KJV PSA89 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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89:1 Maschil [H4905] of Ethan [H387] the Ezrahite [H250] . I will sing [H7891] of the mercies [H2617] of the LORD [H3068] for ever [H5769] : with my mouth [H6310] will I make known [H3045] thy faithfulness [H530] to all [H1755] generations [H1755] .(Maschil: or, A Psalm for Ethan the Ezrahite, to give instruction)(to all: Heb. to generation and generation)

89:2 For I have said [H559] , Mercy [H2617] shall be built up [H1129] for ever [H5769] : thy faithfulness [H530] shalt thou establish [H3559] in the very heavens [H8064] .

89:3 I have made [H3772] a covenant [H1285] with my chosen [H972] , I have sworn [H7650] unto David [H1732] my servant [H5650] ,

89:4 Thy seed [H2233] will I establish [H3559] for [H5704] ever [H5769] , and build up [H1129] thy throne [H3678] to all [H1755] generations [H1755] . Selah [H5542] .

89:5 And the heavens [H8064] shall praise [H3034] thy wonders [H6382] , O LORD [H3068] : thy faithfulness [H530] also in the congregation [H6951] of the saints [H6918] .

89:6 For who in the heaven [H7834] can be compared [H6186] unto the LORD [H3068] ? [who] among the sons [H1121] of the mighty [H410] can be likened [H1819] unto the LORD [H3068] ?

89:7 God [H410] is greatly [H7227] to be feared [H6206] in the assembly [H5475] of the saints [H6918] , and to be had in reverence [H3372] of all [them that are] about [H5439] him.

89:8 O LORD [H3068] God [H430] of hosts [H6635] , who [is] a strong [H2626] LORD [H3050] like unto thee? or to thy faithfulness [H530] round about [H5439] thee?

89:9 Thou rulest [H4910] the raging [H1348] of the sea [H3220] : when the waves [H1530] thereof arise [H7721] , thou stillest [H7623] them.

89:10 Thou hast broken [H1792] Rahab [H7294] in pieces [H1792] , as one that is slain [H2491] ; thou hast scattered [H6340] thine enemies [H341] with thy strong [H5797] arm [H2220] .(Rahab: or, Egypt)(thy: Heb. the arm of thy strength)

89:11 The heavens [H8064] [are] thine, the earth [H776] also [is] thine: [as for] the world [H8398] and the fulness [H4393] thereof, thou hast founded [H3245] them.(the fulness: or, all it containeth)

89:12 The north [H6828] and the south [H3225] thou hast created [H1254] them: Tabor [H8396] and Hermon [H2768] shall rejoice [H7442] in thy name [H8034] .

89:13 Thou hast a mighty [H1369] arm [H2220] : strong [H5810] is thy hand [H3027] , [and] high [H7311] is thy right hand [H3225] .(a: Heb. an arm with might)

89:14 Justice [H6664] and judgment [H4941] [are] the habitation [H4349] of thy throne [H3678] : mercy [H2617] and truth [H571] shall go [H6923] before thy face [H6440] .(habitation: or, establishment)

89:15 Blessed [H835] [is] the people [H5971] that know [H3045] the joyful sound [H8643] : they shall walk [H1980] , O LORD [H3068] , in the light [H216] of thy countenance [H6440] .

89:16 In thy name [H8034] shall they rejoice [H1523] all the day [H3117] : and in thy righteousness [H6666] shall they be exalted [H7311] .

89:17 For thou [art] the glory [H8597] of their strength [H5797] : and in thy favour [H7522] our horn [H7161] shall be exalted [H7311] [H7311] .

89:18 For the LORD [H3068] [is] our defence [H4043] ; and the Holy One [H6918] of Israel [H3478] [is] our king [H4428] .(the LORD: or, our shield is of the LORD, and our king is of the Holy One of Israel)

89:19 Then thou spakest [H1696] in vision [H2377] to thy holy one [H2623] , and saidst [H559] , I have laid [H7737] help [H5828] upon [one that is] mighty [H1368] ; I have exalted [H7311] [one] chosen [H977] out of the people [H5971] .

89:20 I have found [H4672] David [H1732] my servant [H5650] ; with my holy [H6944] oil [H8081] have I anointed [H4886] him:

89:21 With whom my hand [H3027] shall be established [H3559] : mine arm [H2220] also shall strengthen [H553] him.

89:22 The enemy [H341] shall not exact [H5378] upon him; nor the son [H1121] of wickedness [H5766] afflict [H6031] him.

89:23 And I will beat down [H3807] his foes [H6862] before his face [H6440] , and plague [H5062] them that hate [H8130] him.

89:24 But my faithfulness [H530] and my mercy [H2617] [shall be] with him: and in my name [H8034] shall his horn [H7161] be exalted [H7311] .

89:25 I will set [H7760] his hand [H3027] also in the sea [H3220] , and his right hand [H3225] in the rivers [H5104] .

89:26 He shall cry [H7121] unto me, Thou [art] my father [H1] , my God [H410] , and the rock [H6697] of my salvation [H3444] .

89:27 Also I will make [H5414] him [my] firstborn [H1060] , higher [H5945] than the kings [H4428] of the earth [H776] .

89:28 My mercy [H2617] will I keep [H8104] for him for evermore [H5769] , and my covenant [H1285] shall stand fast [H539] with him.

89:29 His seed [H2233] also will I make [H7760] [to endure] for ever [H5703] , and his throne [H3678] as the days [H3117] of heaven [H8064] .

89:30 If his children [H1121] forsake [H5800] my law [H8451] , and walk [H3212] not in my judgments [H4941] ;

89:31 If they break [H2490] my statutes [H2708] , and keep [H8104] not my commandments [H4687] ;(break: Heb. profane)

89:32 Then will I visit [H6485] their transgression [H6588] with the rod [H7626] , and their iniquity [H5771] with stripes [H5061] .

89:33 Nevertheless my lovingkindness [H2617] will I not utterly take [H6331] from him, nor suffer my faithfulness [H530] to fail [H8266] .(will: Heb. I will not make void from him)(to fall: Heb. to lie)

89:34 My covenant [H1285] will I not break [H2490] , nor alter [H8138] the thing that is gone out [H4161] of my lips [H8193] .

89:35 Once [H259] have I sworn [H7650] by my holiness [H6944] that I will not lie [H3576] unto David [H1732] .(that: Heb. if I lie)

89:36 His seed [H2233] shall endure for ever [H5769] , and his throne [H3678] as the sun [H8121] before me.

89:37 It shall be established [H3559] for ever [H5769] as the moon [H3394] , and [as] a faithful [H539] witness [H5707] in heaven [H7834] . Selah [H5542] .

89:38 But thou hast cast off [H2186] and abhorred [H3988] , thou hast been wroth [H5674] with thine anointed [H4899] .

89:39 Thou hast made void [H5010] the covenant [H1285] of thy servant [H5650] : thou hast profaned [H2490] his crown [H5145] [by casting it] to the ground [H776] .

89:40 Thou hast broken down [H6555] all his hedges [H1448] ; thou hast brought [H7760] his strong holds [H4013] to ruin [H4288] .

89:41 All that pass by [H5674] the way [H1870] spoil [H8155] him: he is a reproach [H2781] to his neighbours [H7934] .

89:42 Thou hast set up [H7311] the right hand [H3225] of his adversaries [H6862] ; thou hast made all his enemies [H341] to rejoice [H8055] .

89:43 Thou hast also turned [H7725] the edge [H6697] of his sword [H2719] , and hast not made him to stand [H6965] in the battle [H4421] .

89:44 Thou hast made his glory [H2892] to cease [H7673] , and cast [H4048] his throne [H3678] down [H4048] to the ground [H776] .(glory: Heb. brightness)

89:45 The days [H3117] of his youth [H5934] hast thou shortened [H7114] : thou hast covered [H5844] him with shame [H955] . Selah [H5542] .

89:46 How long, LORD [H3068] ? wilt thou hide [H5641] thyself for ever [H5331] ? shall thy wrath [H2534] burn [H1197] like fire [H784] ?

89:47 Remember [H2142] how short [H2465] my time is: wherefore hast thou made [H1254] all men [H1121] [H120] in vain [H7723] ?

89:48 What man [H1397] [is he that] liveth [H2421] , and shall not see [H7200] death [H4194] ? shall he deliver [H4422] his soul [H5315] from the hand [H3027] of the grave [H7585] ? Selah [H5542] .

89:49 Lord [H136] , where [are] thy former [H7223] lovingkindnesses [H2617] , [which] thou swarest [H7650] unto David [H1732] in thy truth [H530] ?

89:50 Remember [H2142] , Lord [H136] , the reproach [H2781] of thy servants [H5650] ; [how] I do bear [H5375] in my bosom [H2436] [the reproach of] all the mighty [H7227] people [H5971] ;

89:51 Wherewith thine enemies [H341] have reproached [H2778] , O LORD [H3068] ; wherewith they have reproached [H2778] the footsteps [H6119] of thine anointed [H4899] .

89:52 Blessed [H1288] [be] the LORD [H3068] for evermore [H5769] . Amen [H543] , and Amen [H543] .