KJV PSA91 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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91:1 He that dwelleth [H3427] in the secret [H5643] place of the most High [H5945] shall abide [H3885] under the shadow [H6738] of the Almighty [H7706] .(abide: Heb. lodge)

91:2 I will say [H559] of the LORD [H3068] , [He is] my refuge [H4268] and my fortress [H4686] : my God [H430] ; in him will I trust [H982] .

91:3 Surely he shall deliver [H5337] thee from the snare [H6341] of the fowler [H3353] , [and] from the noisome [H1942] pestilence [H1698] .

91:4 He shall cover [H5526] thee with his feathers [H84] , and under his wings [H3671] shalt thou trust [H2620] : his truth [H571] [shall be thy] shield [H6793] and buckler [H5507] .

91:5 Thou shalt not be afraid [H3372] for the terror [H6343] by night [H3915] ; [nor] for the arrow [H2671] [that] flieth [H5774] by day [H3119] ;

91:6 [Nor] for the pestilence [H1698] [that] walketh [H1980] in darkness [H652] ; [nor] for the destruction [H6986] [that] wasteth [H7736] at noonday [H6672] .

91:7 A thousand [H505] shall fall [H5307] at thy side [H6654] , and ten thousand [H7233] at thy right hand [H3225] ; [but] it shall not come nigh [H5066] thee.

91:8 Only with thine eyes [H5869] shalt thou behold [H5027] and see [H7200] the reward [H8011] of the wicked [H7563] .

91:9 Because thou hast made [H7760] the LORD [H3068] , [which is] my refuge [H4268] , [even] the most High [H5945] , thy habitation [H4583] ;

91:10 There shall no evil [H7451] befall [H579] thee, neither shall any plague [H5061] come nigh [H7126] thy dwelling [H168] .

91:11 For he shall give his angels [H4397] charge [H6680] over thee, to keep [H8104] thee in all thy ways [H1870] .

91:12 They shall bear thee up [H5375] in [their] hands [H3709] , lest thou dash [H5062] thy foot [H7272] against a stone [H68] .

91:13 Thou shalt tread [H1869] upon the lion [H7826] and adder [H6620] : the young lion [H3715] and the dragon [H8577] shalt thou trample under feet [H7429] .(adder: or, asp)

91:14 Because he hath set his love [H2836] upon me, therefore will I deliver [H6403] him: I will set him on high [H7682] , because he hath known [H3045] my name [H8034] .

91:15 He shall call [H7121] upon me, and I will answer [H6030] him: I [will be] with him in trouble [H6869] ; I will deliver [H2502] him, and honour [H3513] him.

91:16 With long [H753] life [H3117] will I satisfy [H7646] him, and shew [H7200] him my salvation [H3444] .(long: Heb. length of days)