KJV PSA60 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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60:1 To the chief Musician [H5329] upon Shushaneduth [H7802] , Michtam [H4387] of David [H1732] , to teach [H3925] ; when he strove [H5327] with Aramnaharaim [H763] [H5104] and with Aramzobah [H760] , when Joab [H3097] returned [H7725] , and smote [H5221] of Edom [H123] in the valley [H1516] of salt [H4417] twelve [H8147] [H6240] thousand [H505] . O God [H430] , thou hast cast us off [H2186] , thou hast scattered [H6555] us, thou hast been displeased [H599] ; O turn thyself to us again [H7725] .(Michtam: or, A golden Psalm)(scattered: Heb. broken)

60:2 Thou hast made the earth [H776] to tremble [H7493] ; thou hast broken [H6480] it: heal [H7495] the breaches [H7667] thereof; for it shaketh [H4131] .

60:3 Thou hast shewed [H7200] thy people [H5971] hard things [H7186] : thou hast made us to drink [H8248] the wine [H3196] of astonishment [H8653] .

60:4 Thou hast given [H5414] a banner [H5251] to them that fear [H3373] thee, that it may be displayed [H5127] because [H6440] of the truth [H7189] . Selah [H5542] .

60:5 That thy beloved [H3039] may be delivered [H2502] ; save [H3467] [with] thy right hand [H3225] , and hear [H6030] me.

60:6 God [H430] hath spoken [H1696] in his holiness [H6944] ; I will rejoice [H5937] , I will divide [H2505] Shechem [H7927] , and mete out [H4058] the valley [H6010] of Succoth [H5523] .

60:7 Gilead [H1568] [is] mine, and Manasseh [H4519] [is] mine; Ephraim [H669] also [is] the strength [H4581] of mine head [H7218] ; Judah [H3063] [is] my lawgiver [H2710] ;

60:8 Moab [H4124] [is] my washpot [H5518] [H7366] ; over Edom [H123] will I cast out [H7993] my shoe [H5275] : Philistia [H6429] , triumph [H7321] thou because of me.(triumph: or, triumph thou over me: (by an irony))

60:9 Who will bring [H2986] me [into] the strong [H4692] city [H5892] ? who will lead [H5148] me into Edom [H123] ?(strong: Heb. city of strength?)

60:10 [Wilt] not thou, O God [H430] , [which] hadst cast us off [H2186] ? and [thou], O God [H430] , [which] didst not go out [H3318] with our armies [H6635] ?

60:11 Give [H3051] us help [H5833] from trouble [H6862] : for vain [H7723] [is] the help [H8668] of man [H120] .(help of man: Heb. salvation, etc)

60:12 Through God [H430] we shall do [H6213] valiantly [H2428] : for he [it is that] shall tread down [H947] our enemies [H6862] .