KJV PSA35 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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35:1 [A Psalm] of David [H1732] . Plead [H7378] [my cause], O LORD [H3068] , with them that strive [H3401] with me: fight [H3898] against them that fight [H3898] against me.

35:2 Take hold [H2388] of shield [H4043] and buckler [H6793] , and stand up [H6965] for mine help [H5833] .

35:3 Draw out [H7324] also the spear [H2595] , and stop [H5462] [the way] against [H7125] them that persecute [H7291] me: say [H559] unto my soul [H5315] , I [am] thy salvation [H3444] .

35:4 Let them be confounded [H954] and put to shame [H3637] that seek [H1245] after my soul [H5315] : let them be turned [H5472] back [H268] and brought to confusion [H2659] that devise [H2803] my hurt [H7451] .

35:5 Let them be as chaff [H4671] before [H6440] the wind [H7307] : and let the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] chase [H1760] [them].

35:6 Let their way [H1870] be dark [H2822] and slippery [H2519] : and let the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] persecute [H7291] them.(dark: Heb. darkness and slipperiness)

35:7 For without cause [H2600] have they hid [H2934] for me their net [H7568] [in] a pit [H7845] , [which] without cause [H2600] they have digged [H2658] for my soul [H5315] .

35:8 Let destruction [H7722] come [H935] upon him at unawares [H3045] [H3808] ; and let his net [H7568] that he hath hid [H2934] catch [H3920] himself: into that very destruction [H7722] let him fall [H5307] .(at: Heb. which he knoweth not of)

35:9 And my soul [H5315] shall be joyful [H1523] in the LORD [H3068] : it shall rejoice [H7797] in his salvation [H3444] .

35:10 All my bones [H6106] shall say [H559] , LORD [H3068] , who [is] like unto thee, which deliverest [H5337] the poor [H6041] from him that is too strong [H2389] for him, yea, the poor [H6041] and the needy [H34] from him that spoileth [H1497] him?

35:11 False [H2555] witnesses [H5707] did rise up [H6965] ; they laid to my charge [H7592] [things] that I knew [H3045] not.(False: Heb. Witnesses of wrong)(they: Heb. they asked me)

35:12 They rewarded [H7999] me evil [H7451] for good [H2896] [to] the spoiling [H7908] of my soul [H5315] .(spoiling: Heb. depriving)

35:13 But as for me, when they were sick [H2470] , my clothing [H3830] [was] sackcloth [H8242] : I humbled [H6031] my soul [H5315] with fasting [H6685] ; and my prayer [H8605] returned [H7725] into mine own bosom [H2436] .(humbled: or, afflicted)

35:14 I behaved [H1980] myself as though [he had been] my friend [H7453] [or] brother [H251] : I bowed down [H7817] heavily [H6937] , as one that mourneth [H57] [for his] mother [H517] .(behaved myself: Heb. walked)(as though: Heb. as a friend, as a brother to me)

35:15 But in mine adversity [H6761] they rejoiced [H8055] , and gathered themselves together [H622] : [yea], the abjects [H5222] gathered themselves together [H622] against me, and I knew [H3045] [it] not; they did tear [H7167] [me], and ceased [H1826] not:(adversity: Heb. halting)

35:16 With hypocritical [H2611] mockers [H3934] in feasts [H4580] , they gnashed [H2786] upon me with their teeth [H8127] .

35:17 Lord [H136] , how long wilt thou look on [H7200] ? rescue [H7725] my soul [H5315] from their destructions [H7722] , my darling [H3173] from the lions [H3715] .(darling: Heb. only one)

35:18 I will give thee thanks [H3034] in the great [H7227] congregation [H6951] : I will praise [H1984] thee among much [H6099] people [H5971] .(much: Heb. strong)

35:19 Let not them that are mine enemies [H341] wrongfully [H8267] rejoice [H8055] over me: [neither] let them wink [H7169] with the eye [H5869] that hate [H8130] me without a cause [H2600] .(wrongfully: Heb. falsely)

35:20 For they speak [H1696] not peace [H7965] : but they devise [H2803] deceitful [H4820] matters [H1697] against [them that are] quiet [H7282] in the land [H776] .

35:21 Yea, they opened their mouth [H6310] wide [H7337] against me, [and] said [H559] , Aha [H1889] , aha [H1889] , our eye [H5869] hath seen [H7200] [it].

35:22 [This] thou hast seen [H7200] , O LORD [H3068] : keep not silence [H2790] : O Lord [H136] , be not far [H7368] from me.

35:23 Stir up [H5782] thyself, and awake [H6974] to my judgment [H4941] , [even] unto my cause [H7379] , my God [H430] and my Lord [H136] .

35:24 Judge [H8199] me, O LORD [H3068] my God [H430] , according to thy righteousness [H6664] ; and let them not rejoice [H8055] over me.

35:25 Let them not say [H559] in their hearts [H3820] , Ah [H1889] , so would we have it [H5315] : let them not say [H559] , We have swallowed him up [H1104] .(Ah: Heb. Ah, ah, our soul)

35:26 Let them be ashamed [H954] and brought to confusion [H2659] together [H3162] that rejoice [H8056] at mine hurt [H7451] : let them be clothed [H3847] with shame [H1322] and dishonour [H3639] that magnify [H1431] [themselves] against me.

35:27 Let them shout for joy [H7442] , and be glad [H8055] , that favour [H2655] my righteous cause [H6664] : yea, let them say [H559] continually [H8548] , Let the LORD [H3068] be magnified [H1431] , which hath pleasure [H2655] in the prosperity [H7965] of his servant [H5650] .(righteous: Heb. righteousness)

35:28 And my tongue [H3956] shall speak [H1897] of thy righteousness [H6664] [and] of thy praise [H8416] all the day [H3117] long.