KJV REV17 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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17:1 And [G2532] there came [G2064] one [G1520] of [G1537] the seven [G2033] angels [G32] which [G3588] had [G2192] the seven [G2033] vials [G5357] , and [G2532] talked [G2980] with [G3326] me [G1700] , saying [G3004] unto me [G3427] , Come hither [G1204] ; I will shew [G1166] unto thee [G4671] the judgment [G2917] of the great [G3173] whore [G4204] that sitteth [G2521] upon [G1909] many [G4183] waters [G5204] :

17:2 With [G3326] whom [G3739] the kings [G935] of the earth [G1093] have committed fornication [G4203] , and [G2532] the inhabitants [G2730] of the earth [G1093] have been made drunk [G3184] with [G1537] the wine [G3631] of her [G846] fornication [G4202] .

17:3 So [G2532] he carried [G667] me [G3165] away [G667] in [G1722] the spirit [G4151] into [G1519] the wilderness [G2048] : and [G2532] I saw [G1492] a woman [G1135] sit [G2521] upon [G1909] a scarlet coloured [G2847] beast [G2342] , full of [G1073] names [G3686] of blasphemy [G988] , having [G2192] seven [G2033] heads [G2776] and [G2532] ten [G1176] horns [G2768] .

17:4 And [G2532] the woman [G1135] was [G2258] arrayed [G4016] in purple [G4209] and [G2532] scarlet colour [G2847] , and [G2532] decked [G5558] with gold [G5557] and [G2532] precious [G5093] stones [G3037] and [G2532] pearls [G3135] , having [G2192] a golden [G5552] cup [G4221] in [G1722] her [G846] hand [G5495] full of [G1073] abominations [G946] and [G2532] filthiness [G168] of her [G846] fornication [G4202] :(decked: Gr. gilded)

17:5 And [G2532] upon [G1909] her [G846] forehead [G3359] [was] a name [G3686] written [G1125] , MYSTERY [G3466] , BABYLON [G897] THE GREAT [G3173] , THE MOTHER [G3384] OF HARLOTS [G4204] AND [G2532] ABOMINATIONS [G946] OF THE EARTH [G1093] .(harlots: or, fornications)

17:6 And [G2532] I saw [G1492] the woman [G1135] drunken [G3184] with [G1537] the blood [G129] of the saints [G40] , and [G2532] with [G1537] the blood [G129] of the martyrs [G3144] of Jesus [G2424] : and [G2532] when I saw [G1492] her [G846] , I wondered [G2296] with great [G3173] admiration [G2295] .

17:7 And [G2532] the angel [G32] said [G2036] unto me [G3427] , Wherefore [G1302] didst thou marvel [G2296] ? I [G1473] will tell [G2046] thee [G4671] the mystery [G3466] of the woman [G1135] , and [G2532] of the beast [G2342] that carrieth [G941] her [G846] , which [G3588] hath [G2192] the seven [G2033] heads [G2776] and [G2532] ten [G1176] horns [G2768] .

17:8 The beast [G2342] that [G3739] thou sawest [G1492] was [G2258] , and [G2532] is [G2076] not [G3756] ; and [G2532] shall [G3195] ascend [G305] out of [G1537] the bottomless pit [G12] , and [G2532] go [G5217] into [G1519] perdition [G684] : and [G2532] they that dwell [G2730] on [G1909] the earth [G1093] shall wonder [G2296] , whose [G3739] names [G3686] were [G1125] not [G3756] written [G1125] in [G1909] the book [G975] of life [G2222] from [G575] the foundation [G2602] of the world [G2889] , when they behold [G991] the beast [G2342] that was [G3748] [G2258] , and [G2532] is [G2076] not [G3756] , and yet [G2539] is [G2076] .

17:9 And here [G5602] [is] the mind [G3563] which [G3588] hath [G2192] wisdom [G4678] . The seven [G2033] heads [G2776] are [G1526] seven [G2033] mountains [G3735] , on [G1909] which [G846] the woman [G1135] sitteth [G2521] [G3699] .

17:10 And [G2532] there are [G1526] seven [G2033] kings [G935] : five [G4002] are fallen [G4098] , and [G2532] one [G1520] is [G2076] , [and] the other [G243] is [G2064] not yet [G3768] come [G2064] ; and [G2532] when [G3752] he cometh [G2064] , he [G846] must [G1163] continue [G3306] a short space [G3641] .

17:11 And [G2532] the beast [G2342] that [G3739] was [G2258] , and [G2532] is [G2076] not [G3756] , even [G2532] he [G846] is [G2076] the eighth [G3590] , and [G2532] is [G2076] of [G1537] the seven [G2033] , and [G2532] goeth [G5217] into [G1519] perdition [G684] .

17:12 And [G2532] the ten [G1176] horns [G2768] which [G3739] thou sawest [G1492] are [G1526] ten [G1176] kings [G935] , which [G3748] have received [G2983] no [G3768] kingdom [G932] as yet [G3768] ; but [G235] receive [G2983] power [G1849] as [G5613] kings [G935] one [G3391] hour [G5610] with [G3326] the beast [G2342] .

17:13 These [G3778] have [G2192] one [G3391] mind [G1106] , and [G2532] shall give [G1239] their [G1438] power [G1411] and [G2532] strength [G1849] unto the beast [G2342] .

17:14 These [G3778] shall make war [G4170] with [G3326] the Lamb [G721] , and [G2532] the Lamb [G721] shall overcome [G3528] them [G846] : for [G3754] he is [G2076] Lord [G2962] of lords [G2962] , and [G2532] King [G935] of kings [G935] : and [G2532] they that are with [G3326] him [G846] [are] called [G2822] , and [G2532] chosen [G1588] , and [G2532] faithful [G4103] .

17:15 And [G2532] he saith [G3004] unto me [G3427] , The waters [G5204] which [G3739] thou sawest [G1492] , where [G3757] the whore [G4204] sitteth [G2521] , are [G1526] peoples [G2992] , and [G2532] multitudes [G3793] , and [G2532] nations [G1484] , and [G2532] tongues [G1100] .

17:16 And [G2532] the ten [G1176] horns [G2768] which [G3739] thou sawest [G1492] upon [G1909] the beast [G2342] , these [G3778] shall hate [G3404] the whore [G4204] , and [G2532] shall make [G4160] her [G846] desolate [G2049] and [G2532] naked [G1131] , and [G2532] shall eat [G5315] her [G846] flesh [G4561] , and [G2532] burn [G2618] her [G846] with [G1722] fire [G4442] .

17:17 For [G1063] God [G2316] hath put [G1325] in [G1519] their [G846] hearts [G2588] to fulfil [G4160] his [G846] will [G1106] , and [G2532] to agree [G4160] [G3391] [G1106] , and [G2532] give [G1325] their [G846] kingdom [G932] unto the beast [G2342] , until [G891] the words [G4487] of God [G2316] shall be fulfilled [G5055] .

17:18 And [G2532] the woman [G1135] which [G3739] thou sawest [G1492] is [G2076] that great [G3173] city [G4172] , which [G3588] reigneth [G2192] [G932] over [G1909] the kings [G935] of the earth [G1093] .