KJV PSA49 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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49:1 To the chief Musician [H5329] , A Psalm [H4210] for the sons [H1121] of Korah [H7141] . Hear [H8085] this, all [ye] people [H5971] ; give ear [H238] , all [ye] inhabitants [H3427] of the world [H2465] :(for: or, of)

49:2 Both low [H1121] [H120] and high [H1121] [H376] , rich [H6223] and poor [H34] , together [H3162] .

49:3 My mouth [H6310] shall speak [H1696] of wisdom [H2454] ; and the meditation [H1900] of my heart [H3820] [shall be] of understanding [H8394] .

49:4 I will incline [H5186] mine ear [H241] to a parable [H4912] : I will open [H6605] my dark saying [H2420] upon the harp [H3658] .

49:5 Wherefore should I fear [H3372] in the days [H3117] of evil [H7451] , [when] the iniquity [H5771] of my heels [H6120] shall compass [H5437] me about?

49:6 They that trust [H982] in their wealth [H2428] , and boast [H1984] themselves in the multitude [H7230] of their riches [H6239] ;

49:7 None [of them] can [H376] by any means [H6299] redeem [H6299] his brother [H251] , nor give [H5414] to God [H430] a ransom [H3724] for him:

49:8 (For the redemption [H6306] of their soul [H5315] [is] precious [H3365] , and it ceaseth [H2308] for ever [H5769] :)

49:9 That he should still live [H2421] for ever [H5331] , [and] not see [H7200] corruption [H7845] .

49:10 For he seeth [H7200] [that] wise men [H2450] die [H4191] , likewise [H3162] the fool [H3684] and the brutish person [H1198] perish [H6] , and leave [H5800] their wealth [H2428] to others [H312] .

49:11 Their inward [H7130] thought [is, that] their houses [H1004] [shall continue] for ever [H5769] , [and] their dwelling [H4908] places to all [H1755] generations [H1755] ; they call [H7121] [their] lands [H127] after their own names [H8034] .(all: Heb. generation and generation)

49:12 Nevertheless man [H120] [being] in honour [H3366] abideth [H3885] not: he is like [H4911] the beasts [H929] [that] perish [H1820] .

49:13 This their way [H1870] [is] their folly [H3689] : yet their posterity [H310] approve [H7521] their sayings [H6310] . Selah [H5542] .(approve: Heb. delight in their mouth)

49:14 Like sheep [H6629] they are laid [H8371] in the grave [H7585] ; death [H4194] shall feed [H7462] on them; and the upright [H3477] shall have dominion [H7287] over them in the morning [H1242] ; and their beauty [H6697] [H6736] shall consume [H1086] in the grave [H7585] from their dwelling [H2073] .(beauty: or, strength)(in the grave from: or, the grave being an habitation to every one of them)

49:15 But God [H430] will redeem [H6299] my soul [H5315] from the power [H3027] of the grave [H7585] : for he shall receive [H3947] me. Selah [H5542] .(power: Heb. hand)(the grave: or, hell)

49:16 Be not thou afraid [H3372] when one [H376] is made rich [H6238] , when the glory [H3519] of his house [H1004] is increased [H7235] ;

49:17 For when he dieth [H4194] he shall carry nothing away [H3947] : his glory [H3519] shall not descend [H3381] after [H310] him.

49:18 Though while he lived [H2416] he blessed [H1288] his soul [H5315] : and [men] will praise [H3034] thee, when thou doest well [H3190] to thyself.(while: Heb. in his life)

49:19 He shall go [H935] to the generation [H1755] of his fathers [H1] ; they shall never [H3808] [H5331] see [H7200] light [H216] .(He: Heb. The soul shall)

49:20 Man [H120] [that is] in honour [H3366] , and understandeth [H995] not, is like [H4911] the beasts [H929] [that] perish [H1820] .