KJV PSA70 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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70:1 To the chief Musician [H5329] , [A Psalm] of David [H1732] , to bring to remembrance [H2142] . [Make haste], O God [H430] , to deliver [H5337] me; make haste [H2363] to help [H5833] me, O LORD [H3068] .(to help: Heb. to my help)

70:2 Let them be ashamed [H954] and confounded [H2659] that seek [H1245] after my soul [H5315] : let them be turned [H5472] backward [H268] , and put to confusion [H3637] , that desire [H2655] my hurt [H7451] .

70:3 Let them be turned back [H7725] for a reward [H6118] of their shame [H1322] that say [H559] , Aha [H1889] , aha [H1889] .

70:4 Let all those that seek [H1245] thee rejoice [H7797] and be glad [H8055] in thee: and let such as love [H157] thy salvation [H3444] say [H559] continually [H8548] , Let God [H430] be magnified [H1431] .

70:5 But I [am] poor [H6041] and needy [H34] : make haste [H2363] unto me, O God [H430] : thou [art] my help [H5828] and my deliverer [H6403] ; O LORD [H3068] , make no tarrying [H309] .