KJV PSA46 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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46:1 To the chief Musician [H5329] for the sons [H1121] of Korah [H7141] , A Song [H7892] upon Alamoth [H5961] . God [H430] [is] our refuge [H4268] and strength [H5797] , a very [H3966] present [H4672] help [H5833] in trouble [H6869] .(for: or, of)

46:2 Therefore will not we fear [H3372] , though the earth [H776] be removed [H4171] , and though the mountains [H2022] be carried [H4131] into the midst [H3820] of the sea [H3220] ;(midst: Heb. heart of the seas)

46:3 [Though] the waters [H4325] thereof roar [H1993] [and] be troubled [H2560] , [though] the mountains [H2022] shake [H7493] with the swelling [H1346] thereof. Selah [H5542] .

46:4 [There is] a river [H5104] , the streams [H6388] whereof shall make glad [H8055] the city [H5892] of God [H430] , the holy [H6918] [place] of the tabernacles [H4908] of the most High [H5945] .

46:5 God [H430] [is] in the midst [H7130] of her; she shall not be moved [H4131] : God [H430] shall help [H5826] her, [and that] right [H6437] early [H1242] .(and: Heb. when the morning appeareth)

46:6 The heathen [H1471] raged [H1993] , the kingdoms [H4467] were moved [H4131] : he uttered [H5414] his voice [H6963] , the earth [H776] melted [H4127] .

46:7 The LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] [is] with us; the God [H430] of Jacob [H3290] [is] our refuge [H4869] . Selah [H5542] .(our: Heb. an high place for us)

46:8 Come [H3212] , behold [H2372] the works [H4659] of the LORD [H3068] , what desolations [H8047] he hath made [H7760] in the earth [H776] .

46:9 He maketh wars [H4421] to cease [H7673] unto the end [H7097] of the earth [H776] ; he breaketh [H7665] the bow [H7198] , and cutteth [H7112] the spear [H2595] in sunder [H7112] ; he burneth [H8313] the chariot [H5699] in the fire [H784] .

46:10 Be still [H7503] , and know [H3045] that I [am] God [H430] : I will be exalted [H7311] among the heathen [H1471] , I will be exalted [H7311] in the earth [H776] .

46:11 The LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] [is] with us; the God [H430] of Jacob [H3290] [is] our refuge [H4869] . Selah [H5542] .