KJV PSA53 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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53:1 To the chief Musician [H5329] upon Mahalath [H4257] , Maschil [H4905] , [A Psalm] of David [H1732] . The fool [H5036] hath said [H559] in his heart [H3820] , [There is] no God [H430] . Corrupt [H7843] are they, and have done abominable [H8581] iniquity [H5766] : [there is] none that doeth [H6213] good [H2896] .

53:2 God [H430] looked down [H8259] from heaven [H8064] upon the children [H1121] of men [H120] , to see [H7200] if there were [H3426] [any] that did understand [H7919] , that did seek [H1875] God [H430] .

53:3 Every one of them is gone back [H5472] : they are altogether [H3162] become filthy [H444] ; [there is] none that doeth [H6213] good [H2896] , no, not one [H259] .

53:4 Have the workers [H6466] of iniquity [H205] no knowledge [H3045] ? who eat up [H398] my people [H5971] [as] they eat [H398] bread [H3899] : they have not called [H7121] upon God [H430] .

53:5 There were they in great [H6343] fear [H6342] , [where] no fear [H6343] was: for God [H430] hath scattered [H6340] the bones [H6106] of him that encampeth [H2583] [against] thee: thou hast put [them] to shame [H954] , because God [H430] hath despised [H3988] them.(were: Heb. they feared a fear)

53:6 Oh that [H5414] the salvation [H3444] of Israel [H3478] [were come] out of Zion [H6726] ! When God [H430] bringeth back [H7725] the captivity [H7622] of his people [H5971] , Jacob [H3290] shall rejoice [H1523] , [and] Israel [H3478] shall be glad [H8055] .(Oh that: Heb. Who will give salvation, etc)