] more [G2089] out [G1854] : and [G2532] I will write [G1125] upon [G1909] him [G846] the name [G3686] of my [G3450] God [G2316] , and [G2532] the name [G3686] of the city [G4172] of my [G3450] God [G2316] , [which is [G3588]] new [G2537] Jerusalem [G2419] , which [G3588] cometh down [G2597] [G2597] out of [G1537] heaven [G3772] from [G575] my [G3450] God [G2316] : and [G2532] [I will write upon him] my [G3450] new [G2537] name [G3686] .

3:13 He that hath [G2192] an ear [G3775] , let him hear [G191] what [G5101] the Spirit [G4151] saith [G3004] unto the churches [G1577] .

3:14 And [G2532] unto the angel [G32] of the church [G1577] of the Laodiceans [G2994] write [G1125] ; These things [G3592] saith [G3004] the Amen [G281] , the faithful [G4103] and [G2532] true [G228] witness [G3144] , the beginning [G746] of the creation [G2937] of God [G2316] ;(of the Laodiceans: or, in Laodicea)

3:15 I know [G1492] thy [G4675] works [G2041] , that [G3754] thou art [G1488] neither [G3777] cold [G5593] nor [G3777] hot [G2200] : I would [G3785] thou wert [G1498] cold [G5593] or [G2228] hot [G2200] .

3:16 So [G3779] then because [G3754] thou art [G1488] lukewarm [G5513] , and [G2532] neither [G3777] cold [G5593] nor [G3777] hot [G2200] , I will [G3195] spue [G1692] thee [G4571] out of [G1537] my [G3450] mouth [G4750] .

3:17 Because [G3754] thou sayest [G3004] , [G3754] I am [G1510] rich [G4145] , and [G2532] increased with goods [G4147] , and [G2532] have [G2192] need [G5532] of nothing [G3762] ; and [G2532] knowest [G1492] not [G3756] that [G3754] thou [G4771] art [G1488] wretched [G5005] , and [G2532] miserable [G1652] , and [G2532] poor [G4434] , and [G2532] blind [G5185] , and [G2532] naked [G1131] :

3:18 I counsel [G4823] thee [G4671] to buy [G59] of [G3844] me [G1700] gold [G5553] tried [G4448] in [G1537] the fire [G4442] , that [G2443] thou mayest be rich [G4147] ; and [G2532] white [G3022] raiment [G2440] , that [G2443] thou mayest be clothed [G4016] , and [G2532] [that] the shame [G152] of thy [G4675] nakedness [G1132] do [G5319] not [G3361] appear [G5319] ; and [G2532] anoint [G1472] thine [G4675] eyes [G3788] with eyesalve [G2854] , that [G2443] thou mayest see [G991] .

3:19 As many as [G3745] [G1437] I love [G5368] , I [G1473] rebuke [G1651] and [G2532] chasten [G3811] : be zealous [G2206] therefore [G3767] , and [G2532] repent [G3340] .

3:20 Behold [G2400] , I stand [G2476] at [G1909] the door [G2374] , and [G2532] knock [G2925] : if [G1437] any man [G5100] hear [G191] my [G3450] voice [G5456] , and [G2532] open [G455] the door [G2374] , I will come in [G1525] to [G4314] him [G846] , and [G2532] will sup [G1172] with [G3326] him [G846] , and [G2532] he [G846] with [G3326] me [G1700] .

3:21 To him [G846] that overcometh [G3528] will I grant [G1325] to sit [G2523] with [G3326] me [G1700] in [G1722] my [G3450] throne [G2362] , even [G2504] as [G5613] I also [G2504] overcame [G3528] , and [G2532] am set down [G2523] with [G3326] my [G3450] Father [G3962] in [G1722] his [G846] throne [G2362] .

3:22 He that hath [G2192] an ear [G3775] , let him hear [G191] what [G5101] the Spirit [G4151] saith [G3004] unto the churches [G1577] .