KJV REV20 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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20:1 And [G2532] I saw [G1492] an angel [G32] come down [G2597] from [G1537] heaven [G3772] , having [G2192] the key [G2807] of the bottomless pit [G12] and [G2532] a great [G3173] chain [G254] in [G1909] his [G846] hand [G5495] .

20:2 And [G2532] he laid hold on [G2902] the dragon [G1404] , that old [G744] serpent [G3789] , which [G3739] is [G2076] the Devil [G1228] , and [G2532] Satan [G4567] , and [G2532] bound [G1210] him [G846] a thousand [G5507] years [G2094] ,

20:3 And [G2532] cast [G906] him [G846] into [G1519] the bottomless pit [G12] , and [G2532] shut [G2808] him [G846] up [G2808] , and [G2532] set a seal [G4972] upon [G1883] him [G846] , that [G3363] he should deceive [G4105] the nations [G1484] no [G3363] more [G2089] , till [G891] the thousand [G5507] years [G2094] should be fulfilled [G5055] : and [G2532] after [G3326] that [G5023] he [G846] must [G1163] be loosed [G3089] a little [G3398] season [G5550] .

20:4 And [G2532] I saw [G1492] thrones [G2362] , and [G2532] they sat [G2523] upon [G1909] them [G846] , and [G2532] judgment [G2917] was given [G1325] unto them [G846] : and [G2532] [I saw] the souls [G5590] of them that were beheaded [G3990] for [G1223] the witness [G3141] of Jesus [G2424] , and [G2532] for [G1223] the word [G3056] of God [G2316] , and [G2532] which [G3748] had [G4352] not [G3756] worshipped [G4352] the beast [G2342] , neither [G3777] his [G846] image [G1504] , [G2532] neither [G3756] had received [G2983] [his] mark [G5480] upon [G1909] their [G846] foreheads [G3359] , or [G2532] in [G1909] their [G846] hands [G5495] ; and [G2532] they lived [G2198] and [G2532] reigned [G936] with [G3326] Christ [G5547] a thousand [G5507] years [G2094] .

20:5 But [G1161] the rest [G3062] of the dead [G3498] lived [G326] not [G3756] again [G326] until [G2193] the thousand [G5507] years [G2094] were finished [G5055] . This [G3778] [is] the first [G4413] resurrection [G386] .

20:6 Blessed [G3107] and [G2532] holy [G40] [is] he that hath [G2192] part [G3313] in [G1722] the first [G4413] resurrection [G386] : on [G1909] such [G5130] the second [G1208] death [G2288] hath [G2192] no [G3756] power [G1849] , but [G235] they shall be [G2071] priests [G2409] of God [G2316] and [G2532] of Christ [G5547] , and [G2532] shall reign [G936] with [G3326] him [G846] a thousand [G5507] years [G2094] .

20:7 And [G2532] when [G3752] the thousand [G5507] years [G2094] are expired [G5055] , Satan [G4567] shall be loosed [G3089] out of [G1537] his [G846] prison [G5438] ,

20:8 And [G2532] shall go out [G1831] to deceive [G4105] the nations [G1484] which [G3588] are in [G1722] the four [G5064] quarters [G1137] of the earth [G1093] , Gog [G1136] and [G2532] Magog [G3098] , to gather [G4863] them [G846] together [G4863] to [G1519] battle [G4171] : the number [G706] of whom [G3739] [is] as [G5613] the sand [G285] of the sea [G2281] .

20:9 And [G2532] they went up [G305] on [G1909] the breadth [G4114] of the earth [G1093] , and [G2532] compassed [G2944] the camp [G3925] of the saints [G40] about [G2944] , and [G2532] the beloved [G25] city [G4172] : and [G2532] fire [G4442] came down [G2597] from [G575] God [G2316] out of [G1537] heaven [G3772] , and [G2532] devoured [G2719] them [G846] .

20:10 And [G2532] the devil [G1228] that deceived [G4105] them [G846] was cast [G906] into [G1519] the lake [G3041] of fire [G4442] and [G2532] brimstone [G2303] , where [G3699] the beast [G2342] and [G2532] the false prophet [G5578] [are], and [G2532] shall be tormented [G928] day [G2250] and [G2532] night [G3571] for [G1519] ever [G165] and ever [G165] .

20:11 And [G2532] I saw [G1492] a great [G3173] white [G3022] throne [G2362] , and [G2532] him that sat [G2521] on [G1909] it [G846] , from [G575] whose [G3739] face [G4383] the earth [G1093] and [G2532] the heaven [G3772] fled away [G5343] ; and [G2532] there was found [G2147] no [G3756] place [G5117] for them [G846] .

20:12 And [G2532] I saw [G1492] the dead [G3498] , small [G3398] and [G2532] great [G3173] , stand [G2476] before [G1799] God [G2316] ; and [G2532] the books [G975] were opened [G455] : and [G2532] another [G243] book [G975] was opened [G455] , which [G3739] is [G2076] [the book] of life [G2222] : and [G2532] the dead [G3498] were judged [G2919] out of [G1537] those things which were written [G1125] in [G1722] the books [G975] , according to [G2596] their [G846] works [G2041] .

20:13 And [G2532] the sea [G2281] gave up [G1325] the dead [G3498] which [G3588] were in [G1722] it [G846] ; and [G2532] death [G2288] and [G2532] hell [G86] delivered up [G1325] the dead [G3498] which [G3588] were in [G1722] them [G846] : and [G2532] they were judged [G2919] every man [G1538] according to [G2596] their [G846] works [G2041] .(hell: or, the grave)

20:14 And [G2532] death [G2288] and [G2532] hell [G86] were cast [G906] into [G1519] the lake [G3041] of fire [G4442] . This [G3778] is [G2076] the second [G1208] death [G2288] .

20:15 And [G2532] whosoever [G1536] was [G2147] not [G3756] found [G2147] written [G1125] in [G1722] the book [G976] of life [G2222] was cast [G906] into [G1519] the lake [G3041] of fire [G4442] .