KJV PSA42 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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42:1 To the chief Musician [H5329] , Maschil [H4905] , for the sons [H1121] of Korah [H7141] . As the hart [H354] panteth [H6165] after the water [H4325] brooks [H650] , so panteth [H6165] my soul [H5315] after thee, O God [H430] .(Maschil: or, A Psalm giving instruction of the sons, etc)(panteth: Heb. brayeth)

42:2 My soul [H5315] thirsteth [H6770] for God [H430] , for the living [H2416] God [H410] : when shall I come [H935] and appear [H7200] before [H6440] God [H430] ?

42:3 My tears [H1832] have been my meat [H3899] day [H3119] and night [H3915] , while they continually [H3117] say [H559] unto me, Where [is] thy God [H430] ?

42:4 When I remember [H2142] these [things], I pour out [H8210] my soul [H5315] in me: for I had gone [H5674] with the multitude [H5519] , I went [H1718] with them to the house [H1004] of God [H430] , with the voice [H6963] of joy [H7440] and praise [H8426] , with a multitude [H1995] that kept holyday [H2287] .

42:5 Why art thou cast down [H7817] , O my soul [H5315] ? and [why] art thou disquieted [H1993] in me? hope [H3176] thou in God [H430] : for I shall yet praise [H3034] him [for] the help [H3444] of his countenance [H6440] .(cast: Heb. bowed)(praise: or, give thanks)(for the: or, his presence is salvation)

42:6 O my God [H430] , my soul [H5315] is cast down [H7817] within me: therefore will I remember [H2142] thee from the land [H776] of Jordan [H3383] , and of the Hermonites [H2769] , from the hill [H2022] Mizar [H4706] .(the hill: or, the little hill)

42:7 Deep [H8415] calleth [H7121] unto deep [H8415] at the noise [H6963] of thy waterspouts [H6794] : all thy waves [H4867] and thy billows [H1530] are gone [H5674] over me.

42:8 [Yet] the LORD [H3068] will command [H6680] his lovingkindness [H2617] in the daytime [H3119] , and in the night [H3915] his song [H7892] [shall be] with me, [and] my prayer [H8605] unto the God [H410] of my life [H2416] .

42:9 I will say [H559] unto God [H410] my rock [H5553] , Why hast thou forgotten [H7911] me? why go [H3212] I mourning [H6937] because of the oppression [H3906] of the enemy [H341] ?

42:10 [As] with a sword [H7524] in my bones [H6106] , mine enemies [H6887] reproach [H2778] me; while they say [H559] daily [H3117] unto me, Where [is] thy God [H430] ?(sword: or, killing)

42:11 Why art thou cast down [H7817] , O my soul [H5315] ? and why art thou disquieted [H1993] within me? hope [H3176] thou in God [H430] : for I shall yet praise [H3034] him, [who is] the health [H3444] of my countenance [H6440] , and my God [H430] .