KJV PSA97 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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97:1 The LORD [H3068] reigneth [H4427] ; let the earth [H776] rejoice [H1523] ; let the multitude [H7227] of isles [H339] be glad [H8055] [thereof].(multitude: Heb. many, or, great isles)

97:2 Clouds [H6051] and darkness [H6205] [are] round about [H5439] him: righteousness [H6664] and judgment [H4941] [are] the habitation [H4349] of his throne [H3678] .(habitation: or, establishment)

97:3 A fire [H784] goeth [H3212] before [H6440] him, and burneth up [H3857] his enemies [H6862] round about [H5439] .

97:4 His lightnings [H1300] enlightened [H215] the world [H8398] : the earth [H776] saw [H7200] , and trembled [H2342] .

97:5 The hills [H2022] melted [H4549] like wax [H1749] at the presence [H6440] of the LORD [H3068] , at the presence [H6440] of the Lord [H113] of the whole earth [H776] .

97:6 The heavens [H8064] declare [H5046] his righteousness [H6664] , and all the people [H5971] see [H7200] his glory [H3519] .

97:7 Confounded [H954] be all they that serve [H5647] graven images [H6459] , that boast [H1984] themselves of idols [H457] : worship [H7812] him, all [ye] gods [H430] .

97:8 Zion [H6726] heard [H8085] , and was glad [H8055] ; and the daughters [H1323] of Judah [H3063] rejoiced [H1523] because of thy judgments [H4941] , O LORD [H3068] .

97:9 For thou, LORD [H3068] , [art] high above [H5945] all the earth [H776] : thou art exalted [H5927] far above [H3966] all gods [H430] .

97:10 Ye that love [H157] the LORD [H3068] , hate [H8130] evil [H7451] : he preserveth [H8104] the souls [H5315] of his saints [H2623] ; he delivereth [H5337] them out of the hand [H3027] of the wicked [H7563] .

97:11 Light [H216] is sown [H2232] for the righteous [H6662] , and gladness [H8057] for the upright [H3477] in heart [H3820] .

97:12 Rejoice [H8055] in the LORD [H3068] , ye righteous [H6662] ; and give thanks [H3034] at the remembrance [H2143] of his holiness [H6944] .(at: or, to the memorial)